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Here’s my most recent product review:

As you all know, I’m naturally obsessed with cleaning my home. I believe my obsession started when I moved out of my parents house at the age of 18. I lived in a brand spanking new apartment and the smell of everything new just did something to me. I loved it! That may sound weird but I truly love the aroma of fresh cut wood.


I also loved how everything was sparkling and clean. And so, I was started on the journey of a clean and tidy lifestyle. hehee. I think once I had my own place I went a little extreme with my cleanliness. I literally would pick up, wash and put away glasses that my visitors weren’t even finished with yet. I guess you could say I became annoying. But then I started having kids and things had to change. Especially once they became toddlers because toddlers get into everything and leave a mess everywhere they go. My older children now have really not changed. They’re still leaving messed behind. It took me a long time to learn how to overlook some disorganization. We aren’t pigs but my home no longer looks like a model home. It’s “lived in”. hahaa

I’m not sure but I think maybe my cleaning OCD caused me to go through many vacuum cleaners. hehee. We’ve tried several different brands and none seemed to last long. I once bought one from a tv commercial because of all of the features but it quit working after 6 months. So, when our current home was being built, my hubby and I decided to try a central vacuum system. They’re quite pricey but after all of the money we had spent on other vacuums that didn’t last long we figured why not.

Since hubby and I were always do-it-yourselfers we decided to run the PVC piping ourselves during the building process. Luckily our home builder didn’t have a problem with it. And so, after moving in we finished the install by hooking up the inlets, which if you’re not familiar with a central vacuum system, are ports (holes) in your walls where you plug in the vacuum hose. The unit itself was installed in our basement. Some people install the unit in their garage so it’s easy access for cleaning the inside of their vehicles.

In order for the central vacuum to work after plugging in the hose, you need electricity that is hard wired to the ports (inlets). My hubby took care of that since he used to be an electrician. The best part about owning a central vacuum system is that you no longer have to carry around a heavy vacuum cleaner, just the hose and the hose is not nearly as heavy as an upright vacuum cleaner, especially when going up and down stairs.

I was recently given the opportunity to review the BEAM Serenity QS Central Vacuum System along with the Q Power Team (electric hose with ergonomic handle, wand, power brush, and other attachments). It couldn’t have been at a better time because our current wand was broken, the switch had quit working so I had to resort to using an upright vacuum. Not fun at all. When I found out I was going to be reviewing the BEAM Serenity QS I was ecstatic. I don’t think anyone else could have been as excited as me, seriously. hehee

Did you know that BEAM is Electrolux? The world’s leading manufacturer and marketer of central vacuum systems? They ship products to more than 50 countries throughout the world. I definitely have no doubt in my mind that my new vacuum system will be one that will last a long, long time.

Upon receiving the Serenity QS and the Q Power Team, I couldn’t wait to get them out of the boxes and all set up. Along with the unit, I received a power head with headlights, 30′ crush proof hose with sock, telescopic wand, dust brush, crevice tool, upholstery brush, 14″ hard floor brush, adapter, muffler and a hose rack to hang on the wall for storage. They truly provided me with everything I need. As an added bonus we were sent 2 extra inlets (ports) along with the covers & wiring to connect them to adjacent electric lines.

After installing the unit in our basement, I got to work assembling the hose, hose sock and wand. Set up was very simple. When I plugged the hose into the port and turned the wand on I was expecting a loud humming noise from the unit in the basement because our old unit could be heard loud and clear throughout our entire house. I seriously did not hear anything. The power head has a slight hum but it’s very quiet. With our old system you could not hear the television, talk on the phone or carry on a general conversation with anyone in our living room because it was too loud. I LOVE how quiet the Serenity QS is! It’s quieter than any other vacuum I’ve ever owned.

Unextended wand on bare floor!

The power head basically walked me through my home because it is extremely easy to push, it nearly goes by itself. I am very impressed with it. And I love that it has head lights because walking down our dark hallways makes it a little harder to see so it lights the way. And it picks up very well along the baseboards with the dual edge cleaners. Our old power head didn’t have those so I was always disconnecting the wand and attaching the crevice tool. With the Serenity QS I no longer have to do that. It’s saving me a lot of time and strain on my back.

The power head also has 3 height adjustments for different types of carpeting. We have berber so it’s normally set to low and even still, it rolls VERY easy. I’m loving the on-board tools feature which holds the crevice tool and the upholstery brush. No more searching the closet for those. And the EZ Change™ release lets you disconnect the wand from the power head for quick touch-up cleaning. You just push a button and the wand slides off with no problem. One unexpected feature on the power head is the indicator that glows red when the brush roll is stalled or jambed. That’s a great way to prevent the motor from overheating.

Extended wand!

Another one of my favorite features is the telescopic wand. Although I’m short, 5′ 3″, and have no trouble using the wand as is, I like being able to extend the wand to reach further along and into tighter spaces. When I want to extend my reach, I just slide a lever down, hold my foot on the power head just slightly and pull. The wand is extended another 13 1/4″ in length.

Product Features:

  • 600 Air Watts
  • Air Flow 125 CFM
  • 120 volt Motor, 14.5 max amps
  • ATLIS Intake Technology• Sealed Suction: 140” waterlift
  • LED indicator for height adjustment & circuit breaker
  • Poly V Belt System
  • Electronic Circuit Protection
  • Steel Axle & Sealed Ball Bearings
  • Over Molded Wheels & Bumper
  • Anti-Vibration Mounting System
  • Motor Venting Filter
  • 3 Year Warranty on the Power Head (includes poly v belt & lamp)
  • 10 Year Warranty on the electric & motor
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on all housing

Empty Anti-Microbial Collection Bucket!

The Beam Serenity QS Model 375C that I received will clean homes up to 7,000 square feet, or homes with up to 10 outlets. It comes standard with Electrolux’s 4 gallonAnti-Microbial Collection bucket. This means that the machines dust recovery bin is treated with a substance that kills or inhibits the growth of microbes such as bacteria, fungi, or viruses.

I really appreciate this feature because my 15 year old son and I both have horrible allergies to dust, dirt, mold, mildew and outdoor weeds (seasonal allergies). Plus, we have 3 pets as you well know — 2 cats and a toy sized dog. The pet hair can be quit annoying, getting everywhere but the Serenity QS has GREAT suction. It does wonders on removing the pet hair and lint that gets stuck in between our living room furniture cushions. And speaking of cushions, the suction is so great that it literally grabs the toss pillows on my couch and lifts it right off the furniture without me even holding it. AMAZING!

Check out what the BEAM Serenity QS picked up the very first time I used it. And this is just from our living room, dining room, kitchen, hallway and my bedroom. I didn’t even get to the 2 staircases, kids bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and finished room in our basement yet….

Wow, this makes me look bad but honestly it’s what my old vacuum didn’t pick up.


It makes my nose itch just looking at it. Disgusting!


The BEAM Serenity QS 375C Central Vacuum Unit and Q Power Team ($1205 retail value for both) are sold separately and are available at a number of different vacuum dealers nationwide. Prices vary per store.

The Serenity QS unit measures 11″ W x 42″ H and it weighs 31.5 pounds.

The BEAM Serenity QS is the only central vacuum system clinically proven to relieve allergies. It’s recommended by leading green building programs throughout North America because it completely removes all captured dirt and allergens from the living area without stirring up dust inside the home.

If you’re looking for a high quality, lightweight, quiet vacuum cleaner that provides amazing suction for removal of all unwanted dust, dirt and other yucky microbial’s that cause allergy or asthma flareups, you should definitely check out the BEAM Serenity QS Central Vacuum System and the Q Power Team. They are well worth the money and I will never own another brand of vacuum again. I am completely sold on my BEAM and I appreciate the opportunity that was given to me for this review. It has honestly been by far the best product I have reviewed. I highly recommend the Electrolux/BEAM brand and especially the Serenity QS system. You will NOT be sorry you purchased this one!

Disclosure: This has been a sponsored post on behalf of BEAM/Electrolux and was facilitated through PTPA Media. All opinions expressed are simply mine. I was not financially compensated for my review but did receive the BEAM Serenity QS Central Vacuum unit and Q Power Team to test. To view product specs, studies performed and guarantees, please visit my sponsors site for more information.

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Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stroller


What happens if you have a feisty toddler who, in preparation for a new sibling, has decided to abandon all reliance on you and become independent? While you don’t want to squash her newfound free spirit, it puts a serious damper on your ability to travel anywhere efficiently. With a newborn in tow, you can no longer carry your very tired toddler at the end of a long day, or hold her hand every time she gets too close to the street; and yet she absolutely, will not, cannot, ride in a stroller. What do you do?

That’s where we’ve been and it sure can try your patience. A single stroller is out of the question in this situation. And I don’t know about you but I am not an alien here. I have 2 arms, not four. So there’s no way I can push two single strollers at once. I’m pretty coordinated but not THAT coordinated. hahaa. A double stroller is an absolute must!


I recently came across a company called Joovy who designs strollers for families like mine. And not only do they offer double strollers, but triple strollers as well. So for those of you with triplets or more than one young child, you just have to check them out. When we received the Caboose Ultralight in Greenie I couldn’t wait to get it out of the box and put it to use.

It’s lightweight, and extremely versatile. One great feature is the toddler sit-or-stand seat. Obviously toddlers are very inquisitive little boogers and they don’t wanna sit for very long. With the Caboose Ultralight, your toddler can start off on a walk sitting down, facing you, which they may not like because they can’t get away with much, hehee. And when they start to get antsy, and you know they will, they can stand on the rear platform and hold on for a funner ride. This seems to be a normal picture at the grocery store too. Young kids wanting to hang off the back of a shopping cart. But carts aren’t as safe. They weren’t designed for that like the Caboose Ultralight.

mid_Rearseat_BSSThere are two foam covered handles for your toddler to hold onto and a platform to stand on. And if their little legs get tired, they can turn around and sit back down on the padded seat. What’s more, there’s a seat belt built in for safety. No worrying about your child falling off.

The new 2010 Caboose Ultralight now has a 3 position front seat so if your infant wants to sit upright, recline back just a bit or lay back and take a nap, it’s totally up to them. And if your baby wants to take a nap, your toddler isn’t excluded from the ride, he or she can still stand and enjoy a stroll in the park even when the front seat is in the lowest position.

mid_jveulbsk_BSSThere’s a new and improved larger basket for storage underneath the seating this year too. Who couldn’t use some extra storage space? When you have infants and diaper bags, you just have to have that space or you don’t go anywhere. Diaper bags are a must. I really like the high mesh sides because this prevents our belongings from falling off even if we hit a bump. No more back tracking to find that lost toy. Phew! Hey, did I mention that each new Caboose Ultralight comes with a parent organizer as well? It’s constructed of machine washable neoprene. The organizer has a rear zippered pocket that is perfect to securely store your keys, cell phone, camera, etc. and the dual cup holders keep your drinks cool.

The improved 2010 Caboose Ultralight now has a 4 wheel suspension for a much smoother ride, especially for your back passenger. Wow, I sound like I’m describing a car. hahaa. Well, we ARE talking about a Caboose now. hehee. Oh, wait, that would be a train. But this baby doesn’t weigh a ton or two and it moves a whole lot better. It’s also a bit shorter than the average double stroller. That’s a plus!


I really appreciate the extra long canopy because it blocks the sun for both children, not just the infant in the front. And the canopy is adjustable so it can be pulled out in the front and closed up in the back or vice versa if your children decide they want to be different. And of course they do. One thing I would love to see though is a see-thru or peek thru window on the top since the canopy is long. This would give me the ability to see my child in the front without stopping the ride.


Another great versatile feature on the Caboose Ultralight is the infant car seat adapter. When you want to use your own car seat, which is recommended by Joovy for infants under 6 months of age, just remove the front tray and snap the car seat adapter in place. It fits in where the tray left off. The buttons are a bit stiff when removing the tray or car seat adapter to replace with the other option, so hopefully after a few uses they will loosen up. Once the adapter is in place, you remove the straps from the side pockets on either side of the front seat and adjust them to secure the infant car seat. Voilà, all done and you’re ready to roll.

The Joovy Caboose Ultralight is easy to fold once you get the hang of it. It took me a few tries but I have it down pat now. It’s quite compact for a tandem stroller. Once it’s folded, it can be dragged behind you on two of it’s wheels like luggage, adding to the convenience of traveling with this stroller.


How does it measure up?

Folded dimensions – 10.5” H x 21.5” W x 43” D

Open dimensions – 41.5” H x 21.5” W x 38” D

Stroller weight – 21 pounds

mid_rrstjveul_BSSHere’s some more details:

  • For children ages 6 months to 45 pounds
  • maximum height for the front & back seats is 40″
  • Deluxe rip stop nylon fabric
  • Child tray with cup holders
  • Foam covered handles – Adds comfort for both parents and standing child


The 2010 Joovy Caboose Ultralight comes in 5 attractive colors; Blueberry, Black, Brownie, Orangie, and Greenie.

Buy It!

You can purchase the 2010 Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stroller for $249.99 from the Joovy website or search for a dealer near you. Prices may vary per store.

For updates on new and or improved products, ”like” Joovy on Facebook.

If you’re looking for a light, and versatile double stroller that doesn’t cost almost $1000, check out the Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stroller. I know you’ll be very pleased. Happy traveling!

The views & opinions expressed in my reviews are simply mine. My views & opinions may differ from other consumers. I did not receive financial compensation for my review but did receive a Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stroller to test.


Balboa Baby Shopping Cart & High Chair Cover


I admit I’m quite the Germaphobe. Especially when it comes to shopping carts and restaurant chairs, tables and high chairs. Bleh! Those items are frequently used and I know they are covered in bacteria. It makes me sick just thinking about it. And how do I deal with this? I carry hand sanitizer in my purse and I use it often. Especially before I eat. And I’m not a snob either. I share. hehee

As a Mom, I do all I can to prevent my children from being injured or becoming sick. I know sometimes it’s going to happen — the dreaded fall, smashed fingers, putting dirty objects in their mouths, the spread of germs. You can fight it but you can’t always be there to prevent it. Just a little cough from someone passing by in a store can do damage, oh, say in about a week. Ugh! Yea, I don’t wanna share THAT love. Keep it to yourself, ok? hahaa

A few months ago, after shopping solo at a Target store, and using a shopping cart, I noticed a red spot on one of my fingers. It didn’t itch, it actually hurt. And it started to grow in size. Then it spread to the next finger. And stupid me, I kept touching it. Oops, it wound up on my other hand too. These were painful. Ouch!

So now more than ever, I make sure to clean my shopping cart handles and all around the top edge of the cart with the handy wipes available at the fronts of several stores nowadays. And I won’t touch a cart unless I can clean the handle first. If there aren’t any wipes I take out my hand sanitizer, squirt some in my hands and wipe around the handle. Sounds crazy I’m sure, but hey, I don’t wanna wind up suffering again later. I learned my lesson the first time.


I don’t wanna share or expose my children to this either. So imagine my excitement when Balboa Baby asked me to test one of their amazing Shopping Cart & High Chair Covers. Shirley Pepys, founder of Noel Joanna Inc. (NoJo) and her son Noel Pepys teamed up with Dr. William Sears, best known as “America’s Pediatrician,” to create fashionable and functional products to make life simpler for parents and better for babies. And that is how Balboa Baby was formed.

When I received my Balboa Baby Shopping Cart & High Chair Cover I couldn’t wait to try it out. You know I love to shop. If you’re reading my reviews, well you BETTER be, hahaa, you already know I love getting out and shopping. Even if it means window shopping only.

The Shopping Cart & High Chair Cover arrived nicely prefolded and has a velcro closure to keep it from unraveling. A handle on one side makes it easy for transporting and it actually looks like a cute handbag. Each Shopping Cart & High Chair Cover is made of 100% soft quilted cotton & 100% polyester fiber fill that is machine washable. I love that!


There are 4 elastic corners for easy one-handed installation, toy loops where you can attach baby’s favorite toys and an extra wide safety strap that keeps baby comfortably secure while it attaches to a cart or high chair.

If you want to provide your baby with a safe and secure environment while out in public this is a great product to take along with you. It fits nicely into a diaper bag and provides an instant germ-free zone for baby when you’re shopping or dining out. And did I mention it’s attractive ladies? I chose the Geo Trim design which has a black background and a white striped trim. I love that it hides dirt and stains although I toss it in the wash once we arrive home. Yep, I’m a Germaphobe!

There are 8 color patterns to choose from: Lola, Suri, Geo, Geo Trim, Floral Trim, Coral Trim, Brown and Black.


If you’re a parent of a young child, you know how inquisitive they are while sitting in a cart or high chair in public. They squirm and wiggle and nearly do a 360 just to see how or what is behind them. You know your child is a contortionist. hehee. And of course this means their hands are all over that cart or chair. Hmm… how many germs are on that? And as you know, babies put their hands in their mouths constantly. Oh, there goes the bacteria. Yuck! Well yucky germs, no more!!! The Balboa Baby Shopping Cart & High Chair Cover is stopping you in your tracks. hahaa. And you can’t make my baby sick anymore. *snicker*

Ah, germ free and ready to shop. Sounds like fun, eh? I could go anytime. Anyone care to join me? Or should I say us? hehee. Babies like to shop too although their attention and patience levels are pretty small. I don’t blame them though, if someone were pushing me around in a cart for a few hours and I were laying in such a comfy cover, I’d get pretty tired too and wanna go home, stretch out and take a nap.


The cover is easy to attach. All you do is open it up, place the cover down into the seat, making sure the leg holes are facing in the right direction, flip each corner over the cart seat or high chair and place baby inside. Don’t forget to fasten the waist belt for baby’s safety. Voilà, all done!

<——– See how nicely they fit? Even when baby squirms, they stay in place.

Each Balboa Baby Cart & High Chair Cover measures: 22.0 “L x 19.0 “W x 4.0 ” deep. They’re recommended for children ages 6 months and up and are made to fit most standard shopping carts.

That’s not all that Balboa Baby has to offer either. They have some awesome baby slings, nursing covers, and nursing pillows as well. You can even match the patterns with each item. Isn’t that cool? Take a look!

You can purchase the covers online from retailers such as Amazon, Babies ‘R Us, and Target as well as brick and mortar stores like Munkins, Buy Buy Baby, and Contemporary Concepts. Prices vary per store. Toys ‘R Us currently has them available on their site for just $44.99.

The views & opinions expressed in my reviews are simply mine. My views & opinions may differ from other consumers. I did not receive financial compensation for my review but did receive a Balboa Baby Shopping Cart & High Chair Cover to test.


Delta “Leland” Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

head_dltfaupldn_BSSI have to be honest here… I’m in love with another. Yep, I just can’t help myself anymore. I had to tell someone. My new love is sleek, trim, curvy and oh so fine! I can’t quit touching this new love of mine. My oh my, look at those curves.

My new love can be SO hot but then again oh so cold. It depends on my mood. Ok, I give… the new love in my life is my awesome Delta Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with soap dispenser. His name is Leland. “He” is AMAZING! And yes, I call it a “he”. hehee


Leland wants to keep me clean, my hands warm and my kitchen sparkling. “He” makes me smile every time I walk into my kitchen. How does a kitchen fixture create such a feeling? Have you ever seen Delta’s line of pull-down kitchen faucets? Oh my goodness, if you haven’t you are missing out. You will fall in love too after you take a tour of their website.

Check out my new “guy”. The Timeless design is a perfect marriage of both form and function. LelandsHigh-arc spout swivels 360º for complete sink access. The 13 7/8″ high-arc spout provides extra clearance for deep pots and pans. This “guy” has it going on.

I love Delta’s patented MagnaTite docking feature which includes a powerful magnet mounted in the spray head. It helps to center and pull the wand firmly into place. No more fighting to push the head back up and make it stay because Leland does this all by “himself”. “He’s” so handy!

mid2_tcclndel_BSSDid you know only Delta faucets are equipped with Touch-Clean® soft, rubber nubbins that allow you to easily wipe away calcium and lime build-up with the touch of a finger? This is another great feature because we have hard water. Delta, you think of everything!

I love the matching soap dispenser too. Now I can pitch those unattractive liquid soap bottles and if I want, I can add hand sanitizer instead. I’m thinking very seriously of doing this because I use it more while I’m cooking than I do soap. It makes cleaning my hands a whole lot quicker because I don’t have to spend so much time rinsing off the foamy soap. And my hands don’t dry out either. I really like the fact that I can install the separate handle and soap dispenser on either side of the spout too.

Wanna see Leland at work? Don’t be jealous now. hehee


You can purchase Leland right from the Delta Faucet website. Prices range from $281.85 without the soap dispenser, up to $424.85 with a soap dispenser. And “he” comes in 3 amazing finishes: Chrome, Venetian Bronze and Brilliance Stainless. Leland measures 20″ x 13.2″ x 3.3″. And “he” weighs 11 pounds.

Delta Faucets are more than just faucets, they’re brilliantly smart and innovative too.

Just check out that sexy new Pilar Touch2O® Technology Pull-Down faucet. Owww! Very hot!!! You’ll wanna take one of these guys home. I guarantee it.

The views & opinions expressed in my reviews are simply mine. My views & opinions may differ from other consumers. I did not receive financial compensation for my review but did receive a Delta Leland Pull Down Kitchen Faucet to test.


Pantech Impact Cell Phone


These days it seems that most homes contain at least one cell phone. In our home there are 4 in use. Hey maybe that’s why pay phones seem to have become a thing of the past. Guess that saying “here’s a quarter, call someone who cares” just don’t fit any more. hehee. It’s rare to spot a pay phone while driving through town. So if you don’t have a cell phone, you are pretty much out of luck if you need to make a quick call. And smoke signals, well, they just won’t work. hahaa

I know several people who have dropped their landlines because of the savings. If you receive more calls on your landline from Telemarketers than you do from people you actually know and want to talk to, then it’s probably a good idea to get rid of that landline and pocket the money you’ll save. Why continue to pay for service that only those annoying people who always call during dinner use? And no I don’t mean your in-laws. hahaha

So, since I’m on the subject of cell phones, just how do you choose a phone when there are so many out there? There’s tons of different features and you can actually get lost in the lists that are available today from all of the service providers. There’s your basic cell phones for those cheap skates, oops, I mean those who just want a phone to make and receive calls, phones for those who want a little more such as a camera but don’t want to pay an arm & a leg for it, and then there’s the “Cadillac” of all phones for those who want to brag, I mean who want it all — touch screen, camera, QWERTY keyboard, internet & email access, and a whole lot more.


Pantech contacted me recently and asked me to review one of their phones, the Impact. The Impact is a clamshell phone with many nice features such as a touch-sensitive OLED dialing face with haptic feedback and it flips open to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard and 2.6-inch LCD screen.

There’s also a 2-megapixel camera & camcorder, Bluetooth stereo music, microSD memory expansion to 32 GB, and access to personal email & instant messaging services. Those are some pretty cool features, huh? And that’s not all.

On the outside, the Impact has a high-gloss faceplate with an OLED touchscreen that lets you send text messages, make calls, and control your music library without having to open the phone. And each time the touchpad below the screen is pressed it springs to action, reacting to finger taps with a soft, tactile buzz.

Flip the Impact open to find a full QWERTY keypad, a large color screen–perfect for watching video clips, viewing friends’ profiles, or flipping through pictures–as well as speakers and shortcut keys to IM, text, email and multitasking features.


This phone can quickly download video, music and more over AT&T’s lightning quick HSPDA 3G network. And, with AT&T’s 3G network, you can multi-task with email, messaging or look up a contact while making a call. It also has GPS capabilities.

Here’s some Key Features:

  • Fast 3G connectivity via AT&T’s HSDPA/UMTS network (850/1900 MHz bands; 3.6/7.2 Mbps speeds with network availability).
  • GPS navigation capabilities via AT&T Navigator service includes audible turn-by-turn directions, real-time traffic updates and re-routing options.
  • Clamshell phone with OLED touchscreen dialing pad featuring a soft, tactile feedback, allows you send text messages, make calls, and control their music library without having to open the phone. The external screen displays current time, incoming messages and calls, signal strength, and battery life.
  • Flip open the phone to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard and 2.6-inch LCD screen for typing longer messages and browsing web and social networking sites.
  • 2-megapixel camera with video capture capabilities as well as brightness and white balance settings, a self timer, and multiple quality settings.
  • Digital audio player compatible with MP3, WMA, and AAC+ formats. Other features include ability to create and manage playlists on the phone, transfer files to phone from PC, and customizable equalizer.
  • MusicID music recognition service with lyrics, artist bios, and more
  • Bluetooth 1.2 connectivity with stereo music streaming (A2DP) capabilities as well as hands-free headsets and car kits.
  • Memory expansion via microSD card slot with support for optional cards up to 32 GB (80 MB internal memory).
  • Full messaging capabilities including SMS text, MMS picture and IM instant messaging (via popular services including AOL, Yahoo!, and MSN).
  • Access to personal email (AOL, Yahoo, Windows Live, Gmail)
  • Mobile web browsing
  • Voice memo recording
  • Organizer tools including alarm clock, calendar, notepad, voice memo, calculator, tasks, stopwatch, unit converter
  • Airplane mode allows you to listen to music while the cellular connectivity is turned off
  • Address book with up to 1000 contacts with each storing 5 numbers, 2 email addresses & a picture ID
  • Send business card information as a multimedia message
  • Speed Dial (8 entries + 1 voicemail default)
  • TTY/TDD support

The Pantech Impact weighs 4.49 ounces and measures 4.19 x 2.04 x 0.7 inches. Its 930 mAh lithium-ion battery is rated at up to 5 hours of talk time, and up to 336 hours (14 days) of standby time. It runs on the 850/900/1800/1900 MHz GSM/GPRS/EDGE frequencies as well as AT&T’s dual-band 3G network (850/1900 MHz; HSDPA/UMTS).


It comes with the handset, rechargeable battery, charger, quick start guide, and user manual. There are 2 colors to choose from – Pink or Blue. I received the Blue Impact phone. It looks nice when off but when you turn the phone on, the numbers on the touch screen light up and it comes to life. One cool feature is that when you touch the numbers on the outer screen the phone vibrates. The touch screen is a bit sensitive even when adjustments are made. But it works great and I love the feature.

On the inside, the keyboard buttons are decent sized unlike the Blackberry phones where you tend to make mistakes while texting because they appear to be made for toddlers. hehee. The internal display screen doesn’t have the touch capability which would be a great feature but this is not an expensive phone so I can live with that.


One thing I would recommend is that Pantech move the location of the camera lens and install it more flush with the rest of the phone. The camera on the Impact sticks out further than the rest of it and if laid on the back side, which is where the lens is located, it could become damaged. The phone also has to be flipped opened when attempting to take pictures. The picture quality is typical with cell phones. Not the highest quality but you’re talking 2 megapixels so that’s not going to create graphic design print ready images.

The phone I received contained an inactive SIM card so I was unable to make or receive calls and therefore can not give an opinion on the quality whether talk time was clear or not. But overall for a not so expensive phone, theImpact is good. It’s stylish and functional. You get a lot of nice features for your money.

Buy It! You can purchase the Pantech Impact phone for $239.99 without a contract or save $150 when you sign a 2-year contract with AT&T. Right now when you make a purchase online you’ll save another $50. That’s a total savings of $200! Wow.

I highly recommend the Pantech Impact for those who want a nicely styled phone with more than basic features but don’t want to pay $300+ just for the phone itself. Especially those of you with preteens or teenagers who want a touch screen and “live” to text. Ok, what teenager doesn’t text? hahaa

The views & opinions expressed in my reviews are simply mine. My views & opinions may differ from other consumers. I did not receive financial compensation for my review but did receive a Pantech Impact cell phone to test.


Go-Go Babyz Urban Advantage Stroller


When we found out we were going to be parents for the first time, which was years ago (don’t ask, hehee) hubby and I agreed that a stroller was where we would spend a good amount of our money that we had put away for our baby budget. We felt that since the stroller was really for us as a family, getting one of high quality meant we’d actually want to use it.

Why spend money on something you won’t use, right? Well I know many people that do that with exercise equipment but that’s another story. hahaa. Our main priorities were that it would be easy to use, comfortable for extended distances, and would be able to grow with us because we had planned to have more children, all without completely draining our budget. We settled for one back then that had 8 wheels (2 on each axis) and let me tell you, it was a total waste of money. It was big, bulky, extremely heavy and steered like we were driving a semi.

Strollers have come a long way baby! And although you can find some high dollar ones with fancy schmancy features, I just can’t see paying $1,000 for a stroller. No way, no how! And you don’t have to spend THAT kind of money to get a great stroller.

Have you heard of Go-Go Babyz? They make some really innovative, and safe products that make your life easier when you and your baby are “on the go”. Go-Go Babyz really pays attention to detail with every product they make while keeping parents needs in mind.


Boy was I excited when Go-Go Babyz asked me to review their Urban Advantage Stroller. I chose the Leaf Green one. And shipping was very quick so it didn’t take long for us to try it out. I expected to open the box and find all kinds of separate parts that needed to be put together but I was surprised when most of the work had been done for us. Lucky day! hehee.

The Urban Advantage stroller can accommodate children up to 45 pounds. And it’s compatible with infant car seats, which I think is a great feature. The washable seat reclines back in 4 positions but does not rotate so if you have a tiny baby that you want to keep an eye on, the car seat feature works great.

It has a 5-point padded harness for added safety, a parents tray which includes a lid, and that is great for storing keys, a cell phone or iPod. Love that! And cup holders. Not just for Mom and Dad but for baby as well. Another great thing about the tray is that it is easily removable. There’s also a tray for your child as well. And it can be removed for easier access to baby when you want to remove him or her from the stroller.

The extra long canopy does a great job of keeping the sun out of baby’s eyes and off of baby’s sensitive skin. And if you want to let a little light in, you can fold back the flap on the top and expose a little window. Peek-a-boo baby! hehee

There’s also a covered side vent located on each side of the large canopy that can be opened to allow a little breeze during those hot summer walks. Ah! The large basket underneath the stroller is a great place for diaper bags, purses and even a shopping bag. Woohoo!

Oh, did I mention the 2 pockets located behind the seat? Each one will hold up to 3 pounds of your necessities. You know, those snacks, or other small items you want to take along but keep out of sight. Your baby can relax a little more with the adjustable leg rest. I wish I had one of these in my size. hahaa


The 3 soft, airless wheels make it SO easy to maneuver, even over rocks. It glides so smoothly. Nothing like the oldie we had years ago. I’m so glad we decided to get rid of that clunker. hahaa

If you’re an active Mommy or Daddy and love to jog, you may want to try another stroller because the wheel base on this one is a bit narrow compared to others I’ve seen but it’s great for every day use, even walks in the park and on nature trails.

The front wheel swivels on a 360-degree axis. This is why baby rides in style and comfort. But when you’re at a stop you’ll want to engage the brake because you don’t want baby going for a joy ride all by herself. The brake seems a bit stiff at first but after a few uses it loosens up. This smooth ride makes walking through narrow aisles easy too. And since I love to shop, you know I love that feature. hahaa

One of the best features the Go-Go Babyz stroller has to offer is the one-handed folding system. With the push of 2 buttons the stroller collapses easily for transporting or storing away for later. No more trying to quickly fold your stroller while keeping track of a toddler because you can hold your child with one arm and fold up the stroller with the other one.


The Go-Go Babyz Urban Advantage stroller measures 41″ H x 31″ L x 21.5″ W in the open position. When closed the stroller measures 17.5″ H x 31″ L x 21.5″ W. It weighs 27 pounds.

Buy it: Visit Go-Go Babyz to purchase your own Urban Advantage stroller for just $159.99!

The Urban Advantage comes in 5 attractive colors: Vista Blue, Leaf Green, Tangerine, Silver and Chocolate/Berry.

Wanna see it in action? Go-Go Babyz Urban Advantage Stroller demo

Overall the Go-Go Babyz Urban Advantage is a great stroller. With all of it’s great features, including the unique anti-tip kick stand, your child can climb in and out of the stroller without being injured. You won’t find that with other 3 wheel strollers. And as a parent, safety comes first in my opinion. I want to enjoy my walks with my child, comfortably, safely AND in style. You get all of that with the Urban Advantage and at an affordable price.



Powermat Home & Office + Receivers

Technology has taken off in all kinds of directions in the last few decades and there are so many choices. And with those electronics and gadgets comes the need for chargers. You need a charger for this and a charger for that. We have so many chargers it’s hard to determine at times just what charger goes with what gadget. And all of those darned cords are a real pain. Aren’t they?


I like to keep my home organized but with cords draped over counter tops and stuffed under desks and all around I’ve really been feeling quite claustrophobic in my own home. It’s like a horror movie almost — “Attack of the Power Cords”. Eeek!!! Watch out so they don’t choke you in your sleep. hahaa

Ok, maybe that’s extreme but we have 5 cell phones, iPods, digital camera’s, hand held video game systems, and on and on. That’s a lot of cords and a lot of required chargers. And I’m tired of trying to locate all of the chargers when I need them. They seem to grow legs and walk away when I need them most. I was about to hire a “charger hunter” to locate the one I’ve been missing for my cell phone. hehee. Just kidding! Does that job really exist? Nah, can’t be. hahaa

Well, recently Powermat walked into my life and saved the day. YAY! They hooked me up with a bundle of products to help me say “Bye Bye” to all of those annoying cords. I received the Home & Office powermat, a portable folding powermat, and receivers for our gadgets. All I can say is AMAZING! Now you know I can’t just say one word. hehee. I talk too much. I love these!


There’s just one cord to plug in with the Home and Office Powermat. And you can leave it plugged in. Just choose a good spot for it — a desk, counter top, shelf, etc. and there it stays. When you’re ready to use it, just lay your cell phone, iPod, digital camera, or hand held game system on the surface of the powermat and that’s it. It charges up to 3 gadgets at a time with no additional cords.

Home & Office Powermat

Another great thing about the Powermat is that it is so thin and sleek. It doesn’t take up a lot of space and it’s SO light. Ladies and gents, this is the charging station you have dreamed of. It’s sexy! Va va va voom. *whistles* See how pretty it looks? ——–>

The Powermat charges just as quickly and efficiently as the charger that came with your devices. But without all of those ugly cords.

If your electronic gadgets require frequent charges, you know you have to go on a hunt for those darned chargers. hehee, are you wondering how I know? Wouldn’t you rather just walk your phone, your iPod, your game system and camera’s to one location?

The Powermat is so convenient. And it looks so much better than the old way we did things. I’ll never go back to using all of those other chargers. And if that isn’t enough, Powermat offers a portable, folding mat that can fit right inside a purse, pocket or luggage. Now I can take it with me wherever and whenever I leave home. Cool, huh?

Portable, Folding Powermat

The Portable, folding Powermat accommodates up to 3 devices as well. And it not only comes with a universal power supply, receiver and 8 tips but it includes a travel case. Just fold up your mat for ultra compact storage.

Why compromise your space? Get a Powermat and forget about the mess!

Here’s a list of products that are compatible with Powermat:

  • Blackberry
  • iPhone
  • Motorola
  • HTC phones
  • LG phones
  • Samsung phones
  • Palm phones
  • Bluetooth headsets
  • GPS devices
  • iPods
  • Nintendo hand held game systems
  • Playstation hand held game systems
  • and some Kodak camera’s

That’s a lot of gadgets! There are literally hundreds of items that are compatible and every Powermat comes with 8 receiver tips so they are sure to fit.

These are so simple to use. Just lay your gadget down on the mat and forget about it. Don’t worry, it won’t over charge because as soon as the battery is full, the Powermat stops charging. And if you have more than one item on the mat at a time, Powermatcontinues to charge each item until they’re fully charged. So if you have a cell phone, iPod and GPS device laying on the Powermatat once, your iPod and GPS can continue to charge even if the cell phone is complete. That’s one smart charging station!

Wanna see it in action? Take a look…

I honestly had no problems with my Powermat or receivers. They work well and you don’t have to wonder if the Powermat is working because when you lay your gadget down it makes a noise that reminds me of flubber. If you’ve seen the movie Flubber then you probably know what noise I’m referring to. A magnetic attraction between every receiver and each access point on every mat assures that alignment is precise and the most efficient charging will occur. This also makes it possible for the Powermat to charge as fast or faster than your original power adapter.

Once full power is achieved during a charge the mat has an auto shut off feature to save energy. But don’t worry if you don’t get to your device right away because Powermat will monitor the status of the battery and if any power is used, the system will again initiate charging and return the battery to a full charge.

Save yourself and your home from the “cord monsters” and declutter your living space. I’m sure glad I did!


If you’re interested in purchasing a Powermat of your own, you can order online or at a store near you.

Ok, I know you all wanna win one, right? Guess what, Powermat is offering one Home & Office Powermat with receivers to one of my lovely readers. Will it be you? You know you’ve gotta enter if you wanna win. Get to it!



Hasbro Family Game Night ~ Guesstures & Jenga Max Games


Playing games is always fun but playing them with others is so much better. Especially when it’s with your kids. You not only get to spend time together but you’re helping them learn, and share. It’s all about team work with a little bit of friendly competition. hehee. Well, the competition part can become a little intense between the siblings here but as we try to remind them, it’s all in fun. Someone will win and someone has to lose. But if you lose, it doesn’t mean you are less of a person. You just try harder next time.

Now that it’s springtime, it’s a great time to start a family game night because there’s so many rainy days and the kids tend to get bored when they’re stuck indoors. Hasbro has some really fun and interactive games that can be played by all different age groups. And with multiple players.

We recently started playing Guesstures and Jenga

Max. Both are fun and require some skill in order to win.

How to play Guesstures:

You pop four cards into the Action Timer, then set it and start acting fast! The words may look easy, but you only have a few seconds to get your team to guess each one. Did your team guess right? Quick- grab the card out of the slot before it gets “munched” by the Action Timer! When the game’s over, will your team have enough points to win the trophy for Best Performance? Get ready for hilarious, high-speed charades with GUESSTURES! Best Performance trophy included! Includes action timer, 378 cards, trophy and instructions. For 4 or more players. Ages 8 and up.


How to play Jenga Max:

Build it big, wide or tall… but don’t let it fall. This might just be the most nail-biting Jenga game you’ve ever played. The challenge is to hook or hang the blocks onto each other without upsetting the balance and maxing it out. Hang ‘em straight up, straight out, or over the top but don’t hang one in the wrong spot or it’ll all fall down! Boom, just like London Bridge. hahaa.

Be the last player to successfully hang a block and you win the game! Includes 36 Jenga blocks, base, ring, insert and rules. The ring contains a magnet.

The game is for 2 to 6 players. Ages 8 and up.

Jenga Max demo (once you’ve watched the animated demo, click the TV icon in the bottom right of the screen and watch the commercial for more fun).

Wanna play Jenga online? You can, for free. Check it out. Play now!

You can create lasting memories by planning a family game night of your own. Get your kids involved by letting them take turns in which games you will play, who will be a score keeper, which snacks you may share, and if you will have prizes for winners. This makes it more fun because it gives everyone a turn and lets everyone feel important.

It doesn’t cost a lot of money to have a great time and it’s a whole lot funner when you can use your imagination so put down that tv remote, get off that phone and start making memories of your own.


Soda Stream Jet Soda Fountain

head_sstrmmk_BSSmid1_sstrmotobt_BSSSoda, or Pop as some call it, is a well known staple in many households, including ours. It goes well with many different foods, especially pizza. Yum! But soda in our house doesn’t last long. My hubby and son drink it all the time. I have one or two per day but these guys can really go through a lot. And by the time I go to get one, well, there usually isn’t any. Those darned piggies! hahaa

We had always talked about how nice it would be to have a soda fountain in our kitchen. It would make it much more convenient to access, much more eco friendly and we had hoped, much more cost effective.

Little did we know, there is a company called Soda Stream that makes such a item and they contacted me a few weeks ago to try their product along with several of their best selling flavors. Now you know me, I had to say “yes”. This would give me the opportunity to try some new flavors but also to actually be lucky enough to get a quick sip when I was in the mood for one.

I really love the fact that these little machines require no electricity, no batteries and no complicated plumbing work. They operate with just the push of a button and a CO2 carbonator cartridge.


Now you can have a soda aisle right there in your own kitchen and with over 30 flavors to choose from, you’re sure to find at least one you like. If you’re not a big fan of soda, there’s always seltzer water. Flavors include classics like cola, lemon-lime, and root beer…Exotic fruit flavors like orange mango and diet pink grapefruit…Energy drink for those who need an extra boost, sparkling iced teas and cocktail mixers. And all you need is tap water. Isn’t that cool?

Each soda mix flavoring bottle makes about 12 liters which is equivalent to 33 cans of soda. And it costs around .25 cents per 12 ounce container. Carbonators are available in two sizes, to make up to 60 or 110 liters of soda or sparkling water per carbonator. A full, licensed CO2 carbonator is included with the purchase of every SodaStream soda maker kit. Just think of all the bottles and cans you’ll prevent from hitting the landfills every day. Wow!

Plus, with SodaStream, you control the fizz. Enjoy lightly carbonated water…or seltzer so fizzy it’ll tickle your nose. However you like your sparkling water, you can make it precisely to taste at just the push of a button! You can even make your own flavored sparkling water just by adding a few drops of SodaStream’s all-natural, unsweetened MyWater flavor essences.

See how it works…

I was completely surprised by all of the products I received:

  • A SodaStream Jet in black
  • 9 sodamix flavors (in regular & diet)
  • 3 MyWater Essence flavors
  • 2 reusable carbonation bottles with lids
  • 1 60 liter CO2carbonator

That’s a lot of stuff, huh? You can purchase the Fountain Jet Seltzer Starter kit which includes the SodaStream fountain, 1 CO2carbonator, and 2 reusable carbonation bottles with lids for just $89.95 from the SodaStream website. Sodamix ranges in price from $4.99 to $6.99. MyWater Essence flavorings retail for $9.99 for a set of 3.


Set up is very simple and the lightweight SodaStream fountain is ready to use. All you do is attach your CO2 carbonator, add chilled water to 1 reusable carbonation bottle, screw it on, push the carbonator button a few times until you hear a “beep” , remove your bottle, add one capful of sodamix, screw on lid, gently rotate the bottle from side to side to blend and that’s it. Instant soda!

Now to start making some soda drink recipes. I think I’ll start with a Creamsicle which consists of Orange and Cream soda’s. Yummy!

Check this out… regular Pepsi, Coke, 7-Up and Sprite contain 100 calories per 8 ounce serving. All regular SodaStream sodas only contain 34 calories. That’s a big difference. And SodaStream’s regular flavors contain no high-fructose corn syrup. Diet flavors are sweetened with Splenda® brand sweetener, not aspartame. That’s a healthier drink, huh? Compare your favorites to SodaStream sodas.


Angel Eyewear


Ah, the heat of summer is just around the corner, but in the meantime spring is here and flowers are blooming, birds are chirping and the sun is shining more and more. I love nature and all it has to offer but those rays can give your skin and those precious eyes a real beating. Not to mention cause you to squish your face up in silly ways. hehee. You know girls, over time, squinting a lot and squishing your face in the same way can cause wrinkles, right? Look at people who always appear to be having a bad day — scowl and frown. Look closely. They have wrinkles appearing in those areas. Yuck!

And yes, old age does it due to many other factors but we can slow the nasty wrinkles by preventing as much squinting as possible. Habitual facial expressions cause the facial skin to wrinkle as it loses elasticity. So STOP SQUINTING! You can avoid it. How? Wear sunglasses, of course.


Sunglasses come in many shapes, shades, and designs. It can be quite a task trying to find the right pair. And the prices can range pretty drastically. Many discount stores sell them and so do many department stores. But how do you choose? And what if you don’t have $300 to spend on just a pair of sunglasses? I know I don’t.

You don’t have to spend tons of money in order to get some really stylish shades. Angel Eyewear is the location for some pretty snazzy sunglasses. Designed with fashion first and made entirely to compliment the lifestyle of the independent girl who wants to make a statement, Angel Eyewear is the essential sexy face finalé. Based in the active lifestyles of female fashion, Angel draw’s its influences from life itself.

Angel is the affordable sexy face accent for today’s girl. A true celebration of style. Influenced by music, fashion and art – Angel is the perfect accessory for what ever your mood is.

And they only offer the finest frame materials at a great price. Their frame materials vary from Italian handmade Zyl, nylon and a high-grade nickel silver. They also have some of the best hinges available to ensure a great fit and long lasting durability.

When you look through their lenses, you’ll see the difference. All of their lenses offer 100% UVA and UVB protection and scratch resistant coating for long lasting wear. And they only use the finest shatter resistant lenses made of optical grade materials that offer ultimate optical clarity.


All of their polarized lenses are designed to reduce glare and enhance natural color. What is polarization? It reduces glare from refracted, reflected, and scattered light and reduces your ability to see clearly. Angel’s polarized lenses filter out glare and transmit only the light you need, providing an increase in clarity and reduced eyestrain.

Angel Eyewear sent me 2 pairs of their black framed Grace style with smoke polarized lenses. One of their most popular spring styles. They have a lightweight, flexible nylon frame, 3 barrel stop hinges, 8 base lenses, and 100% UV protection.

My 2 teen daughters of course have taken over on both pairs. I got to wear a pair a few times at least to get an idea of how they fit, how they blocked the sun and how they looked on my face. The frame and lens colors aren’t what I would normally wear, I prefer a brown lens and smaller frame, but they are cute. My daughters really like them. And they do a good job of blocking the sun. That’s the most important thing. Another good thing about these is that they fit well. They aren’t loose at all. Who wants a sloppy fitting pair, right? I don’t have time to keep readjusting my sunglasses.

The Grace in black frames and smoke lenses retail for $65 each. They are also available in black deco & lavender frames. The lavender frames come with lavender gradient lenses. Those retail for $45 each.


Check out all of the other awesome styles Angel has to offer. It’s easy to see why these are such a great buy. They are made with quality materials but are very affordable. Shop smart, shop fashionable, shop Angel!


Mrs. Smith’s Diaper Bags

head_msdprbgs_BSSAfter having children in all age brackets it’s given me the opportunity to try out different sizes and styles of diaper bags. And what I found is that they all have been pretty much the same. Big and bulky or so small that they don’t provide enough room. And the styles are not so great either. Not to mention the fact that all of them have been unorganized because they give you just one large section where you’re expected to put everything.

Food with clothing and diapers — what if the bag gets tossed around and food spills or leaks? Yea, that’s happened. Then you’re stuck with dirty clothes. But wait, you packed those clean clothes because you wanted to be prepared in case baby soiled the outfit they were wearing. So that defeats the purpose, right? Ok, toss those in the dirty laundry pile. Unworn clothes. That’s nothing new here but I’d like to try to avoid that.

As a mom of two school-aged children, Rachael Smith, founder of Mrs. Smith’s Bags, knows the challenges that parents of young children face. With a sincere desire to help parents everywhere, she became inspired with ideas to build the most organized and spacious line of diaper bags ever made.

Rachael herself experienced what many parents have. While trying to meet the demands of her children and waiting to board a plane she was digging through her diaper bag to find a bottle for her daughter and a toy for her son and she accidentally spilled her daughters bottle all over the contents of the diaper bag. After her frustration wore off she decided to sketch the ideal diaper bag, just the way every parent would want. And that is how Mrs. Smith’s diaper bags was developed.


There are 5 different styles of Mrs. Smith’s diaper bags to choose from; the Elite, Classic Pack, Exotic, Tempo and the Basic style. I chose the Bronze bag which has an alligator skin appearance. Very exotic! Very unique. Yep, that’s me. hehee

I love the fact that these bags look more like a fashionable hand bag rather than a frilly diaper bag. This is great for ladies who wanna keep that fashionista look even after child birth. And guess what dads… Mrs. Smith has designed a bag for you as well. Look at this rugged bag…

mid2_msdbveg_BSSAny daddy should be proud to carry this handsome bag! It has all of the features that the other bags do but without the girly look. No more cramming your cargo pants full of baby’s supplies or into a backpack just to avoid mommy’s diaper bag. You guys know that not everything will fit into those pants pockets. hahaa. Hey, you can still take those kiddos for a hike in the park because SURPRISE! these babies convert into a backpack. Yes, they are very versatile.


Speaking of features, all Mrs. Smith bags come with a patented pull out drawer on the bottom. It’s in a zipped compartment that is easily accessible. And this is what makes Mrs. Smith’s diaper bags so unique and keeps the contents of your bag organized. It is separated into 3 sections. 1 large section for toys, food, or more diapers and 2 smaller sections for pacifiers, creams, lotions, and more.

No more spills to worry about now. I can keep my baby’s dry items separate from the liquids and jarred foods or snacks. And I don’t have to get frustrated anymore because I won’t be washing clothes that were never worn. YAY!


Since the bags are two levels high they give you so much more room. Everything has it’s own place and is kept nice and tidy. No frantic searches through a pile of mess looking for that pacifier when your baby is in hysterics. All I have to do now is unzip the bottom, pull out the drawer and there in the small compartment is the pacifier. No guess work! There’s even a washable changing pad located inside the diaper bags flap. It rolls up neatly and has it’s own pouch so it doesn’t get mixed in with clothing or diapers.

As you can see in the images, there are plenty of pouches and pockets for other things too. Two mesh pockets for extra bottles or bottled water, and two padded pouches for cell phones, ipods or even sunglasses. Mrs. Smith thought of everything, didn’t she? She’s one amazing woman!

Now that I have this bag I can go out with just one bag. These are so nice and stylish I don’t have to carry my handbag. I just toss my keys and cell phone in my Mrs. Smith bag and go. With baby of course. hehee

So do you wanna see how you can turn a Mrs. Smith bag into a backpack? Check this out…


“Where’s Spot?” 30th Anniversary Animated Children’s DVD


Spot, the delightful star of Eric Hill’s beloved children’s books, makes his return to DVD (4/20) as BBC celebrates his 30th Anniversary with an all-new DVD edition of Where’s Spot?! Spot has disappeared! Can you help Sally find him? Is he behind the door? Is he inside the clock? Is he under the stairs? Kids will love searching for Spot in this adorable children’s classic. Plus, in this DVD, you’ll also have fun with Spot at the playground, at the park, in the bath, and more! There are six episodes all together, each with its own special song, plus three bonus episodes, games, and more! Spot has never been so delightful!


  • Three bonus episodes: Spot’s Bath, Spot’s Umbrella and Spot’s Treehouse (voiced by Osment)
  • Spot’s Colors and Shapes Game

Author Eric Hill reads Where’s Spot?

Available on DVD: April 20, 2010

Official Site URL: www.BBCAmerica.com

I was not aware that “Where’s Spot?” was available on DVD. The book that I loved as a child I can now share with my preschooler. My daughter and I enjoyed the “Where’s Spot” DVD. The animation is simple yet entertaining. My daughter enjoyed the music in the DVD and thought Spot and his friends were adorable and lovable. I felt as though the DVD was a little too simplistic for my daughters taste but the stories were entertaining and held her interest. I would recommend this DVD for 3 and younger.

The minisodes are 4 to 5 minutes long — 30 minutes in length. When little ones are fussy this DVD would be sure to delight.


Here is a little tid bit of information. “Where’s Spot?” books are praised by librarians and teachers for encouraging very young children to start reading, and have even been used to teach literacy to adults.

Like what you see? You can purchase the “Where’s Spot?” 30th Anniversary dvd for just $7.99 from BBC America.


Zuvo Water Filtration System


We love pollutants in our drinking water. Lots and lots of pollutants. Yea, right. As if I would truly say that. I’m extremely picky about my food and drinks. I have OCD when it comes to things I put into my body — foods on my plate and drinks in my glasses. I don’t want anything in there that doesn’t belong. It makes me gag to see a hair or piece of fuzz in my food. And it really bothers me tonot know what I can’t see.

We had our home built approximately 9 years ago and before it was finished my Dad, who is a licensed plumber, told me that our city had extremely hard water. He said we would need a water softener. Boy was he right. We never bought one. I really wish we had. See, it’s better to listen to your parents no matter how old you get. Our water is hard on our fixtures, our white clothing doesn’t exactly come out white and it takes it’s toll on our hair and skin. I can just imagine what it’s doing to the insides of our bodies. Eek!


Our drinking water isn’t so good either. Ok, it doesn’t look THAT bad. But it’s a pretty big turn off to see white fluffy looking stuff floating in the bottom of your glass. Oh yummy, it makes me thirsting just thinking about it. hahaa. I wonder if I were to put a sample of our water under a microscope, would it look like that picture? Our refrigerator has a water filter in the water dispenser line but just how many contaminants are actually removed? Who knows. Do those really work? I shudder to think about it.

I was ecstatic when Zuvo offered to send me one of their water filtration system. These things are awesome! No more bottled water, which over time can be quite expensive. The purator is a little larger than I thought it would be but they are very nice. It measures 4.75″ x 4.5″ x 16″. Zuvo sent me the “above the counter” style. There are two different styles to choose from: “above the counter” which is attached to your faucet and the “under counter” which is installed under your sink and used in conjunction with a Butler faucet.

Here’s how the Zuvo Water Filtration System works:


  • It mixes ozone with incoming tap water to treat taste and odor contaminants and improve taste. Like chlorine, ozone is a powerful oxidizer. Unlike chlorine, ozone leaves no chemical residue.
  • The ozone saturated water is flooded with high-intensity UV light – the same as the solar energy that cleans water in the upper atmosphere.
  • Combines UV and ozone in a patented process known as photo-oxidation which releases powerful oxidizers to further treat the water.
  • Pure spring water is created by passing through fine particles in the earth. Zuvo uses the same principle by passing water through a Class 1 Particulate Reduction Filter, reducing chlorine taste and odor, lead, and tiny particulates.
  • The filtered water is again exposed to high-intensity UV light as it leaves the Zuvo Water Filtration System, ensuring that you get clean, healthy, great tasting water…just the way nature intended!


Cool, right? And installation isn’t hard either. Well, it didn’t look hard. I had my hubby install ours. hehee. The Zuvo Water Filtration System easily and quickly connects directly to most standard faucets. In minutes, you are getting clean, healthy, great tasting water right from your tap.

Oh, for those of you who may be worried about the UV rays, the energy from the UV lamp in the Zuvo is absorbed by water in the system and by the walls of the plastic treatment chamber. So you don’t have to wear sunglasses around it to protect your eyes. Well, unless you want to. hahaa

Zuvo Water Filtration Systems are more cost effective than other treatment systems because you change the filters less often. When comparing Zuvo to water filter pitchers such as Brita, your cost for 500 gallons of water, which is approximately equal to 6 months worth, costs you .6 cents compared to Brita which costs .20 cents for pitchers and .25 cents for the faucet. See the difference now? That can really add up and I know I’d rather save as much as possible because this girl loves to shop. That’s more money in my shopping fund later. Ok, no I’m not a shopping fiend that don’t know how to save. I’m a bargain hunter, remember? I spend as little as possible but I stretch those dollars as far as they’ll go. At times they actually snap back and hit me in the face. hehee


The Zuvo does use electricity but the system uses electricity only when it is on. For the few minutes a day that it’s used, it draws just 27 watts of power. By way of comparison, most light bulbs in your home are 60 watts or higher and they are typically turned on for long periods of time when in use.

You should expect to get approximately 10,000 cycles from the UV light in the Zuvo. And in layman’s terms, that equals out to about 7-10 years. That’s quite a long time, isn’t it? And if you chose to replace the UV light rather than buying a whole new system theZuvo Replacement UV lamp is $79.99. How does that compare to buying a new system? Well, a brand new Zuvo Water Filtration System retails for $299.99. Yes, a big difference. In the beginning it is well worth the money though because over time it costs just a fraction of what it would cost you to purchase bottled water. And you can help to eliminate the more than 60 million plastic bottles that wind up in landfills every day. You’re helping to save the planet baby!


The Zuvo Water Filtration System replicates nature’s water-cleansing process, reducing contaminants while preserving your water’s natural and healthy mineral content and it’s so much healthier for your body. I don’t know about you but I want to drink clean, pure, and clear water. I’m sticking with my Zuvo!

Are you tired of subjecting your family to poor quality drinking water? Well guess what, you don’t have to any more. Check out Zuvo for more information and to see a demo of how this awesome system works.


On-The-Go Inflatables Potty Seat


What is it about public toilets that make toddlers wanna potty? I don’t get it. Potty training in itself can be quite frustrating but my children, especially my son, always felt the dire need to “go” when we were out. It didn’t matter where, when or how but they had to go. You’ve probably seen the “potty dance”. Crossed legs, hand to the crotch, bouncing up and down or running in a circle. Ah yes, the red faced “mommy I gotta” look. I’ve seen it a million times.


I’m a Germaphobe. I admit it. And I get squeamish in public places, especially the public restrooms. I don’t wanna touch anything. ANYTHING! Nasty, yuck, yuck!!! So when my daughter wants or should I say HAS to go, I have to take her. I don’t want accidents and wet pants so I drop whatever it is that I’m doing, leave my shopping cart, and run to the nearest restroom, yelling and nearly threatening those in our way to move or else. hahaa It’s a life or death situation, right?


Wow, now if all of us could do that we’d have it made!


I never liked the fact that so many butts had touched those seats and my kids, well, they just don’t think about those things. So, I lined the seats with toilet paper, as if that would prevent contamination. And watched as they sat there, swinging their legs as if listening to music while they tinkled or did #2. Ok, ok, lets go, move it. Come on! This really tried my patience. I was in disgust from them sitting there but also I wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible. I nearly wanted to wash their little hands AND their arms, legs and booties. hehee Sanitize baby!

Well I can breathe a lot easier now because as I was surfing the internet recently I came across a company called On-The-Go Inflatables. No they don’t sell balloons or beach balls. They’ve invented what I feel is the best toddler product available. An inflatable and portable potty seat. Amazing idea guys!


Aren’t these cute? And they fit perfectly down in the toilet seat hole making it very sturdy. And for more stability, it has a handle on each side so your child can feel more at ease and secure while doing their “business”. There’s also a back rest. They’ll be tinkling in style like a “king” or “queen”. hehee

Oh yea, no disappearing acts now either. You know, the “sinking in quick sand” effect that toddlers have while potty training. Now you see ‘em, now you don’t. hahaa These are perfect for little bums. And you can rest assured that your little ones derrier will no longer come into contact with those dirty public untidy bowls. They can also be used at home so your little one can feel like a big girl or boy. Just like mom or dad.

You can carry these in a diaper bag, purse, or tote bag and when your child asks to go potty, just remove the seat, give it a few “puffs” — it inflates in less than a minute, and you’re ready to “go”. Once they’re done, wash it with soap and water, dry it with paper towels or those dreaded air hand dryers, and roll it up for later use. I, for one, sanitize it when I get home. I told you I was a Germaphobe. hehee


You can purchase the On-the-Go Inflatable Potty Seat directly from the On-The -Go Inflatables website for $7.99. There are 4 styles to choose from: Pink with a silly face, blue with a silly face, solid pink and solid blue.



Skin care is an important part of my daily routine and I’m sure it probably is for all of you lovely ladies as well. Wouldn’t a facial in Paris be an amazing experience? Let’s all pack our bags and go. Are you ready? Yea, that’s not really realistic or possible is it? Not for me anyway. And boy would that be an expensive facial. I don’t think my hubby would go for that but hey, if any of you wanna pay my way, just let me know, ok? I can pack pretty quickly. hehee

Now you don’t really have to travel all the way to Paris to get a luxurious facial or skin treatment. Don’t go packing just yet! You can actually do these right in the comfort of your own home, at your leisure. Oh yea, bring the Four Seasons Spa right into your bedroom, bathroom or wherever you pamper yourself. I know, darn. You thought you had an excuse to travel to Europe, didn’t you? hahaa Well, guess what? Decléor Paris offers a wide variety of high quality, 100% natural skin care products. I was extremely lucky enough to get the opportunity to try out 3 of their essentials; Aroma Night Neroli Essential Night Balm, Hydra Floral “Flower Nectar” Moisurising Cream and Aromessence Neroli Essential Serum.

mid1_decl_aro_ngtblm_BSSThe Aroma Night Neroli Essential Night Balm is a nightly treatment for all skin types. It softens, smooths and soothes your skin while you sleep. Wake up to rejuvenated and generously moisturized skin. All you need is a small amount of balm in the palm of your hand. The heat from your hand warms the balm and spreads easily on your face and neck. What a nice little massage for your tired skin. hehee


If you love flowers, you’ll love the Hydra Floral “Flower Nectar” Moisturizing Cream. It’s a relaxing hydrator with powerful protection against environmental damage. It is so light weight and feels great on your skin. Apply a small amount in the morning to your face and neck for an all day lovely floral experience thats soothing. The essential oils and natural botanicals are free of mineral oils and parabens.


Want a daytime treatment that not only decongests and purifies your skin but also softens AND provides immediate comfort and radiance? The Aromessence Serum does just that. It’s used in the morning and at night to give your skin vital elements. It also aids in restoring your skin to a natural tone. This is amazing! You only use 2 drops. Apply them to your fingertips and with slight pressure, spread the oil with light sweeping strokes.

All 3 of these products can be used as a 3-step process for better, well nourished, relaxed and radiant skin. Be in harmony with yourself and your environment, revealing the natural expression of your beauty and give yourself radiant skin withDecléor. Decléor Paris combines scientific knowledge of plant energies with an in-depth understanding of the vital energies of the body, acquired through more than 35 years of plant-based treatments in spas all over the world.

The products I tested are available at spas and salons nationwide, decleordirect.com and Nordstrom.com. The retail price for each is as follows: AromessenceTM Serum – $68.00 Hydra Floral Flower Nectar Moisturizing Cream, Paraben-free – $58.00 Aroma Night Neroli Essential Balm – $69.00.


FURminator Pet DeShedding Tool


She loves me, she loves me not. He loves me, he loves me not.

That’s what I feel like I’m doing as I pick pet hair off of my clothes and furniture on a daily basis. As you know, we have a few furbabies here. 1 doggie and 2 kitties. And FURbabies they are! They have tons of hair. Oh, oops, fur. hehee. And we despise wearing black or other dark clothing because it seems to magnify the fact that you’re covered in hair. Sounds gross, huh? Vacuuming frequently helps but it doesn’t stop the hair from getting EVERYWHERE.


Our Pom “Skye” has really thick hair. And if you know anything about Pomeranian’s, you know that they have an undercoat. What’s an undercoat you may ask? It’s basically a second fur coat located near the skin of some dogs. The outer hair is softer and the “undercoat” is finer, fluffier hair that is shorter and crimped. It feels similar to a sheep’s coat in my opinion. The reason they have it is because it acts as an insulator to keep the dogs warm. But they do shed this undercoat and it needs to be brushed daily or it will become entangled in your dogs skin. That can become a real problem and need to be surgically removed. Yea, we don’t want that.

And let’s not forgot our kitter cats. They are both long haired kitties. And they shed constantly also. We love them dearly but none of us wanna wear a fur coat. Least of all, my son and I. We both have allergies. Those pet hairs can really drive you nuts when they get stuck to your face after a kitty or puppy hug and kiss. hehee


Ah yes, we love our furbabies. We just don’t wanna share the hair. Know what I mean? That’s why I was so ecstatic to try out the deluxe pet deshedding tool from FURminator. This thing is AWESOME!!! You barely touch your pets hair and it grabs lots of loose ones. And after a full combing you’d think some stray animal came in and laid down in the middle of the floor. I couldn’t believe how much hair it removed. No, it don’t shave your pet.

You may think the videos are fake, but they are real. The FURminator actually DOES remove tons of loose fur. I was in shock. I could knit a sweater with the amount of hair I removed from my pets. Not that I would want to wear it. hahaa


I’m seriously seeing a lot less hair on my clothes and furniture because the FURminator is that effective. And you don’t have to have long haired pets in order to see results. The deShedder works on pets with all different lengths of hair. And all different thicknesses too. It’s not picky. hehee

One great thing about the deShedder is the fact that you don’t have to use a lot of force in order to get it to work. It also has a button to remove the hair so it doesn’t get lodged in between the teeth. No, not your pets teeth, silly. hehee. The hungry teeth on the tool. But look at how great this tool works…


KIDDING!!! hahahahaha Gotcha didn’t I? hehee

Oh, did I mention that no matter if you have a tea cup pup, Bull Mastiff, or even horse,YES, I said horse, NO lie, it works on all sizes of pets? The Deluxe deShedding Tool comes in 4 different sizes for your indoor pets; small (1.75″ edge), medium (2.65″ edge), large (4″ edge) and small for cats (1.75″ edge). And an Equine tool for your wonderful horsey’s. We tried the Small tool (1.75″ edge) and it worked great for all 3 pets. What? Did you think I’d say we tried the Equine tool for our 3 pets? hehee. Maybe I’ll get that for my hubby. He’s pretty hairy. hahaa

If you’d like to purchase the Paw’some FURminator deShedding Tool, there are tons of pet supply websites that offer them and they’re also available in many retail pet supply stores. Prices vary by size, store and location.


Built NY


Scuba divers and laptops. What do they have in common? Can’t think of anything? I wouldn’t have either if you had asked me a few weeks ago but here’s a hint… think skin, think protection. Getting anything yet? Have you ever heard of neoprene? Neoprene or polychloroprene is made of synthetic rubbers.

Neoprene in general has good chemical stability, and maintains flexibility over a wide temperature range. It is used in a wide variety of products, such as laptop sleeves, orthopedic braces (wrist, knee, etc.), electrical insulation, and car fan belts.


Ahh, now you know what I’m talking about. Laptop sleeves. Yes! So why did I mention scuba divers? Well, because the suit that a scuba diver wears is made of neoprene. You know the ones, those skin tight looking get-ups. A wet or dry suit as they are called, has several different benefits — it’s elastic, provides thermal protection when submerged in water, and acts as a protective barrier against abrasions. It’s very durable.

BUILT, a company located in New York, believes that form is just as important to function. Their slogan, “Love Your Stuff” fits this philosophy perfectly. How? Their products include fun designs and colors to make life more interesting. So whether you are eating, playing or working, a BUILT product will certainly have what you need.


They’ve got you covered! And they protect your expensive electronics like a scuba diver protects their body while swimming in the ocean — with neoprene. As expensive as those widely used electronic products such as laptops are, you sure want to protect them as much as possible. And you want to do it in style, right? I know I do.

BUILT has a wide variety of products, styles and colors to choose from. Their laptop sleeves sure come in a lot more styles than I had imagined. Check out this sexy little number…


Yes, that’s fishnet! For your laptop. It comes in black also. Cool, huh? And they’re not just for girls, so you guys are in luck too. There’s plenty of solid colors, stripes, dots, and even plaid. You can choose from laptop sleeves, bags, cases, and back packs. Those with or without straps. Straight or wavy edges.

If you’re looking for a more rugged look, BUILT has ‘em. This cargo style offers easy-to-access pockets that are great for a calculator, cell phone, or iPod.


BUILT sent me the Fiery Orange laptop sleeve. It offers a lot of protection without a lot of bulk and it can be carried by itself or in a backpack, tote or other luggage. My laptop glides into the sleeve easily but doesn’t fit too loosely that is slides all over. Now I no longer have to worry about scratches because the material is thick enough to absorb any accidental bumps. Even the zipper on the end is higher quality. I love my new sleeve! Thanks BUILT.


If you aren’t a laptop, or netbook owner, don’t worry, BUILT carries a line of cases for cameras, camcorders and iPads also. And if you aren’t a techy person at all, there’s plenty of lunch bags, bottle totes, oven mitts, shopping & diaper bags. Oh yea, they’ve got you covered!

If you’re interested in purchasing a laptop sleeve from BUILT, they range in price from $20 – $50 depending on the size you choose. That’s pretty reasonable considering the money you invest in your laptops alone. And you want the best protection possible, right?


Formula II Skin Care Cream

Dry skin is annoying skin, isn’t it? And although it affects us more so in the winter, it’s not just limited to that season. And some of us, especially Diabetics, are effected by it a lot more than others. The reason for that is high glucose levels. When glucose levels are high the skin is drained of vital moisture resulting in extremely dry legs, feet and elbows. That dry skin is then prone to cracks, peeling and even infection. Who wants that?

head_1271640497_fmla_crm_BSSIf you’ve suffered from dry, even cracked skin, you’ve probably tried all types of products and most do not work as they claim. Luckily, Mark from Formula II Skin Care contacted me about his product, the Pharmacist Formulated Formula II Skin Care Cream and asked me to give it a try. He sent me a huge 8 ounce jar along with some smaller sample jars. I was in shock.

The cream has a high concentration of Mineral Oil, and is also made with Purified Water, Beeswax, Paraffin Ceresin, Sodium Borate and Sodium Stearate. Just 7 simple ingredients!


You truly do not need a lot of this product because it goes a long way. It glides on your skin and acts as a barrier to hold in moisture. Although it’s a bit greasy it does work! No more itchies. No more cracks. No more discomfort.

Wanna know something else? It has many other benefits as well. It has amazing healing benefits. Check this out…

Other benefits for the prevention of:

  • diaper rash
  • infant Eczema
  • chronic wounds such as those caused by pressure, bed sores
  • incontinence care
  • skin allergies
  • decreased circulation
  • sunburn


The Formula II Skin Care Cream is safe enough to use on infants, Diabetics and cancer patients receiving treatment. Within a few applications, it relieves persistent and chronic skin conditions afflicting all age groups. It’s heavy and thick consistency allows for precise and easy-to-use application.

Did you know that most diaper rash creams contain zinc oxide? It’s a great barrier but it’s also a drying agent that can lead to further irritation. With Formula II Skin Care Cream, there’s no added fragrances that can cause irritation to baby’s skin. It’s virtually scent-free. It actually smells like the wax that it’s made of. No frilly scents so it doesn’t irritate your nose or your baby’s either.


The first place I tried Formula II Skin Care Cream is my hands and then my feet. Next, on my elbows. These are my driest and itchiest parts. My son was my next culprit. hehee. He’s been suffering from a dry, nasty callus on his ankle. If this 15 year old boy would wear taller socks he wouldn’t get this ugly callus but teens can be very stubborn as you may know. So his athletic shoes, which are high tops, have been rubbing his bare skin. And he’s had this dry, rough skin for a while. It’s been quite irritated actually. So, of course I had to try out my new cream on him.

After just a few applications we noticed a huge difference. No redness, and the skin is much, much softer now. Every time he saw me get my jar out he asked me to put some on his ankle. So obviously he saw that it was working. Yep, I said he asked ME to put some on. hehee. Mom’s got the magic touch, eh? hahaa

Formula II Skin Care Cream comes in three different sizes: 2 ounce jars (retail price $9.50), 4 ounce tubes (retail price $14.95), and 8 ounces jars (retail price $24.95). You receive a 30 day money back guarantee with every order.

If you’d like to give it a try but still aren’t sure if you wanna purchase it first, you can request a free sample*. * You pay only shipping and handling costs.


Calico Critters “Who’s Missing?” Card Game


Learning can be fun for all ages. Especially if the learning is a part of a game. Young children certainly enjoy playing games and the more you stimulate their minds using fun techniques, the easier it is to gain and keep their attention. Card games fit for ages 3 and up are a great way to do this.

While children are having fun, they are being introduced to many new concepts such as following rules, taking turns, teamwork, and most importantly at this young age, the art of winning and losing graciously. These behaviors don’t always come easy for children, and games are the perfect opportunity to practice some of these essential life skills. Playing games along with your children can be a great family activity, and allows adults to model appropriate game playing behavior.


A really fun card game for young children is Calico Critters “Who’s Missing?”. It brings Calico Critters popular line of favorite friends—like the Fisher Cats and Hopscotch Rabbits—to life in a new way! Each card contains an a different Calico Critter character individually or grouped with one or more family members. These are adorable! There’s lots of kitties, puppies, bunnies, squirrels, and bears, oh my! So cute!!! hehee

For ages 3 and up, this classic card game involves memory, strategy, and of course, fun! The dealer deals out 5 cards in a row. Players hide their eyes while the dealer takes away a card. Who can remember which critters are missing? As the game is played, the row of cards grows, so the game becomes more challenging the longer you play. The cards can also be used as fun collector items forCalico Critters fans. Your child(ren) may want to swap cards to gain more of their favorites. Or just put their favorites out on display in their bedrooms.


Each set comes with 48 cards, and game rules. You can play with 2-4 players ages 3 and up. And there are 3 different fun games that can be played as well. Game 1: Who’s Missing, Game 2: No More Critters (object of the game: be the first to get rid of all of your cards) and Game 3: Calico Critter Rummy (object of the game: be the first to collect 7 cards of the same number).

The Calico Critters “Who’s Missing?” card game set can be purchased from International Playthings for just $9.99. That’s pretty reasonable considering there are 3 games per set.

If you’re not familiar with the Calico Critters of Cloverleaf Corners, check them out on their newly re-designed website. Watch as the characters come to life with animation, sounds and a whole lot more. It is so adorable. It’s like watching a cartoon. You’re children will love it!

While you’re there, make sure you stop by the Fun Activities center and print off some fun things like coloring pages, games, decorations, greeting cards, and more. If you love to cook or bake, try your hand at some of the fun recipes too. How about some Chocolate Chip Cookies or Fruit Pizza? Oh yea, you’ll have fun. We certainly did.

I’m quite sure Calico Critters will become one of your child’s favorites and probably secretly one of yours too. hehee


Weleda Skin Food Cream


Dry damaged skin is pretty hard to get rid of and most over the counter creams, lotions, and oil treatments don’t seem to help much. However, a few weeks ago I was informed about a product that can easily get rid of dry damaged skin. That product is an organic cream called Weleda Skin Food. It helps protect your skin with a healthy layer of antioxidants, vitamins, and natural moisturizers so your skin can heal naturally and stay healed.


As you may remember, I did a review on the Weleda Pomegranate Regenerating Kit a few months ago and they wanted me to share with my readers information about the Skin Food Cream they now offer.

Weleda Skin Food Cream is made of organic water, lanolin, beeswax, and many natural essential oils. All of these organic ingredients help repair dry flaky skin by giving your skin the healthy natural moisturizing nutrients it needs to help the skin repair and protect itself. You can even use Weleda Skin Food Cream to help ease hemorrhoids, heal cuts and scrapes, moisturize your face and whole body, and you can even use it as a foot cream and hand cream, which is awesome. And this cream has that same eye opening aroma that the Pomegranate products did for me. Very refreshing scent!


Stubborn dryness on your elbows, hands and feet are moisturized and conditioned with the essential fatty acids and vitamin E in the organic sunflower seed oil. Organic pansy is known for its mild antiseptic properties that calm dry irritation. Soothing rosemary leaf extract’s mild antiseptic properties and the anti-inflammatory properties of Biodynamic® and organic calendula flower extract gently nourish and care for your skin. Deeply moisturized and protected, your skin looks soft and supple with a healthy glow. It’s your recommended daily allowance of radiance, and it’s just what you and your skin are craving.

Weleda Skin Food Cream is very simple to use. As with all of Weleda’s product, a small amount goes a long way so a dime size amount of the cream or more depending on where you’re using it, can be applied, then gently massaged into the dry rough patches of skin or into the cut, scrape, or hemorrhoids that need to be protected and moisturized so they can heal. Now if you are using it as a face cream you really only need a tiny dab of it and you simply rub it into your face gently until it is all absorbed. After a couple of uses you should notice your skin beginning to heal and becoming more soft and supple feeling.


You can find Weleda Skin Food Cream at any local health food store in your area and possibly even your local grocery stores in the health food isles. It can also be purchased online at usa.Weleda.com (retails for $17.50 for a 2.5 ounce tube) and other sites such as www.vitacost.com. Prices may vary.

Dry, rough skin of any age gets indulgent moisture with this intensively nourishing, deeply hydrating cream. It’s a unique, ultra-rich whole-body cream that deeply hydrates, restores and protects your skin.

Weleda is all about eco-friendly products. Lindsay, from Weleda, shared this amazing story with me:

To kick off Eco Fashion Week at the Village Green in downtown Manhattan this year, design visionary Gary Harvey created a one-of-a-kind garment made from Weleda packaging. The fabulous green gown was unveiled at the opening night party and runway show on February 14.


Weleda donated 350 packages of their coveted Skin Food to the construction of the eco couture masterpiece. Gary’s inspiration was “fairytale princess,” and it took him 8 hours to create by hand. He wanted the dress to move like fabric so he flattened the boxes, laminated them and sewed them together.

Check this out…


This dress is amazing and it’s hard to believe that it was made out of Weleda Skin Food Cream boxes. I can only imagine how long this dress took to make. It would take me several years to accomplish something like that. Oh, who am I kidding? I could never do something this awesome. hehee


Fantasy Jewelry Box

Diamonds are a girls best friend. Don’t we all know it. hehee. They are so beautiful, so shiny, so perfect. No matter the shape, the setting or color, they all are perfect in my eyes. I love how they sparkle and better yet, how they look on my fingers, wrists, neck, ankles, ears and even my toes. teehee. I would say belly button too but, well, I haven’t made it yet to get that pierced. haha


So, ok guys, whenever in doubt on what to buy your girl, BUY JEWELRY!!! K… K??? It’s the perfect gift for that special someone. You’ll never go wrong. Your girl will love ya forever! Not as much as she loves that piece of jewelry, hehee but she will love you for the thought.

Jewelry, especially rings are an accessory I don’t leave the house without. I feel naked. I never take off my wedding rings. My hubby thanks me for that. haha. After all that he spent on those, I think if I ever took them off, he’d try to sneak them back to the store to get a refund. NO WAY buddy. Those are MINE!!! Not getting them back. They are a permanent fixture on my finger. And if you think you can slip them off while I’m sleeping, you better think again. Ain’t gonna happen. I’m a light sleeper. I’ll get you sucka!

Have you ever seen Tori Spelling’s vintage wedding set? OMG it is absolutely gorgeous with a capital G. I love the intricate design on the bands and can you believe there are tiny diamonds on the outer sides of the bands? How cool is that? Check it out…

mid_rnts_BSSWhen I saw this I had to have it. Ahem, I couldn’t afford the real set but hey, a girl can dream right? Boy was I thrilled when Fantasy Jewelry Box offered to send me a replica. Woohoo! You know I’m not passing up the opportunity to receive jewelry. Yea, not gonna happen in this lifetime. hehee. My rings were shipped out super quick too.

Ok, so I didn’t take off my hubby’s rings because you know what I said he’d do with those and those are super special anyway. But I do have another hand ya know! Another ring finger. Well, in my opinion, every one of my fingers are “ring” fingers. hehee. So yea, those perty rings were placed on my other hand.


This set is like getting 2 rings in one. They don’t have to be worn together and that’s what I’ve been doing. Wearing them separately since I have my own wedding set. The solitaire ring looks absolutely stunning all by itself. The stone is not a diamond but a cubic zirconia and it looks real. It sparkles in the sunlight just as well but without the huge expense. And I love the white gold appearance of the band. No, it’s not real gold either but it looks like it. It’s made of sterling silver so it won’t turn your finger green. No worries! That giant center stone you see is 1.75 carats. Wowza! It’s big but it’s not so big that it looks like it came from the dollar store.

Fantasy Jewelry Box has tons of beautiful jewelry pieces to choose from. It took me forever to narrow my choice down to one. I actually had a list and kept going back and forth until I chose the Tori’s Vintage Style Replica Engagement Ring Set. Every time I looked at other pieces I kept going back to this one. I’m a sucker for vintage jewelry and filigree designs on ring bands. They are so pretty and unique and as you know, I love unique things.

As you will find, every piece of jewelry that Fantasy Jewelry Box sells comes in a pretty little pink box. I would have you try to guess what the retail price on my Tori rings cost but I’ll save you some time. hehee. It retails for $59.95 but is currently on sale for $49.95.

Hey, I challenge all of you gals to visit Fantasy Jewelry Box and choose just one piece you like. I guarantee you’ll find more than one that you’ll just have to have. I still have my favorites. And since they are very affordable, I think I’ll start deciding which one I’ll get next. heehee

Oh yea, you probably wanna know how those amazing rings look when worn, huh? Well, I’m not gonna show ya. hahaa Oh, alright, geez! Here they are…


Beautiful, right? They are covered in “diamonds”. Literally half of the rings are covered in small cubic zirconias. The bands are a bit thicker than I am used to but they fit just perfectly on my finger. The sizing is exact. And this set comes in sizes 5 – 9. You’re sure to find at least one finger to wear them on. hehee


Safety 1st onBoard 35 Air SE Infant Car Seat

As a Mother, safety has always come first for my children. No matter how well I took care of myself during my pregnancy and how good of a Mother I or others feel I am with my kids, things happen that can’t be helped. It’s one thing us Moms dread. The unexpected accidents and injuries. We nurture our babies, keep them close and try to prevent them from getting into dangerous situations but we all know that an accident can occur at any time and we do our best to be prepared. The love of a Mother is unconditional, unmatched and never ending.


If you had the opportunity to obtain a product that could better protect your child in an auto accident, would you take it? Of course you would. Would you pay any amount of money to protect your baby? Of course you would. Whatever it takes to keep them safe and sound, right?

Boy was I thrilled when Safety 1st offered to send me their newest infant car seat, the onBoard 35 Air SE. I would never turn down an opportunity to try a great product that offered such protection as this one does. This is the Cadillac of all infant car seats. Your baby rides in style here. It is awesome!


Safety 1st brought revolutionary protection to babies with Air Protect™ Side Impact Technology. This wonderful car seat accommodates your baby from preemies at 4 pounds all the way up to 35 pounds and 32″ in height. It keeps your baby in the backward facing position much longer than other car seats. And that’s a good thing.

The Air Protect feature immediately reduces side impact forces through the precise release of air. 1 out of 3 crash fatalities involve side impact collisions. 1 in 4 car crashes involving children are side impact collisions. They are by far the deadliest type of collision for children, accounting for 1 in 3 child fatalities; nearly all of which are caused by head trauma. That’s an eerie but proven fact. The greatest incident of trauma or risk of injury is to the head and neck. These are the most sensitive areas on an infant, especially in the first few months of life since the skull has not fully hardened. These are the areas that need the most protection.


As I stated before, I put safety first when it comes to my children because I have everything else covered. Everything else is easy — feeding, bathing, clothing, teaching. And now for my baby’s safety, Safety 1st has us covered. They chose the most perfect name for their business because that is what they are all about, safety first. They spend all of their time testing, testing, and more testing, looking for ways to better protect the ones we love most, our children. What an awesome, dedicated company!

The onBoard 35 Air SE gives your baby 17% more leg room than other car seats also. And it offers a customizable insert and low harness slots that make the seat ideal for preemies and is adjustable for growing babies. The Carry Curve™ Handle features an ergonomic design that gives you a more comfortable and natural feel during use.

You don’t have to worry about a loose, sloppy vehicle seat belt either. The onBoard 35 Air SE has a Base Belt Lock that easily secures your vehicle seat belt during installation so it doesn’t move. The seat also provides a One-Click LATCH installation system so you know the seat is in place the very first time. The onBoard Air SE may be installed either with or without the infant car seat base. However, using the adjustable 2-position recline base makes achieving the proper rear-facing angle a whole lot easier.


Installation for us is very easy. The base of the seat, which stays in the car, is so easy to install with the latch system. It actually doesn’t move. When putting the car seat into the base and removing it, there is barely any tilt or “shifting” required. Meaning that your baby will actually be able to stay asleep when getting in or out of the car while still in the seat.

The breathable padding is phenomenal. It looks and feels so comfy, it makes me wanna climb in and go for a ride. Although I’d fall asleep. hehee. I was a colicky baby and in order to get me to quiet down, my Mom would place me in my car seat, take me for a ride and I’d fall asleep. The ride was very soothing. Guess what, I still do that. Every time I ride as a passenger in the car I get extremely tired. At times I’ve been known to doze off. hehee. Some things never change!

I love the fabric colors and design of this one also. It is very stylish and unisex. It can be used for a boy or a girl. I love that. The swirled design is very chic!

Currently Safety 1st is offering a free diaper bag ($69.99 value) with an online purchase of $100 or more. While supplies last. Offer ends April 30,2010.

The Safety 1st onBoard 35 Air SE Infant Car Seat retails for $199.99 and is available at Buy Buy Baby and diapers.com. It can also be purchased straight from the Safety 1st website.


Healthy Feet Store

What’s more relaxing than a foot massage? I know some of you might say a full body massage but how often do you actually get one? Who can pay for one nowadays? Surely not me. Although I probably do more sitting and driving than I do walking, my feet still get swollen & achy and I suffer from dry, cracked skin. On occasion, if I’m lucky, my hubby will offer to rub my feet. Notice I said “if I’m lucky”. Yea, he’s bad. No, my feet don’t look like they belong to an Ogre, hehehee. They really don’t look bad at all. He just never offers. Bad hubby, bad!!! You all can contact him at any time and complain for me. hahaa


With the warmer weather approaching, I know I’ll be suffering from more swollen feet. You know, those “Ball Park Franks plump when you cook ‘em” looking feet. Bleh! And I am bad about purchasing shoes that don’t fit as well as they should because I’m a sucker for stylish and especially strappy shoes. I LOVE SHOES!!! You’ve heard me say that before. Well, I get blisters and calluses too. I know ewwww! Don’t tell me none of you ever get ‘em. I know better. heehee

Have you ever done a facial? Yea, most of you are girls so you more than likely have. How about a clay mint mask? Or the type of facial that feels minty and refreshing? *raises hand* I LOVE those! I have such oily skin and after I’ve done one my skin feels so fresh. Wouldn’t you love to get that same cool, fresh and relaxing feeling for your feet? I have a secret… You can! And you don’t have to hide your feet in the sand anymore.


The lovely people at Healthy Feet wanted my opinion on one of their products so they sent me their DPM Cream. It has a soothing, moisturizing effect. It’s hypoallergenic, nonocclusive and contains no parabens, lanolin or mineral oil. If you suffer from rough, tired feet, you need to try this. It gives your feet a pleasant, cooling & soothing feeling while moisturizing your skin. The aroma has a really nice, mild minty smell.

DPM Cream penetrates to help relieve dry skin and leaves your skin soft and refreshed. It’s a facial for your feet. No more trips to a spa. DPM Cream is also beneficial for hard-to-moisturize areas such as heels and calluses. No more popping balloons with those crusty feet guys and gals. I know, now you won’t make it into the Guinness Book of World Records. Boo! hahaa Hey, your feet will thank you!


Diabetics, you’ll want to try this product. As someone who comes from a family of diabetics, I know you all suffer from dry skin, especially on the feet. And foot ulcers. With DPM Cream you’ll have no more cracked heels, or annoying itchies. The cream leaves your skin feeling soft and silky. You won’t need a Ped Egg if you’re using DPM Cream.

The caring doctors at The Healthy Feet Store have joined together to bring you healthyfeetblog.com where you’ll learn proper foot care from a Podiatrists perspective. I’ve learned some new stuff already by reading their informative posts. Ever wondered if arch support sandals were worth the money? Oh yea, they are! If you love flip flops or thong sandals but need more support, check out what the Podiatrists at The Healthy Feet Store have to say about them. Their sandals look so comfy!


The DPM Cream comes in a 6 ounce tube and retails for $23.97. DPM Cream is only sold by leading Podiatrists so ask for it by name. I know, you were waiting for me to tell you where you can buy it.

The views & opinions expressed in my reviews are simply mine. My views & opinions may differ from other consumers. I did not receive a cash payment for my review but did receive a tube of Healthy Feet DPM Foot Cream to test.


Staples OXO Good Grips Collection

Form, function and organization are 3 things I focus on when it comes to our office and school supplies. I know those are topics not too many people get excited about but it’s something we all will more than likely need to think about sometime in our lives. Even if you don’t buy supplies for an office, if you’re a parent, sooner or later you will need to go school supply shopping. That’s not one of my favorite things to do by the way. I dread it.


Staples takes the hassle and fuss out of shopping for school & office supplies. Everything in their store is properly marked and organized so you don’t have to make a full, unnecessary trip around the whole entire store. I love that and it saves me so much time.


Also, Staples has went a step further and teamed up with OXO to create a new line of supplies, Good Grips. Supplies designed with you in mind! From advanced stapler technology to a new take on push pins, the collection was created for one simple reason — to make everyday work tasks easier, more efficient and more pleasant. Through the OXOdesign philosophy of Universal Design, each product was created to be convenient and easy to use for everyone. It’s where advanced function meets comfortable usage.

Check out some of the great products Staples now has to offer:

gg_hle_pnch_BSSOXO Good Grips Hole Punch

Improved leverage for increased punching power

  • Punches up to 6 sheets of standard 20-lb. paper
  • Pressure-absorbing, non-slip grip for maximum comfort
  • Tray captures paper holes and easily pivots to release

OXO Good Grips Hole Punch ~ Retails for $7.99

mid1_tks_BSSOXO Good Grips push pins

  • Non-slip soft grip
  • Large, contoured shape for efficiency and comfort
  • Colors include orange, red, blue and green
  • 24/Pack

OXO Good Grips push pins ~ Retails for $3.99 per 24 piece pack


OXO Good Grips Push Pin Dispenser

  • Telescoping wand has handy magnet built into underside of lid
  • Magnet grabs and presents pins safely, avoiding finger pricks
  • Holds up to 50 push pins
  • Comes with 8 OXO GOOD GRIPS™ push pins

OXO Good Grips Push Pin Dispenser ~ Retails for $4.99

mid3_pns_BSSOXO Good Grips Retractable Ball Point Pens

  • Medium point
  • Blue ink
  • Prevents ink-spot accidents: When writing tip is exposed, pen cannot be clipped to clothing
  • Refillable with OXO Good Grips™ refills (item# 765279)
  • 2/pack

OXO Good Grips Retractable Ball Point Pens ~ Retails for $6.99 per 2 pack

The whole OXO Good Grips collection is great for those who suffer from arthritis and or nerve disorders. They give you a non-slip grip for maximum comfort so you’re less likely to drop them.

I love the push pins. They are much larger than others I’ve used before and are much easier to handle because of their size. And the dispenser lets me keep them all corralled so I don’t have to search through a drawer anymore. No more pricked fingers. Yay!

The hole punch has a nice, contoured handle for better, pressure absorbing support. Plus, it cuts through 6 sheets of paper with one single squeeze. The retractable pens have a great feature as well. No more ink stains on your clothes. When the writing tip is exposed it can not be clipped to clothing. Ok geeks, if you still want the ink stains, go buy those cheaper quality pens. I don’t recommend it though. heehee.

The views & opinions expressed in my reviews are simply mine. My views & opinions may differ from other consumers. I did not receive a cash payment for my review but did receive a 4 piece set of Staples OXO Good Grips collection to test.


Dr. Carey’s Baby Care Kit

Becoming a parent brings many different emotions. Happiness, the feeling of being proud, fear, maybe even stress due to becoming a first-time parent and many other feelings. Most first time parents fear that they will not be good enough parents for their babies. And everyone knows that babies do not come with instructions.


If you grew up in a family where there weren’t any other children, especially young children, then you may be clueless as to what it takes to be a parent. Lots of thoughts go through your head and you don’t know where to turn. Going to your parents may help but many times there are things that may arise that even your experienced parents don’t know the answer to.

Wouldn’t you like to have all of the answers right away? You could always call a pediatrician but doctors aren’t always easy to get a hold of. What if your new baby has a red spot on their face or body that just appeared over night? Who do you call? What if there’s no one available? It would be great to have the answers right at your fingertips, wouldn’t it? Well, you can.


Dr. Carey, a longtime pediatrician from Southern California, has taken the mysteries out of new parenthood. He came up with the idea to make Dr. Carey’s Baby Care Kit that includes the essentials you need and he’s made them convenient. No more “Honey, what is that?” or “Oh my goodness, our baby just did this, why?” Dr. Carey is a loving parent himself and just as caring about his patients, children. He received so many of the same questions from different parents all of the time and he thought it would be a great asset for new parents to have his kit on hand at all times to take the guess work out of the “what ifs”.


The kit contains:

  • Dr. Carey’s Baby Care Guide for that important first year
  • Dr. Carey’s Fussy Baby Soother (blanket)
  • Diaper Rash Ointment & Skin Protectant
  • Hawaii Medical’s GumDrop Pacifier
  • Digital Thermometer
  • Nose Suction Bulb

This kit would make a great baby shower gift for any parent. Even though new parents need the most help, experienced parents don’t know everything. You learn something new every day. At least I do. I am the proud parent of 4 children and even I learned some new things while reading Dr. Carey’s Baby Care guide. I truly wish I had this book years ago when I first became a Mom. It sure would have eased my mind. I would have been way better prepared. And I’m sure my Mom would have appreciated the telephone breaks. hehee.


Dr. Carey’s Baby Care Guide is filled with 96 pages of advice on what to expect during your baby’s first year of life and it also contains 120 photos that make Dr. Carey’s instructions and tips much more easy to understand. Having this guide around is like having Dr. Carey make a caring house call. You don’t have to ask questions anymore. Just pick up this handy guide and you’ll find a wide variety of topics to choose from. From an explanation of diaper rashes and other body markings to a month by month development milestones list, this guide has lots of great information you will want to read. There is also room for you to write notes and document your babies progress as he or she takes the journey through their first year. I love this guide!


Have you ever wondered how the doctors and nurses in the hospitals wrap newborns? It’s really very simple and Dr. Carey explains step by step how you can do it yourself. He’s even added colorful photos to take the guess work out of it. You’ll want to read this. It’s an old trick used to soothe a fussy baby and it works.


Diaper rash, no one likes them and with good reason. If your baby ever gets a diaper rash, just know it’s not necessarily due to a lack of good hygiene for your baby. There can be other causes so no more beating yourself up over it. The best defense is prevention and Dr. Carey explains how to protect your little ones sensitive skin. He also explains the differences in what you may find in your babies diapers depending on what baby is eating. I found this interesting. Parents may feel that their baby has diarrhea when in fact they may not. Just look at your baby’s diet and weight.


Many parents ask themselves whether or not they want to offer their new babies a pacifier and this is totally a matter of choice. Some parents feel it will cause an overbite and other parents choose to give their babies a pacifier because it has soothing qualities. The pacifier included in Dr. Carey’s Baby Care Kit is soft and curved to fit your baby’s face. It also is half of the weight of other pacifiers. With the Uni-body construction you don’t have to worry about it coming apart. These pacifiers are made of polycarbonate over-molded with medical grade silicone. And does not contain Phthalate or latex.


Having a sick baby has always been something I felt horrible about. Even though I’m pretty experienced in caring for children now & have a medical degree it still saddens me when my children are sick. No matter how much I know about medicine and care, still, viruses and bacterial infections have to run their course even with the greatest of care. And it sure is much better to be well informed and prepared for when your new baby is ill. Babies are nose breathers and if they become congested, well, they lose their appetites. They don’t sleep and of course then you don’t sleep. So, you’ll want to read what Dr. Carey has to say about how to care for your little ones precious nose before they come down with a cold. He has included step by step instructions on using a saline solution to flush the nose and how to properly suction the nose so your baby can breathe easier.


Speaking of colds, we all know that with many colds comes a fever. Yuck! No fun at all. You should always have a thermometer on hand, especially for your new little bundle of joy. Dr. Carey explains how to properly take your baby’s temperature and at what point you should call your doctor to schedule an appointment.


There is so much more information you will find in this wonderful kit that I know you will find helpful and informative. Of course seeking medical attention when necessary shouldn’t be overlooked but you could save the cost of this kit in a single unnecessary doctors appointment, not to mention the hours of worry over a minor condition that you could treat at home using the techniques in this book.

If your local stores do not currently sell Dr. Carey’s Baby Care Kit, you can purchase it directly from his website. And also tell your stores about it. I believe all new parents need one of these. They retail for $49.95. Each kit comes nicely packaged in a bright yellow with white polka dot box. Everything you need for that wonderful baby shower gift. Just add a bow!

The views & opinions expressed in my reviews are simply mine. My views & opinions may differ from other consumers. I did not receive a cash payment for my review but did receive a Dr. Carey’s Baby Care Kit to test.


Oreck Halo Vacuum Cleaner


Well, allergy season is now upon us and in the past I’ve suffered like crazy. The weeds, dirt and cut grass outdoors caused me to be miserable. I’ve tried over the counter meds and nothing so far has helped me in the past. Indoors I suffered all year round. The dust bunnies are my all-time biggest enemies. I clean and they come back to taunt me. It’s a never ending battle, especially since we had our home built near a busy road. The dirt accumulation outdoors is horrible and the dust we have indoors is enough to make me feel sick all year long. We’ve lived in several different cities and never had this much dust.


Recently Oreck came to my rescue. Thank you Oreck!!! I’ve been using the Oreck Halovacuum for a few weeks now and it is amazing at cleaning my floors. The suction is awesome! I’ve actually had to make sure there are no small toys, socks or other unnecessary items on the floor while vacuuming because this vacuum has such great suction. It will grab anything in it’s way like a hungry, hungry hippo. hehee. The Halo not only removes dust, dirt & debris but it also kills germs that could be there, even if you don’t know it. The fact that the Halo kills dust mite eggs, flea eggs, bacteria and mold is enough to make me do a happy dance. hehee. I can breathe easier already.


The best feature that the Halo has to offer is the UV-C Light. I always thought the hepa filtration that many vacuums have was great but the UV-C Light has by far surpassed that. Why? Because it effectively reduces the amount of bacteria, germs, and other microorganisms that could be on and in your carpeting and other flooring. Check out this photo:


Isn’t the before image disgusting? It makes me cringe but over time and with routine cleanings, the Oreck Halo and its UV-C germ-killing light can help reduce dust mite populations by killing many dust mite eggs. It can also help reduce harmful bacteria and viruses on floor surfaces throughout your home. The light produced by the patented Oreck Halo light chamber magnifies and concentrates ultraviolet light in the C spectrum. UV-C light is a natural source of light that the sun produces and can be a better alternative to harsh chemicals. See how it works!


UV-C light has long been known for its germicidal benefits, killing many microorganisms by disrupting their cellular DNA. Laboratory studies prove it to be effective at reducing bacteria, germs, and other contaminants on various floor surfaces. The Oreck Halovacuum can reduce up to 99.9% of bacteria and up to 90% of dust mite eggs on surfaces. You know Oreck uses the same ultraviolet technology used for decades to purify drinking water and help sterilize the air in hospitals? That should make you feel more confident about this vacuum. I know it makes me feel a whole lot better.

As you already know, we have a dog and although she is treated with a monthly prescription medication that kills adult fleas and prevents flea eggs from hatching, it does not prevent her from bringing a bus load of fleas into our home via her thick, long fur coat. I’m sure the fleas appreciate the free ride but I don’t appreciate the unwanted visitors. Our doggie, Skye, hasn’t had to worry about the fleas & ticks she mingles with outdoors but we have since they get a free one-way ticket into our home. I’m sure glad I have my new Oreck Halo. I no longer have to worry about those nasty blood suckers because Oreck Halo comes to my rescue every single day.

The Halo has 2 motors. One drives the powerful brush roller that agitates the carpet, bringing debris and germs up and exposing them to the UV-C light that can kill them. That’s a great feature because it means no toxic chemicals. The second motor generates incredible suction; dirt and microbes are quickly trapped inside the HEPA13 filter bag. It picks up dirt and debris in virtually one pass, and works great on any floor surface – carpet, tile, even hardwood floors. Bye Bye fleas & ticks, bye bye. HA!!!


The Halo comes with on-board attachments for upholstery, stairs, drapes, and corners. One feature I love about the Halo is that it has a button that turns the brush roller on or off. It makes going from cleaning carpeting to bare floors SO simple. How many vacuums do you know that can do that? None that I’ve ever used, and I’ve used quite a few different styles and brands. I’ve never had good luck with vacuums but I feel good about this one.

Honestly, this is a great vacuum and the only thing I would love to see Oreck add to it is a longer hose for attachments. The Halo comes with a nice, thick, good quality hose but it’s shorter than I am used to. Other than that I love my Oreck Halo! I’ve gotten a lot of use out of it and I’ve had no problems with it whatsoever.

Does your vacuum manufacturer offer free tune-ups? Yes, I said free tune-ups. Oreckoffers you 3 free tune-ups to keep your Oreck Halo running like new for years to come. It also comes with a 5 year warranty. I’ve never purchased an electronic product that came with a warranty that lasts for 5 years without being charged more money. Now isn’t that generous of Oreck? Typically warranties last for just 1 or at most 3 years and by that time the product is breaking down.

The Oreck Halo retails for $599.95 and comes in Jet Black with Cobalt Blue. Did I mention it uses Self-sealing Saniseal® bags that make disposal clean and easy? No more flying dust & debris that winds up back throughout your home. I love that!

For a limited time, with the purchase of the Oreck XL®Halo, you’ll get the Little Hero Canister Vac (a $130 value), Cordless Speed Iron (a $130 value) and an 8-pack of vacuum bags (a $30 value). That’s an awesome deal.


The views & opinions expressed in my reviews are simply mine. My views & opinions may differ from other consumers. I did not receive a cash payment for my review but did receive an Oreck Halo Vacuum Cleaner to test.


ORGO Cosmetics Pineapple Body Whip & Strawberry Sugar Scrub


Have you ever came across a yummy smelling product that just made you wanna eat it right out of the jar because you couldn’t get enough of the tasty aroma? Of course you have. And I know, you’re thinking “what kind of question is that”, right? Stupid question? Maybe. But the type of products I am talking about are products that you don’t actually eat. You slather them on your body. Now of course I don’t actually eat body care products but some have actually had me drooling. What if body care products were made from all natural fruits and veggies? And organic? Would you sneak into an empty room and give it a nibble? No, I’m not crazy, hehee. I love fruity body care products! And honestly I’ve been tempted.

There are tons of products out there that smell nice, but how many really heighten your senses? Or how many look good enough to eat? How many are made with fresh produce you probably have in your kitchen? I’ve used tons of bath and body products and most have ingredients I’ve never heard of, let alone can pronounce. I love organic products, all natural products because when I use them I feel safer, like I’m taking better care of my body. And they feel great on my skin.


Orgo Cosmetics contacted me a few weeks ago and asked me if I would like to try a few of their organic, handmade body care products and I was reluctant. Yea right! You know I said “YES!”. I would never turn down the opportunity to try freshly made, organic goodies. hehee.

I honestly had never heard of Orgo Cosmetics before. They’re based in Portland, Maine and they’ve developed a new line of bath and body care products, started after five years of research, testing, and creativity. They’re line consists of sugar scrubs, whipped body lotions, shower cream soaps and bath melts. And they have combined a variety of all natural and organic ingredients to create their products.

Many of their products contain skin-beneficial ingredients such as coconut oil, olive oil, vitamin E., and vegetable glycerin. They also use fresh fruits and vegetables, including bananas, avocados and strawberries, as well as colloidal oatmeal! Yummy! hehee. When I looked over their site I felt like I was surfing a food site. The names sound delicious!


I was given the opportunity to try the Pineapple Frosting Body Whip and the Strawberry Sugar Scrub. The names alone sounded great but when I opened the jars I was pleasantly surprised and my nose was happy. These products look edible. And they smell amazing! The Pineapple Frosting actually looks like frosting you would use to ice a cake because of the way its swirled in the jar and so nice and fluffy. It’s thicker than other products I’ve tried which is nice too. The aroma reminds me of Piña Coladas. Someone give me a straw! hehee.


The Strawberry Sugar Scrub looks so luscious and juicy. And it smells good enough to eat. This one reminds me of a Strawberry Daiquiri. No, I’m not an alcoholic, hehee. These really do smell as good as they look. And they are made with real fruit. TheStrawberry Scrub has a thick consistency like jam. And you can actually see the seeds. The freshness is obvious. “The proof is in the pudding” so to speak. When you use theStrawberry Sugar Scrub you actually see the teeny bits of strawberry in the bottom of your tub or shower when you are done. There is a nice consistency of real sugar added in. It works great on your skin too. It leaves my skin feeling nice and smooth.


After I gave myself a good scrub down and dried off, I finished my pampering with thePineapple Frosting. It’s almost hard to run your finger in the jar and not wanna put it in your mouth. hehee. The thicker consistency takes a little longer to rub in but after it dries it leaves your skin nice and soft and it smells incredible. Ok, now my stomach is growling just thinking about these sweet body treats. I think I’ll get myself a smoothie. hehee.


Doesn’t those look good enough to eat? Orgo Cosmetics offers two locations to shop their products. Their main site and their Etsy Shop. I dare you to check out both and tell me their products don’t make you drool. heehee.

The Pineapple Frosting Body Whip retails for $10 for a 2 ounce jar. Use it daily or whenever your skin feels dry and thirsty. The Strawberry Sugar Scrub retails for $14 for a 10 ounce jar. Use it twice per week for glowing skin.

The views & opinions expressed in my reviews are simply mine. My views & opinions may differ from other consumers. I did not receive a cash payment for my review but did receive an Orgo Cosmetics Pineapple Body Whip + Strawberry Sugar Scrub to test.


Licks And Giggles Pet Boutique “Uptown Girl” Doggie Dress

I’ve been doing a lot of talking about pampering lately but one thing I didn’t really mention is fashion. Yes, there are many ways to pamper yourself with fragrances, skin care, and cosmetics, but what about fashion? Do any of you spoil yourself or splurge on fashion pieces or accessories?


How about pampering other members in your home? We can’t forget about our loved ones. I think one family member we may overlook is our pets. Now some of you may be saying “I never forget my pets, they are my babies”. And that may be the case. We have a house full here. No, not just of pets but a mix of humans and pets, silly. Although as my Mom always says, if I had a house big enough, I would adopt every unwanted pet there is. And she is right. I love animals, all kinds. And I always have. So why not spoil them, right? Of course I do!

We currently have 2 rescued cats, one male and one female. They are litter mates. And we have a 6 pound Pomeranian that thinks she’s a Doberman. hehee. Major attitude!!! Although she’s small enough to step on, and believe me she’s gotten under our feet numerous times, she has stood up to some pretty big dogs when they’ve came by our home. One of which was a Great Dane. And boy was that a sight. That dog couldn’t run fast enough to get away from her. hehee. Yep, she’s got attitude but she’s been a great family pet. She’s one of the family and we love her. She favors her “daddy” more than anyone though. But I put up with it. hehee.


When Licks N Giggles asked me, or should I say our little “Skye” to model and review one of their dresses of course we said “woof!” “Yes!”. “Skye” has done some modeling in the past so she’s pretty used to that. She’s modeled for her family, wearing “doll baby” clothing my daughter dressed her in, hehee, and a new ensemble my daughter made all on her own. It was a ballerina costume. It looked so cute. “Skye” looked so cute in the frilly pink tutu.

The dress we’re reviewing today is theUptown GirlSmocked Tube dress in grey. It is made of 100% grey velour cotton with pink contrast stitching. The Uptown Girl is made by Ruff Luv NYC and retails for $22. Available sizes are x-small, small & medium.


When making apparel purchases at Licks And Giggles Boutique, if you aren’t sure which size your fur baby will need, just take some measurements such as the length of your pet, the chest & neck. Then compare those to the size charts listed on every apparel page. That takes the guessing out of your purchases.

Although “Skye” is very fluffy due to all of her hair, I was wondering how this dress that looked so tiny was going to fit her. Once I placed it over her head and put her front legs through the straps and positioned the dress I stepped back and it fit perfectly. It gives her great shape. hehee. She looks so petite in it and she really appeared to love it. She wasn’t sure about it at first while putting it on but she sashayed around like she was strutting her stuff. She worked that dress! hehee. Take a look….


She’s ready for a fun weekend now! hehee. Oh wait, she needs some accessories. Some shoes, a bow in her hair and maybe a new handbag. Time to go shopping. hehee. We all know I don’t mind doing that. Here’s another angle of the dress since “Skye’s” hair is so full. It’s a little hard to see those ruffled straps.

midi2_100_0480_BellaSS“Skye” waiting to get her nails done! hehee

Well, I can tell you she didn’t get her nails done that day but she did receive sort of a payment for her modeling “gig”. hehee. Licks And Giggles sent her a fun little Pink Donut plush toy. It has a squeaker in it and she loves it. Even though our kitties weren’t asked to model, although they did wear the dress, ahem, hehee, Licks And Giggles didn’t want to leave them out so they sent a nice little Green Bird Catnip toy. Boy were they happy. That has become their favorite toy. I guess they deserved it after what I put them through, making them wear the dress. It was pure torture I tell ya. hehee.

Licks And Giggles has some really adorable fashion pieces. Your fur babies will be ready for any occasion and all decked out in style. And once they’re done living it up, your party “animal” can crash in any one of these fabulous & comfy beds. There is something for every fur baby in the Licks And Giggles Boutique. I know they will be pleased!

The views & opinions expressed in my reviews are simply mine. My views & opinions may differ from other consumers. I did not receive a cash payment for my review but did receive an Uptown Girl doggie dress for my lil furbaby to test.


MOR Cosmetics “Love At First Sight” Set

There’s just something about cosmetics, fragrances & body care that drive a girl wild. Ok, guys too. hehee. Right ladies? We just can’t get enough. And we all deserve some pampering. Not just monthly, yearly or just every once in a while either. I like to keep my bathroom stocked in different scents for different occasions. And since I’m not made of money I like to pamper myself. Especially after a long day.


There’s just nothing like slipping into a warm bubble bath, covering yourself in yummy smelling body wash, gels or soaps and then ending with a nicely fragrant lotion or body mist. It makes me feel like I’ve stepped out of a spa. But without the high cost. And my hubby sure don’t complain when the lingering scent wafts in the air as I pass by. hehee.

MOR Cosmetics offered to send me a gift pack of my choice and I chose the Love At First Sight Collection. The name alone stood out to me but when I read the description, I just knew I had to try it.


The set includes:

  • Italian Blood Orange Triple-Milled Soap
  • Rosebud Lip Delight
  • Fruit of Cornucopia Hand Cream

This classic collection comes in a nice pink collectible tin and wrapped in a black & gold bow. It arrives looking so pretty! I could smell the scents before opening the box. And when I did I was in awe. The Italian Blood Orange soap is wrapped so neatly and looked so pretty I almost didn’t want to open it. But after putting the soap up to my nose I couldn’t wait to use it. It smells amazing! I LOVE it!!! This soap is stamped on both sides and looks so high class. There is nothing I don’t like about it. If you aren’t familiar with the Italian Blood Orange scent it has notes of orange, apple, peach, pineapple and pear, Italian Blood Orange is deliciously inviting.

Next, I tested the Fruits Of Cornucopia hand cream. Wow, that smells really good too. And it blends in well. Just a small dab is all you need to soften your skin. The regenerative qualities of the grape seed extract combine with shea butter for a rich, velvety moisturizer that leaves your skin soft and supple. And the ivy extract aids in absorption, creating a non-greasy formulation for instant hydration and protection. I love non-greasy, non-waxy lotions!


The Rosebud Delight lip balm was a scent I had never tried before on my lips. Typically I use a fruity scented and flavored gloss but the Rosebud truly was not bad. It reminds me of summer. All of the beautiful rose blooms blowing in the breeze. When you wear the lip balm you catch a whiff of it here and there and it just says “summer”. All you need is a nice cool glass of lemonade or iced tea. hehee.


I have to confess that I loved the wrapping that came with the soap so much that I kept the ribbon and MOR emblem that adorns it. Is that weird? hehee. I plan to keep the tin after all 3 of my products are gone. It will make a nice storage box for makeup applicators.

If you would like to experience the luxury of one of these gift boxes you’ll have to get your own because I’m not sharing mine. heehee. The gift packs retail for $40 each. There are 3 different gift packs to choose from: Love At First Sight, My Summer Love, and There’s No Turning Black.

In the My Summer Love gift pack you will find: Cucumber and Casaba Triple-Milled Soap, Lychee Flower Lip Delight, and Marshmallow Hand Cream. There’s No Turning Black consists of: Snow Gardenia Triple-Milled Soap, Cassis Noir Lip Delight, and Orange Blossom Hand Cream. I would love to try the remaining 2 packs. I am quite sure they all smell amazing!

No matter what you choose with MOR Cosmetics, you are always getting high quality products that contain a blend of aromatic herbs, and exotic ingredients. There’s something for everyone. I know you will love whatever you buy!


The views & opinions expressed in my reviews are simply mine. My views & opinions may differ from other consumers. I did not receive a cash payment for my review but did receive a MOR Cosmetics Love At First Sight kit to test.


Fit In Clouds Foldable “Ballet Flats” Shoes



There are many times when I am forced to choose between comfort and style when I’m shopping for shoes. And even when I’m choosing a pair of shoes to wear with a certain outfit or for a specific occasion not every pair suits my needs at every time. I LOVE shoes and I love shoes with heels but I know that heels are bad for my feet. Especially when I’m doing a lot of walking. For me, being that I am only 5′ 3″, I love shoes that give me more height but after wearing them my feet and ankles ache. Sometimes I suffer from blisters because I didn’t wear the right shoes for the occasion. I’m sure some if not all of you have been there before too.

When I’m in a hurry and want something stylish but don’t want shoes that tie, I tend to grab my heels or wedges that boost me another 3″-4″ into the air because they are easy to put on. Yes, I love the added height but I don’t always love the aches and pains that come later. And during the winter time snow boots are great for outdoors but they’re not so pretty indoors, especially if you are wearing a dress or skirt.


Wouldn’t you love to be able to bring an extra pair of shoes with you at times? Not just to change for looks but for comfort as well? Well, now you can because Fit In Clouds has designed a portable pair of shoes that you can carry in your purse or even your pockets. And no you don’t have to carry a suitcase sized purse in order to travel with them. Sorry Mom, I know you love those huge handbags but a small one will suffice. hehee. These ballet flat styled shoes fold up for storage and when you are ready to wear them you just put your toes in the front and pull the back up over your heels and you’re ready to go.


Each pair of Fit In Clouds ballet flats come in a nice little pouch that fits nicely in a handbag. No more lugging around an extra pair of bulky shoes. These are great because they are not only convenient but they are very comfortable. You might find them a little more comfortable when worn with a thin pair of socks or pantyhose because of the elastic around the ankle area.

You can wear them out in public because they have non-slip rubber soles and they come in several different colors to match pretty much any outfit. Fit In Clouds sent me the Back In Black pair and they have just enough of a shine that I could wear them with a nice pair of dress pants, a skirt, a dress or even jeans.

They can also be worn around your home to help keep your feet warm. Whatever your preference. Take them and wear them anywhere! These “clouds” can fit into the smallest purse and when the time comes, you can take off those uncomfortable heels and slip on your “clouds”.


At the end of a night of dancing or standing on your feet all day at work, you can step into some very comfy shoes. Just reach into your purse, pull out your little pouch, and slip on your ballet flats so your feet can walk on clouds. Your achy feet sure will thank you. And so will your hubby because he won’t have to massage your smelly feet. hehee. Well, a foot massage is still good every once in a while so we won’t let him get away with not doing it here and there, right? hehee. Us girls still like to be pampered. And we sure deserve it. I know I do. hehee.

The retail price of Fit In Clouds Ballet Flats range from $18.95 – $24.95. And they come in these colors: Wedding White, Back In Black, Royal Gold, Ocean Blue, Silver Shine, Black Sequin, Silver Sequin, and Patent Black. They can be purchased from the Fit In Cloudswebsite or retail shops.


The views & opinions expressed in my reviews are simply mine. My views & opinions may differ from other consumers. I did not receive a cash payment for my review but did receive a pair of Fit In Clouds ballet flat style shoes to test.


Build-A-Bear Blossom Bunny


I have to share a fun trip with all of you that I took today. A trip to the mall. And I know you all are thinking, “why is a trip to the mall so exciting?” Why? Because I stopped in theBuild-A-Bear Workshop® and had the most fun I’ve had in a long time. I know, you think I’m a boring adult, right? If you’ve ever been there you know what I mean but if you have not been to a Build-A-Bear Workshop® you sure are missing out on some fun. It seriously isn’t just for kids. Call me crazy but my husband and I went alone and had a lot of fun.

In the spirit of the upcoming Easter holiday, Build-A-Bear Workshop® has added a new furry friend, Blossom Bunny, to their round-up and asked me to take a trip to my localBuild-A-Bear and customize a new Blossom Bunny of my own and because of Easter and the fact that I thought she was so cute and colorful, I said “YES” happily. She is SO soft and she has these long floppy ears that are filled with dark pink fur. Her whole entire body is covered in flowers that just say “Easter”. Blossom is the perfect Easter holiday gift for that special little girl. If you have a little one on your holiday list and you aren’t sure what to get her, check out Build-A-Bear and scope out Blossom Bunny. I know you’ll be taking her home in an instant.

mid1_100_0485_BSSBlossom getting filled with love!

What I love about Build-A-Bear is that your bundle of fluff is totally customized to suit your taste and needs. You start with the “carcass” of your new friend. Then you can stop at the display where a beating heart or “voice box” is chosen, if desired. Once you’ve made your decision on that, you move on down to the filler machine. Now is where the true fun begins. I was given the pedal that turns the machine on and determines just how much fluff my bunny would receive. I didn’t want a “skinny minnie” but I didn’t want a “fatsy patsy” so I went in between. Once her body was shaped, the heart was inserted.

The next few steps is called the “heart ceremony”. I got to feel the rhythmic beating of her new heart before it was added. And to bring Blossom to “life” I chose another little red heart from a compartment at the filler machine. A red silky one. The associate that was assisting in this “surgery” asked me to rub the little red heart between my hands to warm it up and get it pumping. Then I rubbed it on my nose for Good Luck. Next, I spun around in a circle so Blossom could find her way home. Then I gave her a hug and made a wish.

Ok, by the time I was hugging the bunny and closing my eyes and making a wish, I was in tears. Don’t ask me why but I was. I had no idea the process would effect me that way but, ok, I’ll share. A thought about a loved one came into my head and the tears began to flow. Sound silly? I told you in a previous review that I wore my heart on my sleeve. hehee. I didn’t lie did I?

mid2_100_0486_BSSLook at all of those clothes!!!

Shopping for clothes was next. This was extremely interesting. Choosing between all of those outfits was not an easy task. Not like I thought it was going to be because I had already checked out the Build-A-Bear Workshop® website and envisioned what Blossom was going to wear before I went. Not the case at all. There are tons of cute clothes AND shoes to choose from. I’m a girl that can shop, I tell ya! And I can spend a whole lot of time doing it too. hehee. I tried so many outfits on Blossom that you would have thought it was a professional photo shoot. There’s dresses, shirts, shorts, skirts, pajamas, bikinis, robes, and even accessories.

By that time my hubby was ready to go. He just wasn’t feeling the love anymore. hehee. So as you will see below, Blossom is now sporting a frilly little Easter dress and pretty pink bow. Isn’t she adorable? I sure think so. And I think she made a great choice. hehee

mid3_100_0491_BellaSSBlossom in her new Easter dress!

My photo makes her colors look darker than they actually are. But she is so cute in “person”. And SO soft and cuddly. After getting her dressed we took her over to give her a name so that her birth certificate could be printed up. Yes, all of Build-A-Bear Workshop® friends come with a birth certificate to mark the occasion and so the little one who receives this furry friend can celebrate every year from then on. Maybe Blossomwill return to Build-A-Bear next year on her birthday so she can pick out a new outfit, shoes and accessories. hehee. You know I will be ready to shop again!

mid4_100_0487_BellaSSNaming Station at Build-A-Bear Workshop!

Yep, this is where all Build-A-Bear Workshop® friends get their names. You sit at a computer and enter some information and choose your new friends name. Once you’re done you go to the front desk to get your newly created friend’s birth certificate and THAT makes it official. hehee. Blossom Bunny was placed in her little Condo Carrier and off we went. She loved the ride home. hehee. Now to get into the arms of her new loving “Mommy”. So sweet.

Whether you’ve been to a Build-A-Bear Workshop® and created a furry friend for yourself or a loved one or even if you haven’t as of yet, you now have the opportunity to win your own because Build-A-Bear Workshop® is offering one of you a $25 gift card toward the purchase of a customized friend of your choice for Easter. I know you’ll enjoy it!

The views & opinions expressed in my reviews are simply mine. My views & opinions may differ from other consumers. I did not receive a cash payment for my review but did receive a $25 gift card to Build-A-Bear to use toward the purchase of a Blossom Bunny stuffed animal.


Rubbermaid Drawer Organizer kit


I really despise disorganization. Always have. To me, it’s almost like an itch I can’t scratch. And the more I see of it, the worse that itch gets. The more annoying it gets. Before I had kids I was a clean freak. I had OCD when it came to cleaning and organizing my home. I was always striving to have everything in order, everything clean and smelling clean. I wanted my home to be presentable for that unannounced visitor. Ya know? And if it wasn’t cleaned and tidy and someone stopped by without calling first, I felt embarrassed.

Ok, we didn’t live like pigs. hehee. I just had a control issue I guess. I beat the dust bunnies before they beat me. I confess though, I got so bad that when I had company and they sat a drink down on my end tables, I took their glasses to the kitchen before they were even done drinking whatever was in the glass. hehee. Now that’s bad!

And then came my kids. One by one they “moved in” and slowly I had to adjust to disarray. The sticky door knobs, toys strewn everywhere, dirty socks laying on the floor and at times, hanging from the Christmas tree thanks to my son when he was a toddler. That was his way of helping decorate. All of those messes didn’t last long still. I worked day and night picking up, straightening up and cleaning. I was my own army so to speak. Beating the grunge.

Now, my kids still rely on me, the older ones not as much anymore, but I still find the misplaced lonely sock, dirty dish, or fingerprint on the light switch occasionally. And for the most part, my home is pretty clean. But one place that doesn’t get cleaned or organized as much as the rest of the house is that drawer in my kitchen. You know the one. That “junk” drawer. The one that seems to catch everything that just doesn’t have a place anywhere else. Or maybe it does and we are just too lazy to put it back in it’s place. You can find anything in that drawer. And at times it’s hard to open. Or I should say “used” to be.


Rubbermaid contacted me about a junk drawer organizer set that they wanted me to try out and boy am I glad they did. My drawer is no longer the bottomless pit of “misfit” broken toys, 10 or more screwdrivers, half eaten candy, odds and ends screws/nuts/nails, etc. All of that is gone. The unused stuff is gone. And everything has it’s place. Neatly and in order. I love it! Before the organizers I had to dig through all of the junk to find my coupons. And it wasted too much time. Now, I can go right to them. No endless searching. They are right there neatly in their own little compartment. And no matter how hard the drawer is opened or closed, they stay put.

I took some before and after pictures and as you can see, the drawer was a total mess before. Why do we allow those messes to accumulate in the first place? Maybe it’s because it is hidden, out of sight from would-be visitors. I don’t know. All I know is I felt a sigh of relief once I fought my way through the mess and got my drawer back in order. Now, to just tackle that basement. Um, I think I’ll go lay down and take a nap first. Just thinking about that mess makes me tired. Phew! hehee.


Do you have a “junk” drawer that’s hiding somewhere in your home? I know you do! Don’t let denial keep you from enjoying your life. hehee. Fess up ’cause you can win these organizers and take back control of your kitchen, bathroom, or wherever you need help fighting the island, I mean drawer full of “misfit” junk.

Tell ‘em what they’ll win Johnny!!!

The Rubbermaid Junk Drawer Organizer set comes with 6 No-Slip Interlocking compartments. The interlocking feature allows you to customize your drawer however you want. Configure them to fit your drawer perfectly or to maneuver your items the way you want them, conveniently. The interlocking feature also ensures that small objects do not become lost through cracks. The special feet help stabilize the organizers so they aren’t crashing back and forth when the drawers are opened or closed.

Each set comes with:

  • 1 – 6″ x 15″ compartment
  • 1 – 6″ x 9″ compartment
  • 1 – 3″ x 9″ compartment
  • 1 – 3″ x 12″ compartment
  • 3 – 3″ x 3″ square compartments

The organizers are dishwasher safe. Very cool, huh? And if you don’t win this set, you can find these organizers at Walmart.

The views & opinions expressed in my reviews are simply mine. My views & opinions may differ from other consumers. I did not receive a cash payment for my review but did receive a Rubbermaid Drawer Organizer Kit to test.


Xtrema Cookware 10″ Skillet


Cooking is like therapy to me. I love to cook! Always have. And although there are mistakes that can happen during the process, I am relaxed and always inspired to try new things. Cooking can really bring out your imagination. And it’s truly not as hard as it may seem. Whether you are a professional, intermediate, or beginner, there is always room to learn and grow in the kitchen.

One necessity in cooking is good, no, high quality cookware. It pays to buy better stuff. Believe me. I’ve tried many brands and the cheap stuff is not worth the money or the risk. And by that I mean, even if you feel you are getting a better deal by purchasing cheaper priced cookware, you risk subjecting your family and yourself and any guests who dine in your home to poisonous toxins. And you also risk a potential fire if you accidently left a pan on the stove for an extended period of time. An emergency could pull you away from your kitchen and cause you to forget you had food on the burner, and by the time you smell smoke, it could be too late. You need better quality cooking vessels.


I recently became aware of a company that makes fine quality cookware that is not only worth the money, but it is extremely safe and much healthier to cook in. That company isCeramcor, LLC. In February of 2007, Ceramcor, LLC was officially established in Toms River, New Jersey by Rich Bergstrom. It was from the expertise of Rich and his partners that Extrema was born.

Ceramcor, LLC was gracious enough to send me an Xtrema 10″ Open Skillet to try out. Being the foodie that I am, I accepted it with excitement. There are some really great features about this skillet that makes it one of a kind. It is handmade, 100% Green, and eco-friendly. It also is scratch resistent and very easy to clean.


I like to incorporate a variety of meals in my menu each week and try new recipes, at least one new one every other week so we get a good variety. I do frequently cook foods that require more than one pan and of course who wants to wash a lot of dishes after a hearty meal. Not me! I want to sit down and relax.

The best thing about the Xtrema skillet is the fact that I can cook food on the stovetop and then put it directly into the oven with no problem. One of my favorite foods that require this is Skillet Lasagne. I put it in the oven to melt the cheeses I add to the top. The Xtrema skillet works great for this recipe because of it’s one-pan capabilities! The high temperature material is able to withstand sudden and extreme temperature changes. It’s thermal conductivity provides even heating and it’s ultra-durable Nano-Glaze coating gives you non-stick cooking inside and even out of the pan.

Another feature that is great and one I’ve never had in any other cookware I’ve owned is it’s versatility. It can be put in the freezer, oven, microwave, and toaster oven. Now what other cookware gives you all of that? None that I know of.


Foods cooked in Xtrema Cookware tastes better and is more nutritious. It’s made of inorganic non-reactive minerals that make it environmentally friendly and much safer to cook in. No toxins! If you are looking for a healthier way to cook meals for your family, then Xtrema Cookware is for you.

Unlike with metal cookware, there’s never a concern for damage or meltdown of the pans. And if you were ever to leave the cookware accidentally on a heating element for an extended amount of time and it boiled dry, you wouldn’t have to worry about damage to the cookware or your stove. And there would be no concern about a potential fire. This cookware is extremely versatile. It sure can take the heat!

Have you ever used cast iron cookware? Xtrema is similar to that, in that it heats up slowly, conducts heat more evenly and it retains heat for longer periods of time. Yet Xtrema goes a bit further. It is not heavy like cast iron. And it has a smooth finish, not a gritty one. One other important detail about Xtrema is that since it’s made of handmade ceramic, it does not rust or pit. I love that!

With infrared technology, the Xtrema Cookware penetrates your food and cooks it evenly inside and out so you’re not waiting around for the inside of meat to cook well after the outside is done. Food is more flavorful and not dry from overcooking. This awesome cookware also does not hold in bacteria. I sure don’t want microscopic organisms hanging out in my food. Bleh!


High acidic foods such as tomatoes will not stain Xtrema either or be absorbed into other foods, causing a carry over of tastes and odors from food particles trapped on the surface of the cookware. The handles are extra wide to make handling and transporting foods as easy and safe as possible. All lids contain easy-to-grip knobs for safer handling as well.

As you can see, this cookware has it all and then some. If you aren’t convinced yet, would a 50 year warranty sway you? Ceracor, LLC. warrants the Xtrema Cookware against breakage resulting from hot or cold thermal shock. You can sure have confidence in knowing that your cookware is guaranteed for reliable performance for many years to come. Consider it a family heirloom because it will probably outlive you.

Let me remind you why you would love Xtrema Cookware although I doubt I would have to twist your arm: hehee

  • High Temperature: Cookware can withstand 2,700 degrees F. Steel can melt at 2,200. Whoa!
  • Easy To Clean: Non-stick, non-toxic, ceramic Nano-Glaze surface. No serious scrubbing!
  • Attractive: High-gloss black finish. Wide handles. Easy-grip knobs on lids.
  • Versatile: Oven, stove top, broiler, freezer, barbeque grill, microwave oven, dishwasher & dining room table safe.
  • Healthy Cooking: No trace of metals or chemicals leaching from the cooking surface.
  • Practical: Reduces cooking time, enhances the flavor of food. Less cooking vessels to use.
  • Durable: Cooking surface can not be scratched, even by metal utensils and industrial steel wool.

The Xtrema 10″ skillet retails for $99.99 and is currently being shipped FREE. It can be purchased directly from the Xtrema website or by retailer. It weighs 3.0 Lb. and measures: Bottom Diameter 9.5″ – Top Diameter – 10.5″ – Depth – 2.5″.

Psst… Ceramcor, LLC. is offering an Xtrema 10″ skillet to one of my readers. I know you want it. hehee… Now go enter!

The views & opinions expressed in my reviews are simply mine. My views & opinions may differ from other consumers. I did not receive a cash payment for my review but did receive an Xtrema Cookware 10″ Skillet to test.


Zeno Hotspot

Acne, I hate the word, and worse, I abhor the actual nasty, red and unattractive bumps. I’ve suffered since puberty and although it’s pretty moderate it seems there is no end in sight. I’ve tried just about every product out there and from all of my experience, the only thing that has helped me, actually cleared up the acne I had and prevented new breakouts, is Accutane. Accutane has since been pulled from the market and it was not a product that could be used all the time anyway.

I loved how my skin was not oily, not broke out in cystic acne or any acne at all and I could apply my makeup in the morning and not have to touch it up all day long. That was amazing!


Recently I was sent an acne treatment product called Zeno Hot Spot. This device is very small in size and can fit into a purse or pocket. I had honestly never heard of Zeno Hot Spot before until I was contacted to do a review. Zeno is intended for the treatment of individual blemishes in people with mild to moderate inflammatory acne.

The built-in computer that controls the treatment tip works by applying heat to a pimple. The memory chip is made to make sure that the right amount of heat is given. It also controls the amount of treatments given. Each Zeno Hotspot is good for 80 uses each. Each treatment cycle is 2 1/2 minutes long.

To use Zeno Hotspot, you press and hold the button on the side of the device for 1 second until you hear a two-tone sound that indicates the device is turned on. Then place the device onto the pimple until a five-tone sound is heard. This lets you know the cycle is complete. If you would like to see the Zeno in action, you can watch a video on their site.


Zeno Hotspot is not recommended for acne such as:

  • Subclinical acne – A few blackheads & whiteheads; visible only in close examination
  • Comedonal acne – Blackheads & whiteheads with slight inflammation (red)
  • Severe nodular acne – Inflammed (red) pimples & pustules (visible accumulation of pus in skin) with several deep nodular lesions (solid mass of skin like a knot, can be raised or felt under the skin)
  • Severe cystic acne – Many nodular cystic lesions with scarring

If you have severe acne or a high number of pimples, Zeno is not intended for you. You should not use Zeno for skin lesions such as moles, warts, or ingrown hairs. Do not use on skin infections or for open sores or wounds because it may delay proper treatment or injure your skin. If your skin is sensitive to the sun, heat or chemicals, you should not use Zeno because Zeno uses heat to treat pimples and heat may damage your skin. You can test your skin by trying Zeno on your forearm first. Blackheads and whiteheads are not pimples and Zeno will not work on those. Do not use Zeno on pimples where there is visible pus accumulation in the skin or where you can feel a solid mass. Zeno should also not be used around the eyes or lips. These areas are very sensitive and the heat from Zeno can be painful.


The best time to use Zeno Hotspot is at the first sign of a blemish. And it helps to ensure that the pimple does not turn into a nodule, cyst or fill with pus.

Unfortunately Zeno Hotspot did not work for me. I was truly hoping to see good results but since I am so prone to cystic acne and pus accumulation, even at the start of a blemish, I honestly was not able to use the product as the instructions suggested because of the types of acne I suffer from. This gadget is more for those who suffer a breakout infrequently with small pimples. Although it did not work for me, I am sure there are others that may see different, if not better results.

The device comes in two color combinations: pink/white and blue/white. Each device retails for $39.99. Uses 2 AA batteries.

The views & opinions expressed in my reviews are simply mine. My views & opinions may differ from other consumers. I did not receive a cash payment for my review but did receive a Zeno Hotspot acne device to test.


Helix BioMedix Skincare


Raise your hand if you don’t care about skin care or the quality of the skin on your face! Raise your hand if you don’t care whether you get wrinkles while you age? Yea, I didn’t think so. None of you are raising your hand, right? Well, I for one care about the quality, look AND feel of my skin and I don’t want to age quickly. I want to age gracefully.

I’ve been lucky so far, at the age of 38, to have a wrinkle-free face. Should I knock on wood now? And now that I’ve said that, I hope I don’t wake up tomorrow with a few fine lines. Actually I don’t think I will because in the past few weeks I’ve been using some wonderful, high quality products I’m about to tell you about. I think you’re gonna like them. They were made by a skin care company called Helix BioMedix. You may have already heard about them.


Helix BioMedix brings breakthrough solutions for specific skin care needs to help women discover healthier looking skin. They take a specialty approach, understanding the effects of hormonal aging and lifestyle factors on skin and they’re developing products to optimally meet the needs of specific skin characteristics. They also understand what makes your skin special and are dedicated to formulating products that deliver the fullest benefits of their advanced technologies.

Helix BioMedix sent me 3 of their Striking Skin Care products (valued at $142) to try out. They consist of:

  • Striking Multi-Peptide Serum 1.13 ounce bottle – ($65)
  • Striking Reguvenating Eye Cream 0.5 ounce jar – ($35)
  • Striking Restorative Moisture Cream 1 ounce jar – ($42)


Striking is different from any other skin care products that are on the market because they contain several of Helix BioMedix’s proprietary peptides, known as SmartPeptides™ (listed in the ingredients as Palmitoyl Hexapeptide-14, Heptapeptide-7, Hexapeptide-21). These peptides have been shown to stimulate collagen and increase fibroblast proliferation to build up the extra-cellular matrix.

In simple terms – it makes your skin look and feel firmer. Now there are a few products in the marketplace that contain these peptides in a few different lines, but Striking is the only line where you get three of Helix’s SmartPeptides working synergistically to make your skin look amazing. I know you ladies want to look your best!

Striking Skin Care products are free of parabens, fragrance, artificial colors, pore-clogging ingredients and formaldehyde-releasing ingredients.

The Multi-Peptide Serum is fast absorbing and provides hydration for soft and supple skin that’s begging to be touched. Humectins provide moisture to protect dehydrated skin. 2 SmartPeptides are added to target against the signs of aging. This product makes fine lines and wrinkles less noticeable and it has made my skin feel firmer and look more radiant.

The ultra-moisturizing Eye Cream hydrates the delicate skin around your eyes. And it also helps minimize puffiness and dark circles. The SmartPeptides target the signs of aging and my skin looks more resilient. I don’t look tired all of the time now. Love that!

Although I have pretty oily skin on my face I tried the Restorative Moisture Cream anyway because it contains age-fighting vitamins like Vitamins C & E that neutralize the nasty free radicals that cause aging in your skin. It also contains green tea which calms your skin and provides antioxidant protection. I couldn’t pass that up. This cream targets fine lines, wrinkles and loss of firmness by stimulating collagen production. Who wants to look like a basset hound anyway?


Whether you’ve diligently taken care of your skin all along or have ignored it up until now, Striking Skin Care with SmartPeptides can help nuture, protect and revitalize your complexion. These simple, yet effective products are a result of years of scientific research. Helix BioMedix specializes in dermatology and consumers skin health products. They strive to be the world leader in the identification, qualification and commercialization of natural and synthetic peptides.

All of these products have been Dermatologist tested.

Now’s your chance to wake up to better skin because Helix BioMedix is giving one of you the opportunity to try out these products yourself.

The views & opinions expressed in my reviews are simply mine. My views & opinions may differ from other consumers. I did not receive a cash payment for my review but did receive a 3 piece skin care set to test.


Crazy Dog T-Shirts

How many of you are jokesters? Or love a good laugh every now and then? That would be me. I’ve always loved to make people laugh. There’s just so much in life that can bring you down that it’s nice every now and then to laugh. It’s actually healthy, and hey, getting a really good belly laugh in every day is actually equivalent to doing some situps. So, if you wanna tighten those abs, just laugh. It’s easy and it costs nothing! hehee


What brings me to this topic is a company called Crazy Dog T-Shirts. They sell all types of t-shirts and my favorite are the funny ones. I got a good laugh while shopping their site recently when they offered to send me two shirts for a review. My 15 year old son sat along side me and chose one himself. He is a natural comedian himself. A total goofball at times.

I chose the I’m On A Roll tee and he chose the Mr. Rogers one. My son used to watch Mr. Rogers when he was little and so he chose that one. Although he’s grown out of the kiddie shows, he thought it was a funny shirt. The tee I chose is super soft. And I love the blue color. This one is a little more form fitting since it’s sold as a juniors tee and I love the shape. I don’t like loose, baggy tees. The length is long & gives a slimmer appearance.

Crazy Dog T-Shirts also owns Nacho Mama Tees. They have a similar variety of t-shirts to choose from as well. Have fun making a choice of which tee or tees you want because there are tons to choose from. Both sites offer deals all of the time so check them out often to see what they have going on.


I thought about choosing a tee for my husband but, oh my, over half of our walk-in closet is full of his t-shirt collection. I truly need my own closet because he’s collected so many. In solids and prints, he’s got at least one for every day of the year and I am not kidding.

The shirts we received have done well in the wash. I wash all of our tops in cold water and hang them up to dry so there is no issue with shrinkage. The cotton fabric in my shirt is very nice. Very soft & comfy! I love it.


You can keep up-to-date with Crazy Dog T-Shirts through their blog too. How cool is that? I love it when companies have a blog. It allows you to really get to know them better and you can get inside information as to when new sales will be coming up.

If you’re looking for new t-shirts and want a variety of colors and prints, you HAVE to check out Crazy Dog T-Shirts. They sell tees for Women, Men, kids and believe it or not clothing for dogs. Yes, dogs! Your dog can be dressed in style in a new costume for every day use or an upcoming holiday.

Prices vary. The shirt I chose retails for $22 and the shirt my son chose retails for $18. Shipping was very quick!

The views & opinions expressed in my reviews are simply mine. My views & opinions may differ from other consumers. I did not receive a cash payment for my review but did receive two t-shirts to test.


Aetrex Zoom Runners Athletic Shoes

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. I’m sure you’ve heard that before. And a pair of good fitting shoes is essential when you advance. Walking is a great way to exercise — it’s easy, doesn’t need any fancy equipment, and can be done almost anywhere. All you need is a good pair of walking shoes. But what about running? Although you require a well made shoe for walking, you need extra support for running because it creates more friction on your joints and your feet can take a real beating causing different foot conditions and pain.


I received a pair of Zoom Runners athletic shoes in Cranberry from Aetrex a few weeks ago and have been wearing them every day since to get a good feel for how they hold up. The Zoom Runners offer Supportive Cushioning for medium & high arch feet which is great for me and a wide bottom sole which is a great base for running. You can really move in these shoes. The heels are a little stiffer than I would like but they have great support.


Another great thing is there are removable insoles that allow a 5/16″ removable depth and fitting flexibility for a custom orthotic. It’s like getting customized athletic shoes. I tried them out with the insoles and then removed them to get a feel for which I liked best. Being able to customize your comfort and support with the removable insoles is also great because the more you are on your feet, the more your feet swell so when the insoles are removed, your feet have more room to move and breath. And that helps prevent soreness. If you suffer from poor circulation and or water retention, you will love this feature.


The Sky™ midsole for soft, long-lasting cushioning has a nice arch and thick padding for your heels. And the Mozaic layer, which is removable offers pressure relief for a more customized fit. The Mozaic layer bends in different sections and moves as you take each step.

This style comes in wide widths as well for those who need a little extra room and an extra wide toe area. Although the bottom sole is thick the shoes are very light and the Aeromax™ mesh upper breaths very well.

More shoe specs:

• Web Suspension Footbridge for reinforcement & support

• PRS™ Midsole Technology for pressure relief

Sizes range from 5 – 11, 12

Widths: Medium (B/C), Wide (D/E)

The Zoom Runners come in 3 color combinations: Cranberry/Silver, Blue/White, and Black/White/Gray. I would love to see these in all white!

Prices vary per store.

Here’s some tips on choosing the right shoe:

If you want to choose the right women’s athletic shoes you need to make sure they are comfortable no matter what sport you participate in and offer the most support. Most people prefer to choose an athletic shoe for how it looks, but in fact you should choose shoes that are comfortable and very supportive to prevent injuries or other foot conditions.

Over time your feet become wider and longer as the natural padding under your heel and forefoot thins. As you age, your arch flattens and your ankles and feet tend to stiffen. So how does this affect the type of athletic shoe that you need to use? Always do the following:

· Avoid short and narrow shoes.

· Try on shoes later in the day as feet tend to swell as the day goes on.

· Fit the shoe in your largest foot, as your feet are not equally matched.

· Leave tight shoes behind.

· Make sure your heel does not rise up when you walk.

· Make sure that there is half an inch of space between your big toe and the end of

the shoe.


Wanna try your hand, or should I say foot, at how these athletic shoes hold up to your favorite sport?

The views & opinions expressed in my reviews are simply mine. My views & opinions may differ from other consumers. I did not receive a cash payment for my review but did receive one pair of Aetrex Zoom Runners to test.


TheFirstOne Bluetooth Headset & Accessories ~ Novero

Technology has taken off in all kinds of directions in the last few decades and there are so many choices. Sometimes choosing between electronic devices can be quite overwhelming. As is making choices between different brands, features, and the like. It seems if you don’t stay in-the-know, you can fall far behind pretty quickly. It pays to do your homework when deciding on which electronic device is right for you.


How do you choose between cell phones, mp3 players, video cameras and many others? Every business claims they offer the best there is. But do they really? Before I make a large purchase I do some research. I search by brand, features, price and even reviews because I’ve been burned before and I want the best for my money. Who doesn’t?

What is all this talk about technology and electronics devices about? Well, I want to let you know about a product that was sent to me recently. You may or may not have heard about it before. It’s very new to the market. The name? TheFirstOne. The manufacturer? Novero. Novero is a radically creative technology company. They have ripped up the rules of convention and genuinely believe that anything is possible if you push yourself hard enough to look at things differently.

What is TheFirstOne? Well, it’s not just another electronic gadget. It is a high tech bluetooth device. TheFirstOne is just that. The first in it’s class. It looks as good as it works. It is small in size, sleek, and is a cinch to use. When I first received mine I was in awe. It arrived in a nice, clear box that displayed TheFirstOne very nicely. It was almost like I was looking through a high class store window. It looked sexy in it’s sleek little box. I almost didn’t want to disturb it from it’s little display case. I held it up and turned it all around to get a good look.


TheFirstOne comes with everything you need for hands-free talk anywhere. Here’s what you get:

  • TheFirstOne bluetooth headset
  • Car dock with 2 glue pads
  • Clip and necklace
  • AC charger with exchangeable plugs
  • DC charger
  • USB cable
  • 7 Interchangeable earpieces (to ensure a snug and secure fit)
  • Desk stand
  • Mini CD user guide
  • Quick guide

That’s a lot of stuff, packed into one clear box. There’s nothing else to buy. Well, except a cell phone if you don’t already have one. With this kit, you have everything you need at arms length. The necklace, which I love, turns TheFirstOne into a wearable piece of smart technology that is useful, stylish, and handy. No more searching for your bluetooth. With TheFirstOne and your necklace or clip — which can be worn on your shirt or belt buckle, you won’t be digging through a purse or briefcase again. It’s right there and ready to use.

I’ve been using the necklace since I received it. When I first took it out of the box I was afraid that since TheFirstOne is so tiny I would wind up losing it. Nope, not gonna happen. The necklace is U-shaped and just narrow enough to hold TheFirstOne. Plus, the rubber necklace helps keep TheFirstOne in place. You can turn the necklace and device upside down and it won’t go anywhere.


Guys, I know you may not want to wear a necklace so the clip would probably suit you better. It fits snuggly onto a shirt, sleeve, pocket, or belt. You can wear it as a fashion accessory. The great design and wide bluetooth multi-compatibility makes pairing up with your phone and outfit effortless.

TheFirstOne offers high quality audio, dual microphones and best-in-class DSP technology that filters background noise. When you first receive TheFirstOne, all it takes is a charge for 1 1/2 hours and paired up with your cell phone, which for me was extremley easy, and you are good to go.

TheFirstOne is activated by a one-touch click of a button or on voice command. It has volume controls on the sleek side and the dual microphones guarantees the person on the other end of the call hears your voice quite clearly.

The device comes in two choices of colors: Lily White/Silver and Black/Silver. It retails for $149. It measures 0.9 x 0.6 x 1.8 inches. Very small in size.

Are you ready to own this little piece of luxury? Well, you can at no cost because Novero has offered it to one of you lucky readers.


The views & opinions expressed in my reviews are simply mine. My views & opinions may differ from other consumers. I did not receive a cash payment for my review but did receive one TheFirstOne bluetooth headset to test.


My Pretty Pink Box

Have you ever wanted to try a new beauty product but were too afraid to actually purchase a full size container for fear that you would not like it or the product would not do what it claimed? I know I’ve been there and actually been disappointed a few times in my purchases.


Well, surprise… you no longer have to do that with My Pretty Pink Box! Linda Granillo recently sent me the February box to give me an idea of what you might find in a typical My Pretty Pink Box. Each month is different. A new surprise every time. It’s like receiving a nice little Birthday gift of something you didn’t expect.

Wanna know what was in my box? Here, take a peek….


Ok, now I’ll tell you. hehee. My box contained:

A full size bottle of Simply Stylin’ hair product. This is a no-frizz styler that gives you longer, healthier, shinier hair.

Beauté Minéral Alluring Eyes Mineral Eye Color in Athena sample.Beauté Minéral creates makeup that looks and feels natural.

Dr. Michelle Copeland Skin Care Daily Moisturizer with SPF-30 and 2 packets of Rewind Eye Formula. Dr. Copeland’s skin care products are clinically tested and specially formulated to reduce signs of aging—helping you achieve and maintain supple, vibrant, healthy-looking skin.

Pin Up Cosmetics Glamour Mineral Face & Body Shimmer. Pin Up Cosmetics carries natural and vegan products which are always cruelty free.

Purus Cosmetics Shaliners in Cinnamon Tea and Leafy samples. Use these Shaliners as eyeliner, eyeshadow, face color, highlighter, blush, bronzer, mix in the nail polish, lip gloss, and more!

Lue Cosmetics Mineral Blush in Antique Rose sample. Lue Cosmetics brings you a truly natural blend of minerals with a color palette you will enjoy.


Each My Pretty Pink Box will contain at least 1-2 full size containers. Prices vary per month and is announced a few days before each release. The price of the February box is $11.99 + shipping.

My Pretty Pink Boxes go on sale once a month at 7:00 am Pacific time. If you would like, you can receive an email prior to each release. There is a purchase limit of 3 boxes per account, per month.

I honestly had never tried any of these products before and I had fun experimenting with each. The label on the Pin Up Cosmetics sample reminded me of a risque calendar my Grandpa had hanging in his garage. Va Va Va Voom! hehee. Though I don’t think I’ve become a huge fan of any of the samples in this specific box, they really were not bad. I do love mineral makeup because it gives you a nice, smooth, matte finish so that would have to be my favorite of the mix. I’m very interested in seeing what next month will bring.

For more information about My Pretty Pink Box check out their FAQ’s.

One of my readers will win 1 March box and 1 April box. Will it be you?

The views & opinions expressed in my reviews are simply mine. My views & opinions may differ from other consumers. I did not receive a cash payment for my review but did receive one My Pretty Pink Box of samples to test.


Kolcraft Contours 3 Wheeler Stroller


Have you seen the newly redesigned 2010 Kolcraft Contours® Options® 3 Wheeler? It’s sleek, stylish and affordable yet it does not skimp on quality. Kolcraft has added some really nice features — a removable child cup holder, a height adjustable canopy for growing babies and an easy-reach parent tray that’s wide enough to hold an iPhone. Parents now have deeper, dual ventilated cups for those sport bottles too.

The Contours® Options® 3 Wheeler is described as an all-terrain stroller yet it is SO light and steers SO easily. A Cadillac of a stroller in my opinion. And if you are an active parent who loves the outdoors you don’t have to stick with just a light stroll. This thing can really move. A great piece of equipment for the jogging family. Your baby will love the generously large canopy. It stretches out to hide the hot sun from baby’s sensitive skin. But there is a peek-in window so she/he can still see the white fluffy clouds and the soaring birds if she/he wants to.


One feature I really like is that the seat can be positioned in 3 ways or removed altogether to make room for your own infant car seat. You can set it to forward facing so baby gets a perfect view, reverse facing so Mom or Dad can keep an eye on their newborn and reclined which makes a comfy spot for baby when she/he wants to nap.

All of you parents know that when you travel with babies, there’s tons of necessary luggage that goes along with it. The Contours® Options® 3 has a huge basket underneath that will accommodate a bulky bag with no problem. If you have toddlers, this will be the place they’ll wanna be. teehee. Hiding from Mommy. You know how it is.

Taller parents will love the longer handle. No more hunching over to push baby around. Even if you aren’t tall, I’m 5′ 3″, this is still very comfortable to push. It has a wide, soft, foam covered handle that feels good to grip.


Installation was not hard at all. At first we couldn’t figure out how to take the seat out of the reclining position but after actually reading the manual, ahem, we figured it out. hehee. The seat and canopy was already put together so all that remained was the frame, handle and wheels. Speaking of wheels, the Contours® Options® 3 comes with an 8″ front wheel that can swivel in a full circle and 2 – 12″ rear wheels. This stroller glides over gravel very easily.

For safety, there’s a 5-point harness that is height adjustable not just a safe ride but also a comfortable one. The infant head rest is removable as well so when your baby grows, just remove it to give your child more room to move. And don’t forget the child cup holder. It opens easily for child access. Now parents and children are getting spoiled. hehee

This stroller has a wider wheel base that may feel a little awkward at first but it moves SO easily and smoothly you won’t even care. It comes with a rear 1-touch brake for when you want to rest or maybe even enjoy a picnic in the park. Storage is now easier with the redesigned model too. It has easy trigger levers and a free-stand fold. It stands upright to prevent getting dirty. That’s a huge plus in my book! It took me a few tries to learn the technique of folding but once you’ve done it a few times and gotten the steps down, it’s a snap!


You can find the Contours® Options® 3 Wheeler at Target, Babies ‘R Us, Amazon.com and ChitChatBaby.com. Prices may vary per store.

Check out the Specs:

  • JPMA Certified
  • Stroller weighs 25 lbs.
  • Only use this product in the reclined position until child can sit up unassisted.
  • 50 lbs. maximum child weight

Accommodates the following infant car seats (infant car seat not included):

  • Baby Trend® Flex-Loc
  • Baby Trend® Latch-Loc
  • Chicco® Key Fit
  • Cosco® Designer 22® Series
  • Cosco® First Ride DX
  • Evenflo® Discovery™
  • Evenflo® Embrace
  • Graco® Snug Ride Series
  • Graco® Safe Seat™
  • Maxi-Cosi® Mico™
  • Peg Pérego® Primo Viaggio SIP
  • Safety 1st® Designer 22™
  • Safety 1st® Starter™



The Kolcraft® Contours® Options® 3 Wheeler comes in two color combinations:





We have had so much fun with this stroller. It truly is great. It makes me want to be a kid again so I can go for a spin. hehee

Kolcraft is about to make one of you readers a very happy one. You can win one of these wonderful strollers that offers a balance of style and function!

The views & opinions expressed in my reviews are simply mine. My views & opinions may differ from other consumers. I did not receive a cash payment for my review but did receive one Kolcraft Contours Options 3 Wheeler to test.


Black Labs Spreadheads


My kids think that the crazy-faced Spreadheads and Toothpaste Heads sent to us from Black Labs Products, LLC. was the funnest products we’ve tried so far. I have to agree. Before trying the Spreadheads, I had never seen anything like them before.

Although the ketchup and mustard Spreadheads are kind of gross, teehee, the Toothpaste Heads are really cute and I have to say that this is the first time our toothpaste tubes have had caps in a long time. Normally I would find them laying on the bathroom floor somewhere, in the trash or laying somewhere else in the house after one of our cats played hockey with a vengeance. There’s nothing fun about dried up toothpaste.


Thank you Black Lab Products, LLC. for sending the Spreadheads AND the Toothpaste Heads. Now our toothpaste tubes are not clogged with dried up toothpaste. We can easily spread the toothpaste on our toothbrushes now. And even though that is one of my pet peeves, it can be quite frustrating when you are attempting to brush your teeth in a hurry and no matter how hard you squeeze the tube, nothing comes out.


I wasn’t expecting to receive all 4 products but I’m glad we did. They were all fun to use. As a matter of fact we are still using them. My 15 year old son loves Ketchup Charlie and Mustard Marvin. Ketchup Charlie appears to have a nose bleed as the bottle is squeezed. The opening is two “nose holes”. And Mustard Marvin must be feeling ill, maybe he don’t like mustard at all because when the bottle is squeezed, he “upchucks”. Bleh! Not so pretty. Hehee.

Toothbrushing has become a more favorable chore with my kids. Toothpaste Pete is a cute black and white dog who releases toothpaste through his mouth and when he’s not in use, you put his paw to his mouth to close the tube. It’s almost as if he is blowing a kiss. Toothpaste Oscar is a cool cat who has the same function as Pete. And he’s just as loving. He “blows” kisses too. These two replace your original caps. They are easy to open and close. Just gently pull on their paws and you’re in business.


Spreadheads Charlie and Marvin should be cleaned out after every use and replaced with the original caps to keep your condiments fresh and prevent contamination. Charlie and Marvin do not have hole covers though they are very easy to clean. I just run hot water through them, then hand wash them with a baby bottle nipple brush. I store them in my kitchen drawer until we are ready to use the condiments again.

Have fun with your condiments and toothpaste for just a few dollars. I think the Toothpaste Heads truly are worth a lot more since it gets my kids to brush their teeth more often and they will never throw the caps on the floor or in the trash. It sure will save on our dental bills. Hopefully there will be no more cavities!


Ketchup Charlie and Mustard Marvin fit most US condiment bottles. And they are dishwasher safe. Spreadheads retail for $3.99 each and Toothpaste Heads retail for $4.99 each.

Each Spreadhead/Toothpaste Head is made out of hard plastic. Ketchup Charlie measures 2.25 inches wide x 1.75 inches tall. Mustard Marvin measures 2 inches wide x 1.25 inches tall. Toothpaste Pete measures 1.5 inces tall x 1 7/8 inches wide. Oscar measures 1.5 inches tall x 1.75 inches wide.

Wanna have some fun of your own? Black Labs Products LLC. has offered one of each. So one of you lucky readers will receive one Mustard Marvin, Ketchup Charlie, Toothpaste Pete, and Toothpaste Oscar. How cool is that?

The views & opinions expressed in my reviews are simply mine. My views & opinions may differ from other consumers. I did not receive a cash payment for my review but did receive one set of 4 Spreadheads to test.


Affordable Scarves

Boy is it a great time to check out Affordable Scarves! Our winter started out pretty mild compared with most we’ve had in the past but it seemed like after I started telling everyone it was mild, we got buried with snow and it has not let up since. Bad omen or what? From now on I think I’ll keep my positive comments to myself. Hehee.


Well, all is not bad. I received the Paige Celebrity Scarf from Affordable Scarves and I absolutely LOVE it!!! I love everything about this scarf. The colors, the fabric, the thickness, the length. I can’t boast enough about the scarf.

There are so many ways you can wear this scarf because its a great length. This one is not just for winter. It can be worn all year long because it’s such a popular style and it looks great. I seriously would love to own one of these in every color Affordable Scarves sells. The Paige Celebrity scarf comes in these wonderful colors: Purple, Green, Pink, Red, Black, and Brown. Each one actually has a blend of 3 different shades of color. The purple that I received is a blend of dark purple, light purple and white. Very nice!


You can match these up with just about everything in your wardrobe. Knot one around your neck as an all-day fashion accessory, or pair it with a sweater for a cool fall morning. The possibilities are really endless with the Paige Celebrity.

It seriously took me quite a while to decide which scarf I truly wanted to test because I love all of them. Affordable Scarves has something for everyone and in every color of the rainbow. And their prices are SO affordable. Their name doesn’t say enough about their quality. Don’t let the name fool you. Yes, they are affordable but you truly have to try them out and see for yourself just how great their scarves are. You’ll be hooked. I guarantee it! If you love scarves, and not just for winter, then you’ll LOVE Affordable Scarves!

Their website is so easy to navigate and you can search for scarves in many different ways — by color, material, season, shape, size, or even trend. Have you ever wondered where the idea of a scarf came from? Check out the History of Scarves: A Timeline. Affordable Scarves has provided some really interesting info there.

I know some of you may be clueless as to how to style your scarves to get a chic look with your outfits so I found some helpful videos that Affordable Scarves has to offer as well.

A winter sale is currently going on sitewide. You’ll enjoy 15% off on any scarf available. Stock up now on all of your favorites! If you’re not completely satisfied with your order, which I am quite sure you will be, Affordable Scarves offers a 100% money back guarantee.

One of you are going to win a scarf of your choice from Affordable Scarves. They are offering one to a lucky reader. Hurry up and enter now!

The views & opinions expressed in my reviews are simply mine. My views & opinions may differ from other consumers. I did not receive a cash payment for my review but did receive one Affordable Scarves scarf to test.


What could be better than a new handbag ladies? How about one that is made out of materials that would make you feel good about owning it? That is what UrthBags can do for you. They are hand-crafted from recycled & biodegradable materials by the Fair Trade Women’s Organizations and Artisans. Now those are purses with a purpose!


When you own an UrthBag, you are not only helping to protect the environment but also providing an opportunity to underprivileged women world-wide. I LOVE that! UrthBags are eco-friendly and ultra stylish purses and handbags that are made from all-recycled juice boxes, coconut and sea shells, newspaper, fashion magazines and telephone books. I am quite sure you would fall in love with at least one. They come in different styles and sizes.

Porsha MB-5

UrthBags sent me the Jessica clutch to review. The clutch is 10″L x 6.5″H and is yellow and orange in color. The material? Recycled juice boxes. Cool, huh? It includes a removable strap that comes in handy when you are shopping and have other items, or should I say, other bags to carry? I know you ladies don’t like to go home empty handed.

This clutch is very unique and I love it. I’ve taken it out with me several times and have received many compliments as well as questions as to where it came from, what it is made of, how it was made and how much it costs. Not to mention lots of double takes. In it I can fit my small wallet, lipstick, compact and probably a few other trinkets.

The braided styling of the clutch reminds me so much of when I was a preteen. I used to take gum wrappers and fold them up several times to make links and turn them into bracelets. Maybe some of you remember doing that as well. I guess you could say I’ve been recycling for many years now. Hehee. I’m actually inspired to get back into turning those gum wrappers into something more. I don’t think I’d be talented enough to make a purse but we’ll see just how well my imagination works. You never know!

The Jessica clutch is available in these color combinations: red, silver, orange/yellow, yellow/blue, pink/purple, and multi-color/silver. And it retails for $50.


UrthBags was founded to inspire more people to become environmentally conscious & to help reduce the amount of waste generated every day. Monica Ralli, founder of UrthBags Eco-Chic Handbags, has created a one-of-a-kind line to help inspire people to develop a stronger sense of eco-consciousness and help reduce the amount of waste generated everyday in our overly disposable world.

She wanted to create a line of stylish and planet friendly purses made from recycled materials that were Eco-chic, smart and green. What resulted was a distinct handbag line that is not only making its mark in the world of avant-garde fashion, but also in the environmentally conscious community.

UrthBags uses recycled boxes & packing supplies whenever possible to ship their handbags too. The shiny new cool hangtags are made from recycled stainless steal. Hey, let’s all try to think twice before throwing anything away and ask ourselves if it can be used again. Imagine the difference we can make together. Cheers to recycling!

If you haven’t recycled a single item, a day in your life, I hope this review will inspire you.

Here are a few tips to get you started. There are lots of innovative things you can do to help reduce the amount of trash & waste in your life and on our planet. You just may find something that you never thought of before:

  • Do you receive lots of deliveries from UPS or Fed Ex? This time of year brings loads of large plastic bags along with the goodies they deliver. And I keep these on hand to use for outdoor trash pick up. Our yard accumulates other peoples loose trash for some reason. I don’t know why but it is a magnet for the flyaway grocery ads, styrofoam packing peanuts & many other things. These free bags come in handy for those weekly pick ups.

Here’s some other uses for other plastic bags you may have lying around your home:

  • Use them as trash bin liners.
  • Place them in the bottom of plant pots and hanging baskets – they act as great drainage systems.
  • Children can use them for carrying PE gear to school.
  • Use them when packing for a vacation to keep dirty/wet clothes and shoes away from dry clothing.

Do you have unwanted paper? Of course you do!

  • Old calendars, colorful pictures, etc. can be used to make your own envelopes. You can unstick a used envelope and use it as a template for making envelopes.
  • After children’s drawings and paintings have been displayed for a while they can be used to wrap presents – this also makes the present special.
  • SPCA and pet shops appreciate old newspapers.
  • Doctors & dentist offices always appreciate unwanted magazines. And so do motels. Or maybe your friends or family would love to take a peak at them before you find another use.

There are many other uses for unwanted plastic, paper, aluminum & more. It’s only limited by your imagination. Get your kids involved in helping to come up with other uses for your unwanted items. I’m sure they’d have loads of fun turning trash into treasure and it would create fun family togetherness.

Want to win your own clutch? UrthBags has generously offered one Brooke clutch to a lucky reader. Here’s your chance to own something that’s not only stylish but helps the environment & underpriveleged women as well. That’s cool in more ways than one!

Web- Brooke_urth_bags_BSS

The views & opinions expressed in my reviews are simply mine. My views & opinions may differ from other consumers. I did not receive a cash payment for my review but did receive one UrthBags clutch to test.

Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Skin MD Natural and they offered me one of their products to test & review. The product, Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion. I don’t know about you but during the winter months the cold, chilly air really dries out my skin and gives me that creepy, crawly feeling like I’ve rolled around in a pile of insulation. That is the most uncomfortable and annoying feeling.


I was thrilled to have the opportunity to try this product. It came in a full size bottle and I can’t boast enough about it. I tried it for 4 weeks to give myself enough time to actually get a feel for how it absorbed into my skin, how long it lasted and if it got rid of the itches. It does what it says it will do. I’m sad to say that my bottle is nearly gone. But happily I can always get more.

A small amount goes a long way and is completely absorbed into the skin leaving a really nice, silky soft feeling all over. My husband keeps telling me how soft I feel and won’t quit touching me. Is that great or what? I’ve tried many other lotions and this is the only one that does not leave a sticky or waxy feeling. It just feels soft and smooth. And it lasts a long time.

Skin MD Natural Shielding lotion is an all natural product that not only enhances the feel of your skin but it hydrates and protects as well. It also helps to fight the aging process. I’m 38 so that is a plus. The older we get the older our skin gets and we lose elasticity. Keeping your skin hydrated helps to prevent unwanted wrinkles.

There are no irritants in Skin MD Natural products either. It does contain Aloe, Vitamin E, and Chamomile that help to heal dry skin caused by harsh winter weather. The shielding lotion acts as a barrier to protect your skin and hold in it’s own natural moisture.


When you have dry, itchy skin you should know that the protective outer layer of skin has been stripped away. In the winter, without that protective layer you get very dry skin. Shielding lotions are great for anyone who is exposed to chemicals in their work environment. And even if you don’t work near harsh chemicals your skin is exposed to irritants and chemicals almost every day, even in a normal household environment, so a shielding lotion can be a useful dry skin care solution for most people. And it won’t create the negative moisture message skin can get from conventional lotions.

All of Skin MD Natural’s products are eco-friendly, used & recommended by dermatologists, and hypo-allergenic. They are also made in the US by 21st Century Formulations using high quality natural ingredients making it over 90% all natural. All ingredients are considered to be of food grade and are also on the FDA’s most safe list. They are free of harmful fragrances, parabens, and colorants making them hypoallergenic. Another great thing is Skin MD Natural does not participate in animal testing nor does the lotion contain any animal products. I really love & appreciate that!

I really think it’s time you throw away those conventional lotions and give Skin MD Natural a try. You will love their products. Especially the Shielding lotion.

Skin MD Natural products can be found in stores near you such as Giant Eagle, CVS, and Walgreens or by placing an order online. Online pricing consists of $18 per 4 ounce bottle. Check your local brick and mortar stores for special pricing.

If you’re not sure you want to buy it just yet you can get free samples and try before you buy. Or if you are lucky, you can win it here.

The views & opinions expressed in my reviews are simply mine. My views & opinions may differ from other consumers. I did not receive a cash payment for my review but did receive one full-size bottle of Skin MD Natural Shielding lotion to test.

Worlds Best Cat Litter


Thanks to Worlds Best Cat Litter my two cats have been using some very good, natural cat litter in the last few weeks. They were generous enough to provide me with 2 bags of their Multiple Cat Clumping litter.

As a cat owner who’s been around cats all my life, I’ve tried every cat litter out there. From the cheapest to the most expensive and from the tradition litters to the clumping and I have to say that Worlds Best IS the best in providing a natural, chemical-free, bio-degradable litter. The funny part is that it is made from a food that you more than likely eat for dinner at least once per week. Corn! Can you believe it? Whole kernel corn.

I’m not sure how they do it but the result is a micro-porous, product that is able to control odors, absorb moisture faster, clump tighter, and last longer than other litters. Plus, it’s safe for the environment, our pets and of course humans.

One thing I never liked about other litters is the dust that is omitted when poured into the litter pans. I have allergies so this was a huge turn off for me. I was always inhaling that stuff no matter how hard I tried to hold my breath and I got tired of the mess it made on my floor after pouring. Worlds Best Cat Litter does not make a dust when poured. I love that! And I know my cats appreciate the fact that they do not have to inhale dust when they are using their boxes.

Another thing about this product is that even though it clumps, I am not finding matted up fur between my cats toes or on their behinds like I do with clay litters. As you probably well know, when the clay litters get wet, they get sticky. That’s why the excrements are scoopable.

Yes, that’s what makes them appealing comparing them to traditional litters but they have the negative side of matting in cats fur. And of course it makes matters worse when kitty tries and tries to lick the clay off because the more they lick, the more saliva there is that is mixing with the clay and that does not help. That was SO annoying having to bathe my cats when they were unable to lick the mess off. But I know they are happy about not having to get a bath. lol. Yes, Mommy is the “best” now.


Worlds Best Cat Litter can be used with the self cleaning litter boxes too. The litter comes in a Clumping Formula and Multiple Cat Clumping Formula for homes with two or more cats. Neither of these contain perfumes so there is no strong scent. If you are used to litters that provide scents such as Mountain Forest or Lavendar, you won’t find that in Worlds Best. They do not add perfumes or dyes. They are 100% natural.

Keeping the litter box sifted daily helps cut down on the stronger odors. Leaving a soiled box for days will create a stench no matter what litter you use. And it’s not healthy for kitty and your cat will eventually not use a dirty box and find somewhere cleaner to potty. Cats are pretty meticulous in their grooming. Some are extremely picky about their “toilets” and won’t use them again if they are not sifted pretty frequently. Other cats may be a little more tolerant. I for one do not want to find little “surprises” under my bed or behind my tv. And I don’t want to see my kitties playing “ring around the rosie” before squatting on the floor to do their business. Every potty time should be done IN the litter box, not outside of it.


Because of the soft texture of Worlds Best Cat Litter your cats will more than likely love it more than their usual litter. And, if you are someone who declaws your cats, a procedure that I am not endorsing here, this litter would be much better for kitties healing paws than other types that may contain toxins which could irritate their sensitive skin.

If you haven’t tried Worlds Best and aren’t sure you or your cat(s) would love it, they offer a money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. So you lose nothing. Where can you buy it? You can find it online and instore. And it’s available in 7 lb., 17 lb., and 34 lb. bags. Prices may vary per store.

The views & opinions expressed in my review are simply mine. My views & opinions may differ from other consumers. I did not receive a cash payment for my review but did receive two 7 lb. bags of Worlds Best Cat litter to test.
© 2009 – 2010, Bella Savvy. All rights reserved.


Pediped Flex Children’s Shoes


I was so thrilled & honored to be offered a pair of Pediped® shoes for my little one. Pediped® offers some really beautiful and trendy shoes for kids. They use the latest technology, plus the highest quality materials and craftsmanship to create shoes for children that are designed to care for their feet from crawling, to those amazing first steps and into the toddler years.

The philosophy of Pediped® has always been Comfort, Quality and Style, which is why Pediped® was one of the first children’s shoe companies the American Podiatric Medical Association awarded their Seal of Acceptance for promoting healthy foot development.

Pediped® has 2 lines of shoes – the Originals™ and the Flex™. The shoes I tested were the Pediped® Isabella Flex™. If you are not familiar with the new Flex™ line you are missing out on some great children’s shoes. They have the same great quality as the Originals™ but they offer rubber soles that are still soft yet flexible, providing for healthy foot development.

The Originals™ line for pre-walkers was designed to most closely mimic barefoot walking and the natural foot shape of a child. The leather insoles are slip resistant and protect babies feet indoors and out. The Flex™ line combines everything you want – a rubber soled shoe; high quality, fine leather and a soft flexible rubber sole.


One great feature of the Pedipeds is that they come with an extra set of insoles to help your child’s shoes last much longer and provide a better custom fit. The insides of shoes wear out so quickly and Pediped® has offered a solution to that. Each insole is 2 mm in thickness and can easily be removed to extend the length of time your child can wear their shoes.

The flexibility of these shoes support the natural motion of the feet. The heels have a shock absorbing cushion, beneficial arch support, ultra pliable flex zone and flexible, skid resistant rubber soles. I love that the shoes have a velcro strap rather than shoestrings to tie or sharp fasteners to jab babies feet.


As soft & comfortable looking as these shoes are, I couldn’t help but almost wish they made them in my size. Too bad they weren’t around when I was a little girl. I remember getting lots of blisters as a child from uncomfortable, poorly fitting shoes. I was very active, a tomboy actually, so I was very hard on shoes. If I had grown up wearing Pedipeds, I know my feet would have thanked me. Pediped® does have some classic styles such as the Isabella. Anyone remember Mary Janes? I’m sure you do. They look cute with any clothing style; dresses, skirts, dress pants, jeans, capris, shorts, you name it.


Sizes for the Originals range from 0-6 (0-24 months). And sizes for the Flex shoes range from size 5-12 (12 months – 5 years). Prices start at $17. These high quality shoes are well worth the cost.

The views & opinions expressed in my review are simply mine. My views & opinions may differ from other consumers. I did not receive a cash payment for my review but did receive one pair of Pediped® Flex shoes to test.
© 2009 – 2010, Bella Savvy. All rights reserved.

Weleda Pomegranate Regenerating Body Care Kit


Weleda, one of my favorite skincare lines, offered to send me their newest collection – the Pomegranate Regenerating Body Care kit.

The kit contains Pomegranate Regenerating Hand Cream which helps promote skin renewal with antioxidant-rich, organic pomegranate seed oil that helps prevent the premature formation of age spots. Pure natural plant extracts render your skin supple and smooth and protect from moisture loss.


Pomegranate Regenerating Body Oil which helps slow the aging process and leaves skin supple and smooth.

And, Pomegranate Creamy Body Wash which invigorates you with cleansing moisture and antioxidant-loaded, organic pomegranate seed oil to reveal nurtured skin that is soft to the touch.

Like all of their products, the creamy body wash and body oil have a vibrant, eye opening and juicy scent. It’s divinely juicy red fruit is followed by a lasting trail of sweet mulled wine. They both work very well on winter damaged dry & itchy skin. The anti-oxidant rich organic Pomegranate seed oil works deep & softens as it leaves a light yet pleasing scent.

The body wash may surprise you if you are not familiar with it already. It does not foam up like other body wash brands I’ve tried. But it does work! And it works very well. A little bit goes a long way too. All of Weleda’s products are all-natural so they are unlike your typical store brands. They never incorporate foaming agents such as sodium lauryl sulfate.

Once you’ve massaged in the body oil, it leaves your skin so smooth, glowing and well-nourished. It gives your body an all over perk of vibrancy with it’s intoxicatingly fruity aroma.

Finish off with the hand cream by applying a small amount to your hands and massage until completely absorbed. It firms and renews while offering a sweet pomegranate scent. After covering your body in all 3 steps you’ll be smelling so good you’ll crave that red juicy fruit and want to taste it. I don’t recommend it though. So go buy the edible fruit at your local grocery store or farmers market. lol


The travel size containers make this a perfect addition to your suitcase or carry on bag. Take them wherever your journey takes you or use them right at home to prevent and reverse the premature signs of aging, such as dryness, diminished elasticity in the skin and age spots. The 100% organic Pomegranate seed oil helps to promote skin renewal, protects against skin-damaging environmental influences and enhances your skin’s vitality and natural radiance.

Pomegranates used in the new Weleda Regenerating Body Care Kit are harvested at their peak from organic farms on fertile shores and mountainsides of Turkey. The precious oil is extracted by the cold pressing and filtration of the pomegranates seeds. Cold pressing limits the amount of oil extracted but yields the highest quality with the full potency you will desire.

Weleda has very clear standards for their products:

  • No synthetic preservatives
  • No synthetic fragrances
  • No synthetic chemicals
  • No synthetic anything

When they say “all natural” they mean it. And only use the purest, wild-crafted, organically and Biodynamically cultivated ingredients for their products. Toxins, additives, and raw materials from mineral oils simply won’t do and they don’t test their products or ingredients on animals. Period. You know what you are getting each and every time.

Weleda has been the cultivators of beauty and 100% natural skin care since 1921.


Each Pomegranate Regenerating Body Care Travel Kit sells for $10 each at www.usa.weleda.com.

© 2009 – 2010, Bella Savvy. All rights reserved.


If you have not heard of Precision Time you are missing out on a great company who sells some awesome, high quality watches at affordable prices.

Affordable does not mean cheaply made either. And to prove it, Precision Time has opened nearly 100 locations across the United States. They’ve also serviced 7 million+ watches since 1982. They offer professional, accessible, high quality watch repair. Expertise and experience are a part of the Precision Time family owned business. When they say they’re “The Watch Experts”, they mean it.


Time surely stood still when Precision Time sent me a really nice looking London Underground watch to review. The Men’s Barnet #LU201014A. This watch looks great and my husband was thrilled to be the one to get to wear it. He loves it!

Not familiar with London Underground? This is where classic meets modern, old meets young and fashion takes an exciting twist in an array of innovative designs, colour and individuality. This is London Underground.


It features a solid, stainless steel case, and band with classic silver detailing. If the band is a little too large for your mans wrist, the links can be removed easily to get that perfect fit. There is no pinching or hair pulling with this band either. My hubby has hairy arms and that’s been a problem with other watches he’s tried in the past. Not with this one.

There is also a date window on the dial. My husband no longer has to ask me what day it is. lol. Each of London Undergrounds watches come with a 3 year limited warranty and is built with quality materials so they will last for many years to come.

The black facing with the silver casing and band looks very classy but yet it is so sturdy that men can wear it any time. It’s rugged looking enough that it can be worn with any fashion style, not just suits. My photos do not do this watch justice. It is a very nice mans watch. It is not as huge as it appears in the photo below. I took a close up to show you the nice detailing. I’m obviously not a professional photographer.


Other features of this handsome watch are: a fold over push button clasp, analog display, 42 mm case width, hands on luminous, push in crown, and water resistant up to 50m.

The weight of this watch is perfect too. It is not too heavy but just heavy enough and does not look or feel cheap. It also keeps perfect time. No constant resetting with this one. Overall, it’s perfect. Looks nice, feels nice and works perfectly.

The London Underground Barnet retails for $75 but is currently on sale for $52.50. It is very well worth the price!

I truly recommend Precision Time for your next watch purchase. You won’t be sorry! Check out their great watch selection, helpful buyers guide for those frequently asked questions, and more. Oh, and if you aren’t in need of a watch at this time, they also sell jewelry such as rings, bracelets, and cufflinks.

© 2009 – 2010, Bella Savvy. All rights reserved.


e.l.f. Cosmetics

I seriously do not know anyone who has not tried or at least heard of e.l.f. Cosmetics. If any of you have not heard of them or tried their products yet you really need to check them out. With the economy the way it is and so many people losing their jobs we are all finding we have to find ways to stretch our pennies as far as they will go.

For most women & teen girls, cosmetics is one staple that we just don’t want to do without. Women love to feel beautiful but with e.l.f. Cosmetics you don’t have to break the bank. They have lots of cosmetics and bath & body care items to choose from and they are very affordable. Most items they sell are priced at just $1. That’s amazing! The most expensive products on their site are the bath kits that sell for $15 but those contain a nice variety of bath & body products and are packaged in a lovely basket. They make a nice gift.

e.l.f. sent me 4 full size products that consist of Mineral Foundation makeup (light powder) with SPF 15, Hypershine Gloss in Sugar Plum, Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in Plum and Nail Polish in Medium Red.

e.l.f. Mineral Foundation

The Mineral Foundation powder is made of 100% natural minerals; Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide and not only covers well on your skin but works as a sunscreen as well. There are no parabens, no preservatives and no chemical dyes. It lets your skin breathe for a beautiful experience you can see. I have very oily skin so the lighter the feel of the makeup, the better for me. Other products really feel cakey and clog my pores. With E.L.F. Mineral Foundation, I didn’t get that icky feeling. e.l.f. Mineral Foundation comes in 5 shades: Fair, Light, Warm, Dark and Deep. Priced at $5. (Does not include applicator).

e.l.f. Nail Polish in medium red

This nail polish offers a color-lock technology that creates a chip resistant shield for long lasting color. It’s infused with active Vitamin E for stronger, healthier nails. It is Toluene Free, Formaldehyde Free and Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) Free. The formula is a little thin so I applied 3 coats with each use because I like a thicker appearance and long wear. It does dry quickly for a no mess application. You can use a top coat for added shine or just by itself. Since it’s key ingredients give nails a natural shine a top coat is not necessary unless you like a wet appearance. e.l.f. Nail Polish comes in 29 hot shades. Priced at $1 each.

e.l.f. Hypershine Gloss in Sugar Plum

I really loved the Hypershine Gloss. The applicator makes it extremely easy to apply to your lips. It contains a brush on one end and a turn-to-apply mechanism on the other end that pushes the gloss into the brush. The gloss is hypoallergenic and glides on smoothly. It gives your lips a wet, glass-like shine that is beautiful, and sheer. The sugar plum tastes yummy too. This can be used alone or over other lip products. e.l.f. Hypershine Gloss comes in 10 fabulous and juicy shades. Priced at $1 each.

e.l.f. Waterproof Eyeliner Pen

If you like a clean, straight line eyeliner, you’ll love this product! It glides on smoothly with it’s narrow pointed tip. Don’t worry about smudges with this one. It gives you a clean line that does not budge. It’s waterproof and I love that. Who wants to have raccoon eyes? If you have a problem with watery eyes or need a liner that is strong enough to withstand tears, give this one a try. You can have the finest lines by applying with a light touch or a much bolder line by applying more pressure. Removal is easy, use a water based makeup remover. e.l.f. Waterproof Eyeliner Pen comes in 5 different shades: Coffee, Black, Midnight, Ash, and Plum. Priced at $1 each.

Check out e.l.f. Cosmetics online. Have some fun by giving yourself a virtual makeover. Upload a photo and try on different hairstyles & cosmetics. Create your beauty profile. You can get recommended products and see specific looks that are created just for you. How cool is that?

e.l.f. Cosmetics are now available at Target and Zellers stores near you!

© 2009 – 2010, Bella Savvy. All rights reserved.


QTICA Sugar Scrub Spa Kit from Art of Beauty



Art of Beauty was so gracious to send me not 1, not 2 but 3 of their wonderful QTICA Sugar Scrub Spa Kits. Each kit comes in a clear zip pouch that holds 2 exfoliating gloves, 1 jar of sugar scrub, 1 bottle of hair & body wash and 1 bottle of body lotion.

QTICA Sugar Scrub is the best exfoliating product ever created-that’s why it’s a BEST-SELLER. The non-drying and non-irritating formula is easy on delicate skin. Takes hassle-free to a new level; no mixing or stirring needed, ever! The key word is sugar-that means that it’s a clean-dissolving exfoliant that will never leave a sticky residue behind or harm/clog spa jets. This is a spa-quality product for both manicures and pedicures, and also a convenient all-over body polish, perfect for daily use all over the body in the shower.

These kits are perfect for travel or just a luxurious at-home special treat. If you are like me, when you travel with family you tend to do a lot of walking which can really tire your feet, legs and back. What a relaxing way to pamper yourself while on a vacation. They’re great for removing rough, uneven, dry skin. Hotels don’t provide you with luxury like these little kits.

The scents I received are Vanilla Wild Plum, Mandarin Honey, and Grapefruit Surprise. Each bottle of hair & body wash lasted through approximately 5 cleanings. I did not use these on my hair.

I started off with the body scrub. It’s best to use both gloves together because you can get those hard to reach places such as your back and shoulders much easier when both gloves are worn rather than having to use one per side and switching off and on. It works great on the rough skin that tends to build up on the bottoms of your feet. I followed that with the body wash. Just a dab the size of a nickle was all I needed with a pouf. A little goes a long way. Poufs really make a shower gel or body wash last longer than an ordinary wash cloth. After bathing & drying I used a small amount of the body lotion and I have to say this little kit makes my skin feel soft, smooth & well moisturized. My husband could smell the scent from the products before I entered the room.

The Vanilla Wild Plum has a sweet Plum scent that smells good enough to eat. The Grapefruit Surprise has an eye opening citrus scent. I have not tried the Mandarin Honey as of yet but I am quite sure it smells divine.

The spa kits retail for $18 each and last for about 5 uses. The gloves are reusable.

Other available scents are Eucamint for stress relief, Cherry Bing, Papaya Star, Lemon Dream, Cool for a fresh minty splash, Exotic Mango that’s a blend of mango and tropical temptations, Lime Zest, Pomagranate Lime, and White Tea that gives a soothing relaxing white tea escape.

© 2009 – 2010, Bella Savvy. All rights reserved.



SRS Labs was gracious enough to offer me the opportunity to try out the SRS iWOW Premium for iTunes advanced software.

SRS iWOW™ Premium is an advanced software plug-in for iTunes that provides the ultimate listening experience for music, movies and podcasts over headphones, desktop or laptop speakers.

iWOW_interface_SRSWhat are the features of this product?

Immersive 3D Audio~

A Patented solution in iWOW Premium greatly improves the playback of audio by creating an expansive sound stage, putting you, the listener, in the center of the performance. iWOW Premium also restores audio cues that are buried in the original source material so your music and videos files sound more natural and more detailed.

Rich Surround Sound From Headphones or 2 Speakers ~

Envelope yourself in a theater-like 5.1 surround sound experience when watching DVDs or other multichannel content over headphones or just 2 external speakers.


Presets for the Ultimate Flexibility ~


The preset dropdown menu lets you choose the music or video preset that best fits your audio files. Select from a number of different presets for your videos and music, like rock, classical, blues, jazz, country and more!

Intuitive and Attractive User Interface ~

The highly intuitive and aesthetically designed iWOW Premium user interface provides you with easy-to-use presets and a stylish graphical representation of your music.

*System Requirements:*

Standard headphone, desktop or notebook speakers

iTunes 6 or later (Mac and PC)

Mac OS X 10.4 or later (Mac users)

Windows XP service pack 2 or later (PC users)

SRS iWOW Premium MSRP: $49.99 ~ $39.99 retail box (cd) ~ $29.99 download


I was really unsure what to expect from this product but I was pleasantly surprised. I was WOWed! No wonder they chose that name. It truly fits. It made me say “WOW” the first time I heard it. You really can tell the difference while using this software. It makes a huge difference. I played around with it, flipping between Classical, Custom, Jazz, Rock, Blues and other features to find the sound I liked the best. You can actually hear the sound change each time you change the preset settings. Turn it off and you will see, the cheap tinny sound comes back. Or at least it did on my cheap speakers.

Can’t afford expensive speakers for your desktop or laptop computer? No problem. SRS iWOW makes even the cheapest speakers sound as though you paid a lot more. It gives them a heftier sound. Crisp and clear. It makes your music sound more natural, immersive and detailed.

Put some meat behind your music! Try SRS iWOW Premium for your iTunes collection. You’ll wonder how you lived without it!

SRS iWOW Premium can be used with a PC or Mac. What a plus! And it’s compatible with Apples Snow Leopard.

© 2009 – 2010, Bella Savvy. All rights reserved.



EcoStore USA has been gracious enough to send me some of their environmentally friendly household cleaning products. Everyone knows that purchasing natural and organic products can be quite expensive but EcoStore USA has found a way around this by safely super-concentrating each formulation. That means a little goes a long way thus saving all of us money by significantly cutting down our cost per use. Now isn’t that amazingly wonderful of them? They also stand behind their products and are committed to offering the best in eco science.

If you are unsure of what “GREEN” means, check out this helpful information that EcoStore USA has posted on their site. http://www.ecostoreusa.com/what-is-green.aspx

Here’s some of the wonderful products I tested:


  • Palm and coconut based non-ionic surfactants
  • Silicates and carbonates including sodium meta silicate (simple mineral salts)
  • Citrates and natural citrus oil
  • Cellulose (plant based)
  • Fatty acid derivative


  • Palm and Coconut based non-ionic and anionic surfactants
  • Fatty acid derivative
  • Mineral hydroxide
  • Certified organic Eucalyptus oil

I was given the opportunity to try the Laundry Liquid & the Auto Dish Powder and I have to say these are great products! The Laundry Liquid detergent has a fresh pine scent that lasts even after the wash and dry cycle. It leaves your clothes smelling so clean. I have hard water and it’s hard to find a product that actually leaves our laundry smelling fresh and clean after washing. EcoStore USA Laundry Liquid definitely does that. I can honestly say I wasn’t expecting it to work so well but I am pleasantly surprised by the results and I believe you will be too.

Many people second guess eco-friendly products and feel they lack the cleaning power of other products because eco-friendly products are made with natural ingredients. Well, they will be pleasantly surprised when they use EcoStore USA products. I was surprised and I am very happy that I had the chance to try them. Don’t let the price turn you off either. A little bit goes a long way here. You only need 1 1/2 – 3 tablespoons of the Laundry Liquid (depending on how soiled your laundry is) for your front load washers & 3 – 5 tbsps. for top load washers in order to get clean, fresh smelling laundry.

The second product I tried, the Auto Dish Powder, worked just as well as other harsher products but without all of the toxic chemicals. Now why wouldn’t you want to use a safer cleanser that not only cleans your dishes well but protects your family from unwanted, possibly life threatening side effects? And it is gentler on the environment. I can feel good about having clean dishes & laundry, a healthier family and better earth by using EcoStore USA products.

These products were used in conjunction with other products I typically use during the wash/rinse/dry cycles of my clothes washer/dryer and dishwasher such as fabric softener, bleach and or a rinse agent. These items were not supplied.
© 2009 – 2010, Bella Savvy. All rights reserved.

Lancôme Absolue Precious Cells Advanced Regenerating and Reconstructing Cream SPF 15

~ WOW, an amazing product!!!!

Lancome Precious Cells

It is a powerful combination of the Reconstruction Complex and Pro-Xylane™ and has been shown to improve the condition around the stem cells, and stimulate cell regeneration to reconstruct facial skin to a denser quality. It launched in the US in October, 2009.

Some of the awesome benefits of this product is that it restores density, reduces wrinkles and regenerates radiance. Ladies this product really works and is so worth the cost.

Check out what current studies have shown:

Women see visible signs of younger skin:

90% skin seems denser

87% looks smoother

87% looks more radiant

95% has a more uniform complexion

I don’t know about you but at the age of 38, I want to preserve my skin as much as possible. It leaves my skin so soft, smooth and radiant. You only need a small amount, no “piling it on” to see results. If you have dull, dry skin, this product is for you! I highly recommend this product. A+

Absolue Precious Cells’ Day Cream with SPF 15 retails for $145, Night Cream $145, and Eye Cream $95.

© 2009 – 2010, Bella Savvy. All rights reserved.


Bright Starts™ Pretty In Pink™ Cradling Bouncer

Features a musical flower toybar soft fabrics and soothing vibrations.

* Flower toybar plays 4 fun melodies and is easy for baby to activate. Plush Flower also lights up with music.

* A Butterfly and Bumble Bee toy with fabric crinkle wings keep baby engaged in the fun

* Soothing vibrations help to soothe your baby

* Soft seat fabrics provide a comfortable place for your little one to relax

Additional Features:

* 3 point harness keeps baby secure

* Seat pad is machine washable

Age/Height/Weight Requirements:

Weight/Height: 6 lbs to 25 lbs

Age: Birth & Up

Battery Requirements:

3 AAA (Not Included)

2 C (Not Included)

This adorable bouncer is all about the play! A baby activated toy bar keeps her focused on the fun with lights and melodies that play from the large plush flower. Two additional toys also entertain your little one along with soothing vibrations. Cradling seat design and 3 point harness keeps baby secure and comfortable. Toy bar is removable for easy access and seat pad is machine washable. The only negative thing I can say about this product is that the lights & music do not run long enough. If baby does not pull on the self-activating toy he/she may get bored pretty quickly with this product. I would like to see a possible timer setting option for this feature. It would certainly be a major improvement & baby would love it even more!

© 2009 – 2010, Bella Savvy. All rights reserved.

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