Laundry in my home is a never ending task. It’s like a flood that just keeps coming and coming no matter how much I try to stop it. And if I (myself) stop, it gets way out of hand, making me want to just “throw in the towel“.

Where in the world does it all come from?

Do any of you actually LOVE doing laundry? For many years I didn’t. Reason being, my washer and dryer were aging (20+ years old and counting) and literally falling apart. My hubby, bless his heart, worked on both many times, making repairs and replacing parts but over time our washer just began rusting from the inside out, so badly that the side of the dryer that butted up to the washer became rusted as well.

This is NOT a good thing for your laundry. Finding bits and pieces of rust in your clothes when you’re putting them on is, well, gross.

We had discussed many times, replacing the set but when it came down to it, the money was just never there. Washers and dryers nowadays are expensive. And they’re becoming just as bad as iPods, iPhones, computers and other techy gadgets… as soon as you buy one, something “better” comes along. And so, we just stuck with our ‘oldies’ because although they were quite ugly, we still managed to get them to work.

Besides the money issue, I couldn’t honestly decide on which washer and dryer pair I wanted to plunk my money down on. I mean there are not only different sizes and styles but features, many I’m not even familiar with, to choose from. Where do you even begin? I guess since I’m my laundry set is from the dark ages (haha!), I’m out of sync with todays technologically advanced washers and dryers.

To be honest, I don’t think I need the most expensive set out there (which is way over priced anyway). I just need something that’s reliable and will do a good job of cleaning our clothes. Not to mention allow me to get my laundry done and over with as quickly as possible. Is that too much to ask?

Thankfully Amana, the sister company of Whirlpool, came to my rescue recently when they offered to let me review their newest laundry pair, the 3.6 cu. ft. HE low-water top load washer and 7.0 cu. ft. dryer. I can’t say enough how much I appreciate their generosity! Seriously, my old washer had duct tape on it. I am ever SO grateful that they allowed me to put my old laundry set to rest!

Fast forward to today (which is yet another laundry day) and my opinion about laundry has changed. I truly LOVE doing laundry! I never thought I would say that but I do. Now this set isn’t top of the line or a front load (which seems to be popular nowadays) BUT it’s much larger in size than the old antique one, and it has some additional features that I have grown quite fond of.


  • Wide opening lid
  • 12 wash loads
  • 5 wash/rinse cycles
  • Auto load sensing
  • Stain treatment option
  • Clean washer cycle with affresh washer cleaner
  • Super wash cycle
  • Casual cycle
  • Drain & spin cycle
  • Low water wash system with impeller
  • Advanced suspension system
  • 800 rpm max spin cycle
  • ENERGY STAR qualified

A Close Up Look right after delivery…

1.) Amana HE top load washer  2.) Wash options
3.) Inside stainless steel wash basket  4.) More wash options 

The Amana 3.6 HE washer comes without a center agitator which is what caught my eye first. Those things take up way too much space and is something I won’t miss. Because the wash basket is larger in size, I’m able to consolidate loads and save money by using less water (up to 73%), less detergent, less fabric softener and less electricity (up to 84%). Awesome!

With my new Amana washer I can select the stain treatment function for those stubborn grease stains found in Derek’s auto tech uniforms. That’s something my old washer didn’t have. This setting adds cleaning time and wash motion, plus an extra deep rinse to ensure those stains and detergent are removed and your clothes come out fresh and clean.

Something else I noticed– there is no fabric softener dispenser. No, they didn’t forget to add that. hahaa! The Amana HE washer includes a Downy Ball. You fill it with your fabric softener, toss it in with your laundry and it dispenses at just the right time.


I was shocked to find out this washer includes a ‘wash with affresh‘ setting. What is it? HE washers require a bit of cleaning themselves (without laundry in them). If you’re not familiar with this type of washer, that may sound crazy but this step helps to ensure your washer functions properly, stays clean and lasts longer. Isn’t that what we want anyway?

This baby is smart too. Once you add your clothes, detergent and fabric softener, close the lid and select options, then push the ‘on’ button. At that moment the washer locks the lid (for safety purposes) and checks the load to see just how much water it needs. The first time I used my new washer I literally took a few steps backward after having left the laundry room. It makes a noise my old washer didn’t. When my hubby heard it he instantly came in to see what was going on. We thought “oh no, somethings wrong with it!” Nope, I just didn’t fully read the instructions to know that it’s normal. Phew!

I’m honestly pleased that the Amana washer is pretty quiet in comparison to the old one. The water hose doesn’t beat the heck out of the wall in a spin cycle and it doesn’t try to walk across the room. It actually shakes and shimmies in place in a more quiet fashion. hehee!

Dryer Sneak Peek…

1.) Amana 7.0 cu. ft. dryer  2.) Interior drum light
3.) Pull out dryer vent  4.) Amana dryer in use 

My favorite feature of the Amana dryer is the interior drum light. My antique dryer didn’t have one and I kind of think maybe that’s why some of our socks ‘disappeared’. Here we were thinking all along that it was some type of sock monster stealing our socks but because the old drum was dark, I have to think that maybe a sock might have been just hiding out in the bottom somewhere and we weren’t seeing it.

I should mention too, the interior drum is HUGE! I can fit some of our comforters in that baby. Wow!

It also comes with a wrinkle prevention option and an on/off end of cycle signal. Now this one keeps me on my toes. I don’t know how many times I would forget about a load of laundry in our old dryer, only to come back to it later that day or even days later to find severely wrinkled clothes. Of course that would require an additional run in the dryer or maybe even an ironing. Ugh, I hate ironing.

But with the Amana 7.0, once the cycle is finished, it alerts me with an alarm. And if I don’t come and empty the dryer after it goes off, after a minute or so, it ‘tells’ me again. And again for a third time, if need be. It’s as if it’s saying “uh, hello, come get this laundry. I’m done!” hahaa. To be honest, I need that reminder, especially if I don’t hear the dryer shut off — which is most times since I’m a busy mom.


  • Energy preferred cycle
  • Heavy duty cycle
  • Timed dry cycles
  • On/off end of cycle signal
  • 12 dryer cycles
  • 4 temperature settings
  • Automatic dryness control
  • Wide opening side swing door
  • 30 amps

I’ve noticed a difference in the feel of our laundry now that I’ve used my new Amana dryer several times. Our clothes, and especially our bath towels and sheets are much softer to the touch. They used to be stiff. Now that’s a favorable plus. Who wants to dry off with something that feels like sand paper?

To say that I love my new washer and dryer is an understatement. As I’ve learned, high prices don’t necessarily mean the best in quality. This Amana set is much more affordable yet has many of the same features those overpriced sets offer. So, which would be the better deal? Hmm, being a bargain hunter, I would have to go with Amana.

Say “bye bye” Sock Monster. You’re history!

I’m definitely doing less loads of laundry now (since I can add more to the washer and dryer) and my detergent is lasting longer too. So, overall we’re saving money, I have more time to do other things and I’m a much happier wife and mom — especially since I’m not finding pieces of rust in my undies. I’m honestly feeling pampered and I owe it all to Amana!


The Amana 3.6 cu. ft. HE low-water Washer (MSRP $649.00) and the 7.0 cu. ft. traditional electric Dryer with interior drum light ($479.00)  can be purchased at retailers such as Sears, Home Depot and Appliance Mart. As well as online at Prices may vary per store.

If you’re in need of a reliable, yet affordable washer and dryer set, I highly recommend you check out Amana. These units have several bells and whistles found on more expensive sets but without the inflated prices. I love mine and wouldn’t trade them for anything!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to throw another load of laundry in my smart washer. See ya later!

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