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Technology is a great thing, isn’t it? Well, it is unless you take into account the massive data breach recently that involved millions of consumers and a well known retailer.

Unfortunately WE were effected and I can’t begin to tell you how angry I am, not to mention worried more than ever about our own security.

If such a huge retailer can take a hit like that, certainly a tiny little consumer like myself is more than vulnerable, right? Of course. None of us are immune to identity theft. That’s really sad!

Now, because we have to watch our bank accounts and credit history like a hawk I can’t help but put more emphasis on doing all I can to protect my family and everything we’ve worked our butts off to get all these years. I am certainly NOT going to just sit on my behind and cross my fingers in hopes that a sneaky little thief will bypass my household and go elsewhere.

Nope, I can start right here in my home. I have made a New Years Resolution to protect my identity and that of everyone in my house.

One simple step is by shredding the piles of bills and receipts we no longer need. I’ve been using our Fellowes P-12 Cross-Cut Paper Shredder and boy does it do a fantastic job of cutting straight lines, creating narrow strips of paper (even with credit cards).



With these items disposed of properly, we won’t have to worry about nosy intruders digging in our trash or God forbid we ever experience a break in because I doubt any thief will want to take the time to piece those tiny bits of paper back together. haha!

The Fellowes P-12’s cross-cut blades destroy 12 sheets of paper in approximately 309 particles per sheet, making it extremely difficult to reassemble. And for those of you with small children, you’ll love the SafeSense® technology— it automatically disables the shredder when hands come into contact with the paper opening.

Another awesome feature I love is that the Fellowes P-12 has the ability to shred not only paper but credit cards, staples, paper clips and junk mail. Our old shredder couldn’t do all of that!


If you would like to resolve to protect your identity in the new year, I recommend you check out the Fellowes P-12 Cross-Cut Paper Shredder and stay safe when it comes to your personal and valuable assets. Don’t let the thieves take what isn’t theirs!


The Fellowes P-12C Cross-Cut Paper Shredder ($99.97) is available for purchase at Walmart stores nationwide. As well as online at

This product would make a great birthday or anytime gift for finance-savvy moms and paper-ridden college students, those with limited space. It’s slim design is perfect for in-home and dorm use!

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17 Responses to Resolve to Protect your Identity in the New Year #IDSafetySeason

  • Nita says:

    This is a good idea especially if you have kids at home. I like the fat that it automatically disables the shredder when hands come into contact with the paper opening.

  • lisa says:

    I won’t do anything on line. Well, except this. I won’t even shop unless I have a gift card. A lot of people think I’m paranoid. I say I’m cautious.

  • Dee @ Bella Savvy says:

    Nowadays it’s better to be safe that way. There are just too many scammers/hackers out there ready to steal your info, and even websites. I get people trying to get into my site all the time.

  • Jayne Townsley says:

    I never thought of using them for a college student, but I can see how wanting to shred your work would be nice. Keeps people from “borrowing” things that don’t belong to them.

  • Amanda K says:

    With all the identify theft in the news with thieves hitting major retailers, this is a great post everyone should read!

  • This is such an important message. it is scary how easy it is for someone to steal your id.

  • Tamara says:

    This is such a great idea. We have boxes of stuff that I wont toss because it has important information on it. I am so afraid of identity theft its crazy. I am not even sure after what happened at target this last Dec which is safer anymore. I do what I can to keep what we have safe this paper shredder sounds great Ill have to show the man so we can get one and get those boxes taken care of.

  • Sandra VanHoey says:

    We had oe that just broke on us that we used all the time. This looks like a great one to replace ours

  • Sandy Cain says:

    So important! Everyday’s headlines tell of a new site that it’s info stolen….getting all our personal info, credit card numbers, etc.. We have to shred EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!

  • mysweetiepiepie says:

    Yep, you gotta make sure that you’re actively protecting your info at all times.

  • I love that this shredder even works on credit cards. In years past, I would save expired credit cards because I was afraid to throw them out. Even cutting them with scissors is no guarantee that someone won’t be able to use them. It was just too easy to piece them back together. Shredding them would make me feel so much safer.

  • Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    It is important to have a shredder to destroy documents that are being discard yet have important information on them I love that this shredder works on credit cards.

  • lisa says:

    I shred everything that has personal information on it.

  • Margaret Smith says:

    I shred anything with our name or address on it. Even labels from junk mail or magazines.

  • Kirsten K says:

    I’m so happy to have a shredder for all the reasons you listed. And I love all the safety levels to protect little kids.

  • Sky Evans says:

    I shred things as well. This is such a nice idea.

  • Kristen says:

    I use my shredder all the time.


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