Owning a cat comes with many responsibilities although they DO offer unlimited and unexpected benefits like better moods, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, plus decreased stress.

It’s always fun picking out a new furry bundle of love to bring into your home, isn’t it?

The thing is, not all breeds are perfectly suited for one person. So, when it comes to preparing your home for a new pet cat, it’s just as important to find one that clicks with your personality and lifestyle.

You certainly want your relationship with your pet to be a long lasting affair, right?

Check out these cat breeds and pair up with the one that best matches your personality:

1.) PERSONALITY TRAITS — Fun and Friendly

If you love being outgoing and the “life of the party”, you’re going to want a cat that has the same social habits so they get along well with your frequent house guests.

Maine Coon

BEST MATCH: Abyssinian or Maine Coon

These highly vocal and energetic kitties love talking and playing. Maine Coons frequently exhibit the same characteristics of dogs in that they love coming when called, and playing fetch.

2.) PERSONALITY TRAITS: Independent or Busy

If you’re looking for a cat that can get along well when you don’t have a lot of time to spare, you’re not going to want one that acts out from boredom or loneliness.

British Shorthair

BEST MATCH: British Shorthair

These kitties are laid back, yet like their space.

3.) PERSONALITY TRAITS: On the go-go

If you live a busy lifestyle, such as traveling, you’ll want a cat that likes to accompany you on adventures.

Japanese Bobtail

BEST MATCH: Japanese Bobtail or Chartreux

Bobs are confident little furballs that can make themselves at home even in unfamiliar environments. Chartreux are gentle and quiet kitties that make the best of traveling buddies.

4.) PERSONALITY TRAITS: Persistent and Stubborn

Do you always have to have ‘it’ your way? Well, you’re going to want a kitty that you’ll see eye-to-eye with. A determined guy or gal that is determined as you and won’t back down.

Turkish Angora

BEST MATCH: Turkish Angora

These beauties are assertive and want to be in charge. If you’re not giving them enough attention, they’ll surely let you know.

5.) PERSONALITY TRAITS: Curious Explorer

Always in search of answers? Does curiosity always get the best of you?

American Shorthair

BEST MATCH: American Shorthair

These gentle, yet playful kitties love to explore.

6.) PERSONALITY TRAITS: Social and Family-Minded

If you have children running around your home, a laid back, patient kitty is what you need. One that won’t mind being poked, prodded and ‘loved’ by young kids.



These lovable kitties are very social, very playful and known for their sunny dispositions.

7.) PERSONALITY TRAITS: Caring and Affectionate

Want the attention driven traits of a dog but the smaller size and independence of a cat?


BEST MATCH: Ragdoll or Devon Rex

Ragdolls have earned their names — they go limp when picked up or held, and they are the best lap kitties. The Devon Rex craves cuddling.

8.) PERSONALITY TRAITS: Calm and Quiet

Love a peaceful, quiet home where you can cuddle up with a good book and a cup of coffee or tea?

Silver Shaded Persian


These beauties are very placid, laid back kitties that just like laying around and looking good. They don’t require a lot of activity to be happy.


If you’re a loyal, protective sort of human, you’ll want a kitty that feels the same way.



You can’t miss this breed… their tailess bodies are hard to miss. If you want an assertive, loyal pet, the manx is the one for you. They’ve been known to attack strange animals when they feel their human family members are being threatened.

10.) PERSONALITY TRAITS: Active and Athletic

Exercise lovers listen up!

Turkish Van

BEST MATCH: Turkish Van

Unlike most other cat breeds, the Turkish Van loves playing in water and will explore your tub and toilet. Just watch out because their adventurous, playful nature could get them into trouble.



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4 Responses to Which cat breed is right for you? Take this personality test!

  • lisa says:

    Seems like the Persian would be best for me. The Maine Coon is so adorable though!

  • Dee @ Bella Savvy says:

    Persians are beautiful cats but on the lazy side. Maine Coons are very playful and very large kitties. One kitty I didn’t list is the Himilayan, a mix of Persian and Siamese. They too are beautiful in their colors and markings. Also very playful. I’ve been a mommy to a Maine Coon, Himilayan and Turkish Angora. All very beautiful, large and fun! My Maine Coon boy was 20 pounds.

  • Karol says:

    I love all cats…and have to agree, the Himilayan is a gorgeous and sweet cat. And Siamese have always been my favorite of all, they hold a special place in my heart. Cute article, thanks :)

  • Awwe the British Shorthair is a cutie! By far the best cat I have ever had was a Munchkin. He was so lovey – the best cat ever!! (RIP Dunkin) :)


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