Ever since our oldest daughter was little we have made it a tradition in our family to visit a pumpkin patch in the fall. You don’t need to celebrate Halloween, dress up or go trick-or-treating to enjoy time with your family taking in all the sights and sounds of fall!

Of course to a mom that is a self proclaimed “shutterbug” this is also a fantastic opportunity for memorable photos.

It seems to me that just about every pumpkin patch has a measuring prop. You know the one, a giant measuring tape or ruler posed sweetly with some fall character like a goofy pumpkin, turkey or maybe a ghost. (I think it’s an official pumpkin patch requirement or something)

With our oldest, we returned every year to capture her growth and it has been a great keepsake for her. Since having our second daughter we have continued this! Last year was Charlotte’s first fall. So this is the photo that will begin her journey.

Photographing a 10 month old is not the easiest thing to do. I’m sure this could have been a better photo, this shot actually took almost 10 tries. Thank goodness for digital cameras! If you are just an average mom trying to get some cute keepsake photos here are my humble tips:

  • Keep the time of day in mind for lighting! Going in the middle of the day when the sun is right above you could cause some harsh light and shadows. Going in the evening about an hour or 2 before the sun will be setting is perfect. You get soft, warm light. This orange-ish light really compliments the fall colors and gives a fantastic glow to skin!
  • Try different angles. Everyone likes to see a straight forward shot of a gorgeous baby face but have you thought about shooting from above or from below? Shooting from below may require some bending or even laying on the ground, which could get you a little dirty. Just something to keep in mind. Here is an example of shooting from above:


  • Let them play! It is nearly impossible to “pose” a toddler… Your best bet is to let them play and catch great candid shots! If you have a rapid fire type mode on your camera this would be a great time to use it!
  • If you use a toy to get their attention and make them smile, don’t use their favorite toy! They may just end up mad because you aren’t giving it to them. If you can, I would even suggest a new toy to get a look of interest on their face! Or maybe one that they haven’t played with for a while.
  • Lastly, have fun! Be a kid yourself. This is your time to play too! You will get bigger smiles by being goofy with them than anything else!

This has been a guest post written by Melissa Alexander, owner and editor of the Teen Toddler Newborn blog. Head over and check out her site, and be sure and tell her you’re a Bella Savvy reader!

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