It’s inevitable but soon our children will be going back to school. And I can’t help but think about the security threats that are all around, including in our local schools.

It’s a shame but things happen so it’s best to be prepared before we find ourselves in a mess such as identity theft.

Here’s some things you can do to combat the trend that lurks all around, even at your child’s school:

  • It’s pretty common sense but leave all valuables at home. If for some reason you cant, just remember this… items that are out of sight, will be out of mind and less tempting.
  • Label everything… EVERYTHING! Grab a labeler and go to town or use a permanent marker and write your child’s name on everything so there’s no question as to who’s items are who’s.
  • If your child is required to take a pricey calculator to school, get pictures of the calculator before he or she heads to the bus and label it with their name.
  • Buy a small key lock and use it on their book bags’ zippered compartment. Place the valuables in there and lock it up. They can wear the tiny key around their neck so they keep track of it or on a key ring.
  • Also, check out the vast array of safety products offered by Master Lock — laptop locks, SafeSpace and more.

That’s honestly the best advice I can give so that your child’s school year goes more smoothly.

MASTER LOCK launches the “Master Combo Challenge”

Because Master Lock® knows all about the challenges parents and students face each school year due to theft, they’ve launched “The Master Combo Challenge,” an interactive game accessible through the company’s Facebook page.

Students and their parents can play the game to not only discover tips on how to stay safe at school but the best products that will keep their possessions secure.

The “Master Combo Challenge” also offers parents and their students a chance to win back-to-campus-themed prizes, including the new Set-Your-Own Combination SafeSpace™ Laptop Computer Lock. Play the game and ensure that a safe, secure, and successful school year lies ahead for both you and your children!

For more information and to test your safety and security knowledge, head over to the Master Lock Facebook page and play the Master Combo Challenge.

~ Disclosure: By posting this information I am entering a contest for a Master Lock back-to-school prize pack as a member of the Mom Bloggers Club. ~

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