In all the hustle and bustle of the holiday shopping season it’s fairly easy to forget about the little things like Christmas stockings.

I spend so much time focusing on larger gifts, decorations and food that I tend to put off shopping for stocking stuffers until last minute. That’s not such a smart move since I’m typically left with picked over, broken candy canes, smooshed chocolates, and other items no one else wanted. Not so appealing, right?

Well, no more!

This year I decided to get an earlier start for better selections while shopping at Meijer. Hubby and I were out and about yesterday and decided to stop in Meijer to grab some groceries but before I got lost in the food section, I moseyed on over to the holiday department.

The pretty, festive trees and decorations were calling my name. hehee!

It’s been years since I bought new bulbs for our tree so I grabbed a few boxes, then headed over to the stocking stuffer goodies. A whole aisle is dedicated to this traditional icon — with lots of candies, toys and trinkets, perfect for any little (or big) girl or boy.

Yes, I said big. Hubby and I still love trading stockings for Christmas. I’ve gotta have my gummy Lifesavers and he loves Reeses peanut butter trees. haha!

I was truly amazed at everything I saw. I mean Meijer literally has everything you need right there (in one spot) to complete a stocking in a matter of minutes.  From stockings in a wide array of colors and designs, to holiday favorite candies, small toys, activity books, Christmas-themed pencils, you name it, they had it. And the prices were very reasonable too.

I couldn’t help but start loading my cart. Of course the first thing I grabbed were several boxes ‘books’ of gummy Lifesavers, Peeps shaped like trees and snowmen, chocolates, candy canes in a variety of flavors, and yes, those much loved peanut butter and chocolate trees. Plus, some fun little toys. Ahh, my shopping is almost completed!

Next we headed over toward the groceries but I was halted by the pet section. Right in the center aisle-way Meijer has constructed a large display of goodies for cats and dogs. Oh boy, our furbabies are going to be spoiled this Christmas. hehee!

There’s lots of treats, toys, even holiday-themed clothing for pets. And of course the stockings just waiting to be filled. If you’re not a crafty-type pet parent, no worries, there’s always the prefilled stockings for Fido or Muffin. They’ll love them just the same! Hey, I won’t tell.

Skye always loves the raw hide chewies, Busy Bones and Beggin’ Strips, while our kitties Bella and Mookie love Whisker Lickin’s treats, Whiskas Purrfectly fish and catnip scented toys. I was tempted to get them all a festive headband or dress but I’ll spare them the humiliation. hahaa!

Our last trip around Meijer was in the food department. Although it’s a bit early for me to purchase my holiday meal items, I did stock up on some ingredients I will be using for my holiday baking and desserts — fudge, cookies, and other candies. Yum!

Yep, we loaded up on this trip. So much so that we slowly crept out of the store with two cart loads. Phew!

There’s truly no need to let stress ruin such a beautiful holiday!

Meijer makes preparing for the holidays simple because they have nearly everything you need (under one roof) to create the perfect Christmas get together with good food, beautiful decor, and of course your holiday meals.

Need a little inspiration? Hop on over to the Meijer gift finder. With 3 easy steps you can find the perfect gift for that “not so easy to buy for” loved one or anyone on your list. Plus, you’ll also enjoy free shipping to local Meijer stores when you order at

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