Now that it’s winter, take a look out your window. What do you see? Why, it’s a huge pile of snow that’s just waiting to be molded into something truly fun and unique.

Winter is a great time to get out and play with family — as long as you’re all bundled up. It gives us a time to show our creativity through building either one statuesque structure or multiples. Hmm, so what will it be this time? Snowmen are great but they can be a bit boring. You know what I mean?

After spending some time online looking for ideas for new snow sculptures I was absolutely amazed at what I found– awesome sculptures created by ordinary people.

Take a look…

There’s no need for a sled when you’ve got a Mustang made of snow. haha!

Wanna take a spin?

I’m not exactly sure what these are supposed to be. My guess is possibly snow pumpkins or the heads to carolers. 

What do you think?

Looks like rough tide ahead…

Aye, aye captain!

A castle that’s fit for a king!

Does it come with a fireplace? Brrr….

I don’t know about YOU but I don’t think I want to meet the snowman that THESE belong to!

What shoe size do THESE take? Wow!

You and WHAT snow army? hahaa!

Wow, I’m seeing double, triple, quadruple… gazillions of snowmen. Eek!

I saved the best for last. It’s truly beautiful.

A tribute to 911.

Obviously the possibilities are endless when it comes to snow. If you’re fond of building sand castles on the beach, snow sculptures can be just as fun but without the icky, sticky mess when you’re done. Just use your imagination and before you know it, you’ve built one true masterpiece.

Now I can’t exactly say that MY sculptures would be as great as these but hey, it’s the effort that counts, right? hehee!


* Photo sources:

Our Town News
Twin Cities Daily
Google Images

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