When it comes to Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping every year, you probably head to the same typical retailers websites to find the must-have gifts on your holiday shopping list.

Maybe it’s because you receive tons of ads put out by those particular merchants.

But did you know you can find all of the latest, hottest toys and gifts (all in one location) on eBay?

That’s right, eBay offers a huge selection of the gifts you’re probably looking for right now (brand new), and all at reasonable prices. Retailers like Toys R Us actually sell the same hard-to-find toys you’ll find in their stores, and because eBay offers a “Buy It Now” button, you can order up a variety of gifts from different vendors and purchase them all at once, without leaving the eBay site. How convenient is that?

To be honest, I used to think eBay only listed used products sold by people like you and me but that’s not the case. After being a regular shopper on eBay I’ve learned I can save time and money by shopping eBay during the holiday season.

Just recently I was on a “shopping” trip over on eBay and came across some great gifts that I know my family will love. Take a look…


He loves his tools and although he fell in love with his Black & Decker Max Lithium drill/driver, I kind of took over on it so I owe him a new one. hehee!


Something else I know hubby would love is the Armani Code by Georgio Armani cologne.


Her and her hubby have been wanting a nice coffeemaker ever since they got their own place last year. The Keurig, as hubby and I know, is one great single cup coffee machine. And eBay has an awesome deal I can’t refuse. The Keurig B60 Christmas gift set comes with 36 coffee k-cups, and a My K-cup reusable filter.

Something else Dani would like is the Viva La Juicy Couture perfume. What girl doesn’t love to smell good?


Gina has a love of Ugg boots. So much so that she tends to wear them even when it’s not winter. Unfortunately she’s worn her old pair out and they’re looking pretty ratty. So, why not get her a new pair. That gift was easy!

Something else Gina would like is the 1/2 ct. Black Diamond Earrings. Black diamonds are her favorite, with blue diamonds being a close second.


Derek is in dire need of a new laptop. A few weeks ago he fell asleep with his on his tummy and it slid off, hitting the floor right on it’s hinge and the hinge broke. Needless to say it’s literally two separate pieces now, except for the wiring that’s holding it together. And so, a new laptop is at the top of his list. I would say the Acer Aspire laptop is a good possibility.

Derek loves listing to music with his iPod but he tends to sneak my headphones and not give them back, leaving me without a pair when I want to use mine. So, guess what Derek, you’re getting your own pair! The red Sol Republic Amps in ear headphones are just the ticket.


One gift I know mom would enjoy is a gift set of Bath & Body Works. I’m sure I don’t have to explain why. hehee!


My dad still to this day uses a straight razor, shave soap and a shave brush to keep his face free of hair. But those products can be a bit pricey. When I saw The Art of Shaving kit, I knew it would be the perfect gift for him.

Now that’s not all. No way, I still have several people on my list and a whole lot of shopping to do so I’m going to head back over to eBay and see what else I can find.

Shop anytime, anywhere!

eBay released a mobile app, making it easier to place bids, buy-it-now, and even check the status of an order.

If you’re running dry on gift ideas, check out ebay’s holiday gift guide. They’ve compiled a huge list of the hottest gifts around. And while you’re there, be sure and enter the Holiday Dreams sweepstakes.

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~ I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour for Mom Central Consulting on behalf of eBay. I received a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate. ~

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15 Responses to Shop eBay for the Hottest Toys & Gifts this Holiday season

  • Jan says:

    I don’t shop ebay much, I use Amazon mostly, but there seem to be some good deals this holiday season 😉 I like the Ugg boots and the laptop!

  • Francine Sanchez says:

    Those ugg boots are adorable. I am a huge fan of ebay. It is still important to shop around, however. I’ve seen prices cheaper on Amazon than Ebay when it comes to new things. It just depends on what the seller thinks it can get away with (or can get away with). I’ve seen things sold in packs on Amazon and then broken up into individual sales for more money on Ebay.

    Great post!

  • lisa says:

    I wish we were related.You sure know how to shop!I used to shop there until I was totally ripped off.Thank goodness I got my money back. Far as I know the person is still selling. As always, be careful!!!

  • Nicole Strunk says:

    Love eBay! I get a ton of stuff on their for a fraction of the cost. I have already done some of my holiday shopping on eBay. Glad Ebates is giving cash back again on eBay purchases. That helps!

  • Jenn says:

    I am looking for a pair of Baby Ugg, I need to look here. I had no idea about the mobile app either, bonus!

  • It is amazing that you can find all of this on ebay! And at a better deal! I just got the mobile app and it is fantastic!

  • Liz Ticona says:

    I love shopping at Ebay and by the way i love your gift suggestions! I ‘ve always enjoyed getting bath products/lotions, etc. I sell on Ebay too so I know that like me there are sellers who sell new products, like clothes that my baby has never worn but unfortunately I took the tags off so i can’t return! lol :)

  • Mandara says:

    So many goodies on ebay!

  • Jenn says:

    I have snagged quite a few deals the past two days. I love Amazon

  • Terra Heck says:

    My husband would like the Black & Decker Max Lithium drill/driver too. I bought a new Monster Energy hoodie off eBay a couple weeks ago for my son and am going to gift it to him on Christmas.

  • Heather! says:

    I always check ebay first or second when I am shopping online! Can’t beat it!

  • krista grandstaff says:

    I love shopping on ebay… over the past year we have managed to save so much on the must have items that our families are looking for…it’s been incredible!

  • Kitty says:

    I just shopped ebay this morning for a holiday tablecloth and found the perfect one for our dining table. I don’t shop ebay very much except when I can’t find what I’m looking for elesewhere. It’s find to just browse the ebay site to see the many different things for sale and auction.

  • Crystal Irvin says:

    we have been using ebay do to some shopping now for a couple of years. so far knock on wood we haven’t had any issues

  • paula huie says:

    great list!! quite a few things on my list!!


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