Now that I’ve went over different breeds of cats and which personalities are a good match, let’s move on to ‘man’s best friend’. I realize not everyone is a cat lover like me. hehee!

Owning a dog, as everyone knows, comes with many responsibilities just like cats and yet they too can offer unlimited and unexpected benefits like better moods, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, plus decreased stress — depending on the breed.

Some doggies are pretty high strung and require lots of love and attention so not all breeds are perfectly suited for one person. This is why it’s a good idea to take a look at the different personalities each dog has to offer and find one that ‘clicks’ with your own so your relationship isn’t short lived.

Check out these dog breeds and pair up with the one that best matches your personality:

1.) PERSONALITY TRAITS — Fun and Friendly

If you love being outgoing and the “life of the party”, you’re going to want a dog that has the same social habits so they get along well with your frequent house guests.

Bull Terrier

BEST MATCH: Bull Terrier or Bichon Frise

Bull Terriers may look like tough cookies but they’re actually one of the sweetest, friendliest dogs around. The Bichon Frise is a happy go lucky kind of pup who loves spending time with their human companion. Just make sure you have plenty of time to spend with these guys!

2.) PERSONALITY TRAITS: Independent or Busy

If you’re looking for a dog that can get along well when you don’t have a lot of time to spare, you’re not going to want one that acts out from boredom or loneliness.




These little guys (or gals) require little exercise and because their hair is short, they don’t require a lot of grooming.

3.) PERSONALITY TRAITS: On the go-go

If you live a busy lifestyle, such as traveling, you’ll want a dog that likes to accompany you on adventures.


BEST MATCH: Yorkshire Terrier or Maltese

Now obviously these pups require much more grooming than the pug (due to their long coats if allowed to grow out) and can work the runway with their beauty, but they also love traveling with their companions, are very social, easy to carry, and don’t need much exercise. Some people call these purse dogs because of their small size. haha!

4.) PERSONALITY TRAITS: Persistent and Stubborn

Do you always have to have ‘it’ your way? Well, you’re going to want a doggy that you’ll see eye-to-eye with. A determined guy or gal that is determined as you and won’t back down.

English Bulldog

BEST MATCH: English Bulldog

Obviously you’re not fitting this big guy in a purse! haha. With these doggies, what you see is what you get. If you’re looking for a lounger, not a running buddy, this is your pup. With his stubborn attitude, he’s not going to budge anyway. haha!

5.) PERSONALITY TRAITS: Curious Explorer

Always in search of answers? Does curiosity always get the best of you?




These pups have a heightened sense of smell that may, at times, get him into trouble. His curiosity will get the best of him. They love taking walks, and require lots of exercise but do make good hunting dogs since it gives them the opportunity to fulfill all of their needs.

6.) PERSONALITY TRAITS: Social and Family-Minded

If you have children running around your home, a laid back, patient doggy is what you need. One that won’t mind being poked, prodded and ‘loved’ by young kids.

Golden Retriever

BEST MATCH: Golden Retriever or Newfoundland

If you want a pal that’s gentle and patient, yet protective of family, this doggy is the one for you.

7.) PERSONALITY TRAITS: Caring and Affectionate

Want the attention driven, eagerly awaiting pup that craves lots of belly rubs, yet lavishes you with wet doggy kisses? Then this one’s for you!

Irish Setter

BEST MATCH: Irish Setter or Labrador Retriever

These guys live to love their human parents. They’re known for their sweet and affectionate nature, love to play and are happy-go-lucky dogs.

8.) PERSONALITY TRAITS: Calm and Quiet

Love a peaceful, quiet home where you can cuddle up with a good book and a cup of coffee?



BEST MATCH: Bullmastiff or Basset Hound

These beauties are very placid, laid back doggies that just like laying around. They don’t require a lot of activity to be happy. The Mastiff is large in size, and can be intimidating but they’re very quiet and don’t require much exercise — making them good apartment dogs. Basset Hounds on the other hand do require a little more exercise because they’re prone to weight gain.


If you’re a loyal, protective sort of human, you’ll want a doggy that feels the same way.

Welsh Corgi

BEST MATCH: Welsh Corgi

Surprise… you probably thought I was going to mention the Doberman Pinscher or something more intimidating, right? hahaa! You can’t miss this breed… their tailless bodies and short, stubby legs are hard to miss. If you want an assertive, loyal pet, the Corgi is the one for you. They make excellent watch dogs and can be very assertive so it’s important to have them well trained or they can be overly aggressive.

10.) PERSONALITY TRAITS: Active and Athletic

Exercise lovers listen up!

German Shepard

BEST MATCH: Jack Russell Terrier or German Shepard

Shepards are highly intelligent, very active dogs who love a long walk or run but if it’s a small dog you’re looking for, the Jack Russell Terrier is your little guy. He’s full of energy, and thrives on getting daily exercise.



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