This is definitely the time of year to stress the importance in good hand washing to your children. There’s plenty of bacteria and viruses being spread around now that we’re all spending more time indoors and who wants to get the flu, or worse yet pneumonia or other deadly illnesses? Not me!

APHA (American Public Health Association) is providing a fun new way to teach your children how long to wash their hands, and it’s FREE!

Get your FREE Get Ready hand washing timer!

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6 Responses to FREE “Get Ready” Hand Washing Timer for your Children

  • victoria lester says:

    Great post. Many children don’t wash their hands long enough and the FREE Get Ready hand washing timer surely would help out. I sometimes wonder how long & how hot the temp should be to kill those germs.

  • ellen says:

    Thanks so much Dee- it isnt just kids, it is adults too!

  • Just Coupons says:

    This is great especially with cold and Flu season. I think they should have these in all schools too.

    I also agree with Ellen. More adults could spend a little longer washing their hands.

  • Eileen says:

    Thanks Dee….I just ordered 3 to send with my teen daughter who works in a day care before and after school. I know the teachers will love this in the 2 and above classes!

  • Claudia M @cdmtx65 says:

    great idea — Restaurants — Hosptials — gee everybody can benefit from it :)

  • Crystal Thomas says:

    Great for kids and adults.


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