What is it about boys and cars? Comparing the two is like comparing ice cream and cake or hamburgers and french fries. They just go together, right? I certainly don’t squawk about cars because I’ve always had an interest in them myself, especially muscle cars. There’s just something about them.

Maybe it’s the curves, or the need for speed. haha. I don’t know but my son sure loves cars, especially fast ones. He’ll sit and watch videos of people revvying their engines and taking off quickly in their sports cars. He likes the noise they make and he likes seeing how quick the cars are. It’s his dream to own one some day. Maybe even race them, not that I like the later part because I AM Mom. I do have a confession though — I’ve always wanted to race, or at least get on a track and drive as fast as I can. To be free to squeal my tires, and hit the gas pedal and fly. Am I nuts or what? hahaa

We love going to car shows as well. It’s exciting seeing all of those big muscles on wheels. hehee. Ok, I think I have it as bad as my hubby and son. I’ve gotten pretty good at recognizing different cars too. Impressive, right? Nah, I just pay close attention to details. It must be the perfectionist in me.

Wanna hear something funny? I was recently sent a Road Rippers® R/C Mobile Command Car, a 2010 Dodge Challenger from Toy State® and I seriously don’t know who was more excited about receiving it, my son Derek or I. Well, his birthday is today so I was generous and let him have it, BUT I get to play with it too whenever I want. haha

The Road Rippers® R/C Mobile Command is a series of cars that offer radio control versions of popular licensed sports cars. The Mobile Command styles include the Dodge Challenger & Dodge Viper and are designed to look and feel like the real thing — high performance cars.

Product Features:

  • Full-function radio controlled vehicle
  • Features light and sound functions incorporated into the controller
  • Controller includes licensed music and vehicle sounds
  • Walkie Talkie styled controller

Working headlights and lights inside the hood!

We’ve had a lot of fun ‘racing’ the Dodge Challenger and checking out all of it’s features. This is actually the first RC vehicle that Derek has owned that included a ‘radio’. Although it’s cool that these cars come with ‘tunes’, they can sure try your patience when your child makes it a game of hitting the buttons over and over again, replaying the music. Aaackk!!! Can I secretly disarm this feature? haha

Luckily these bad boys were made to be played with outside as well. Good thing for me so I can get some breaks from the noises. hehee. You don’t have to worry about running them into anything or taking them ‘off road’ because they’re pretty durable. Since these are designed with boys in mind, it’s great that Toy State® thought ahead and made sure they could withstand the hands of boys. If you’re a parent of a boy you probably already know that they’re a little rough on their toys. I know mine is!

Here’s my birthday boy. He’s 16 today. Boy time sure flies!
Boys never outgrow toys and cars. hehee

If you’ve got a son, nephew or friend who has boys with upcoming birthdays, I highly recommend the Road Rippers® R/C Mobile Command Cars. They would make great gifts and you’ll be glad to know that these cool cars are very affordable too.

How Does It Measure Up?

The Road Rippers R/C Mobile Command Dodge Challenger measures 5.5″ L x 15.5″ W x 8″ H and weighs 2.2 pounds.


You can purchase the Road Rippers R/C Mobile Command cars at stores such as Walmart, Target, Toys R Us, K-mart and other stores nationwide for $35.00.

Road Rippers R/C also comes in the Motor Muscle line which is made up of 1960’s and 70’s muscle cars that offer full-function radio control features like the Mobile Command line. Models include the 1967 Corvette Stingray, 1969 Dodge Daytona, 1971 Dodge Super Bee and the 1970 GTO Judge. These are also available for purchase at $35.00 each.

For more information, visit www.toystate.com. You can also find Toy State® on Twitter (http://twitter.com/toystate) and Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/ToyState).

*All of you fans should check out Season One of “Rippisodes” — a brand new webisode series based on this popular Road Rippers collection. It’s a fun-filled animated series that features Ripp, the custom car designer and host of the Road Rippers Motor Island interactive online world (www.mymotorisland.com). Ripp will take kids on a ripptastic adventure as he encounters creative challenges in his custom-car garage. The series premiere of Road Rippers “Rippisodes” can be viewed on www.mymotorisland.com, the Toy State® YouTube channel, and Facebook.

~The views & opinions expressed in my reviews are simply mine. My views & opinions may differ from other consumers. I did not receive financial compensation for my review but did receive a Road Rippers R/C Mobile Command car from Toy State to test while participating in a Team Mom blog tour and was under no obligation to write a positive review.~

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