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If you’re a homeowner you know all too well that with the arrival of Fall comes a lot of outdoor tasks that are necessary to prepare your landscaping for their long winters nap.

Although hubby and I are definitely NOT cold weather lovers, we still currently reside in central Ohio where winters can be quite unbearable. That’s why we try to get an early start on prepping our yard so it’s ready for the frigid temperatures. Here, it’s hard to say when the first snow will hit so it’s better to get the tasks done asap!

That typically entails giving the lawn a final mowing and fertilization, edging along the flowerbeds, sidewalks and driveway, removing unwanted weeds, raking and bagging the last bit of leaves that have fallen from the trees and bushes, trimming dead branches, and other miscellaneous tasks.

7fda6b5f-9aed-45cb-8130-95adb83768ea_300It’s a lot of work but doing it now saves us a lot of time once Spring rolls in.

After all of that hard work is done we typically experience a lot of back, neck and shoulder pain. UGH!

Hubby especially suffers after handling the weed trimmer, rake, electric blower, and other yard tools. As you know he experienced severe injuries while on the job a few years ago and was forced to retire earlier than expected. As he ages, the pain is only exacerbated by attempting to maintain his home.

Because of that I’m always on the lookout for products that make our home maintenance a whole lot easier— not only in order to get the job done quicker but to save on our backs as well.

Thanks to Ryobi, and their amazing 2-Cycle Gas Backpack Blower, our outdoor cleanup has gotten a whole lot simpler and less painful.

When we lived in our starter home years ago I purchased an electric blower vac due to all of the mature oak trees in our yard. Raking was a tedious job that we never looked forward to so the vac was a huge help.

The only problem was it was a bit heavy, awkward and we found ourselves bending a lot, putting a strain on our backs. Well, now that we have the Ryobi 2-Cycle Gas Backpack Blower, hubby can stand upright, and the weight of the unit is better distributed– putting less strain on his back and shoulders. Plus, after the job is done he’s not suffering from the shakes in his hands like he did with the old blower. That’s a huge plus!



  • Extra large 42cc engine
  • 185 mph velocity
  • Variable speed control
  • 2 cycle engine oil
  • Contoured back & shoulder harness for adjustable fit
  • Unique engine position for maximum air flow
  • Special downward angle design
  • Cruise control for convenient operation
  • Weighs 18 lb.
  • 38 ounce fuel tank capacity
  • Measures 14.090 inches by 15.86 inches
  • 3 year warranty



 1.) Ryobi 2-cycle gas backpack blower   2.) Pull Start
3.) Ready to use   4.) Back view

Operating the backpack blower is quite different than using a typical gas or electric blower. You actually wear the engine on your back in backpack formation and with a steady back and forth motion with your arm, you blow leaves, grass clippings and other debris with the throttle controlled handle tube.

The air tube is set sideways giving a more direct path, resulting in more velocity— putting out 185 mph and 510 CFM.

A few nifty features that come in handy are the cruise control and stop switches. The cruise control switch locks the throttle in place so you can tackle those leaves without even squeezing the trigger. If you’ve suffered carpal tunnel syndrome like hubby has, this is a lifesaver!

Commercial landscape companies use this style of blower quite frequently because it’s much simpler to use and causes less back fatigue.



1.) Trigger functions w/ cruise control & stop switches
2.) Spring mounted for less vibration

My hubby loves the Ryobi backpack blower because vibrations are kept at a minimum since the unit uses springs where it’s mounted to the frame. It’s also quieter than our old blower and much more comfortable to operate. Although it weighs 18 pounds, you wouldn’t think so since most of the weight is carried on your back rather than in your shoulder, arm and hand.

Engine start up is easy too. With just one or two pulls it’s on, and ready to get the job done. This baby packs one powerful punch as well— it’s strong enough to move wet leaves. Our old blower couldn’t even do that!

One thing I want to mention, something that’s quite important is that because this blower has a 2-cycle engine, it requires oil mixed IN with the gasoline. There’s no separate compartment for oil. Don’t forget that!

A few improvements hubby would like to see, not that they’re a big deal: a lower strap that sits at or just above the waistline to help position the engine a little higher on his back, and a slightly longer flexible hose to allow for higher positioned jobs like blowing leaves or cobwebs off of the house.

Overall the Ryobi 2-Cycle Gas Backpack Blower is an awesome product!


ryb-gsbckpkblw-ww-BSSThe Ryobi 2-cycle gas backpack blower works great clearing debris in all growing seasons!


You can purchase the Ryobi 2-Cycle Gas Backpack Blower from Home Depot stores nationwide for an average retail price of $199.00.

If your back, and joints are ready for a huge break after doing your own outdoor cleanup tasks I highly recommend you check out the Ryobi 2-cycle gas Backpack Blower. It’s ergonomic design, ease of use and awesome features make this powerful blower a must-have for any homeowner!


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