ctpfnlb-BSI was not only stumped but about to pull my hair out. Our kitty Bella started urinating outside the litter box nearly 3 years ago (yes I’ve been patient!) and no matter what we tried, nothing seemed to help.

Mookie on the other hand continued to use it faithfully. He’s such a trooper!

I was truly at my wit’s end. Bella was checked for a urinary tract infection which came out negative, we tried several different types of litter and litter boxes, anything we could think of. But she continued to go outside her litter box. I began thinking it was just her being disobedient for some reason.

Then just recently I saw an article about a type of cat litter and attractant that could help. BUT, those products came with a heftier price than I cared to pay. I started researching the products and after reading reviews, I found that there really wasn’t any difference in the litter itself (compared to what we already use), it was the attractant that you added into the litter that supposedly made the difference— if it even worked.

Before I make any purchases I do my homework, researching and finding out what other consumers think because if most people have bad experiences then I know not to waste my money. Well, I came very close to purchasing this 50/50 “miracle” attractant until I found reviews that stated what the product was made of. The reason I say 50/50 is because it had mixed reviews.

A few consumers stated that cat nip was the main ingredient. Hmm, I started thinking and decided I was bound and determined to get Bella back into that box when she needed to pee. What’s weird is she would have her bowel movements in it, but most times she peed on our bathroom floor or in our shower stall. On occasion she went on the tile floor in our half bath and our laundry room. No “poops” just pees. Go figure!

As a last resort I removed the hood from the litter box because as I found, cats prefer an open litter box. And here I thought they wanted privacy. Then, I sprinkled a pinch of cat nip atop the fresh cat litter and spread it around a little using the litter scooper.

I left the bathroom and within minutes she was in the litter box sniffing around, then squatted and peed. Wow, that was quick! What happened next really baffled me more… she actually buried it. That’s something she seemed to have forgotten how to do as well.

It’s been a few weeks now and Bella is still using the litter box— not once has she went outside it. I am amazed that such a simple idea worked like a charm. Why didn’t I think of this sooner? I could have saved a few throw rugs.

I’m still not sure why she refused to pee inside the litter box (since we cleaned it out several times per day) and I’m still confused as to why she will use it when there’s just a tiny bit of cat nip mixed in. What I DO know is that I’m thrilled she’s back to using her litter box full-time AND we’re saving money not having to stock up on so many paper towels, and Nature’s Miracle. Phew!

If you have a kitty who is refusing to use his or her litter box, first see your vet and if everything checks out health wise, give this tip a try. It just might save your flooring, clothes, rugs, and possibly furniture!

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11 Responses to Cat urinating outside the litter box? Mine WAS until I tried this trick!

  • cindy b says:

    Wow this is great! I had a problem with my cat a few years back! This is so good to know for future reference, THANK YOU so much for sharing this! xo xo xo

  • Dee @ Bella Savvy says:

    You’re welcome Cindy. I know a lot of kitties wind up at the pound or homeless due to this issue. You just never know what might help until you try it.

  • Tamara says:

    What an awesome trick. I would have never thought about that. So far Wilbur keeps in there when he is in the house, but I will keep in mind if he does start to go out of there. Thank you.

  • lissa crane says:

    Love this! I can’t wait to try it! As soon as I dig out from all this snow, I going to the pet store! Thanks for sharing!

  • LaVonne says:

    I don’t have a cat but I am definitely going to share this one for my cat loving friends!

  • Michelle F. says:

    What a great tip. I will be sharing this with my best friend who has two cats.

  • Richard Hicks says:

    This is fascinating. I will remember the catnip tip if we ever have problems with our 2 kitties. Knock on wood!

  • Kristen says:

    I don’t have a cat, but I have heard about this problem and will keep in mind this tip to share with friends if needed.

  • Jennifer Hiles says:

    Haha, what a great idea. I had a cat that used to use my plants for their business! I’ll make sure to tell my friends about this neat little trick!

  • lisa says:

    You sure do have a lot of patience. I would have a problem with my cat (when I had one) if he didn’t use the litter box.

  • Dee @ Bella Savvy says:

    Actually the older I get, the less patience I have but I love animals and don’t honestly want to get rid of them if it’s not necessary. If I can get my kitties to use their box on a regular basis I will do it. I would miss them too much if they were gone!


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