When our current home was built 10 years ago I had a lot of plans for how I was going to decorate. I wanted to paint all of the rooms, hang some gorgeous window treatments and fill the walls with nice, modern decor with a European flare.

I started off doing pretty well with getting things in order, I painted my kitchen, my laundry room, the kids’ rooms, the bathrooms and next was supposed to be our bedroom and then the living and dining rooms. Unfortunately I became too busy and it just wasn’t in the budget anymore. I was kind of dreading painting my living room and dining rooms anyway because we have an open floor plan, the ceilings are high and there are odd shaped walls. It would not be an easy task and could definitely not be done without a scaffolding, something we don’t own. So, these rooms got put off — put off for 10 years.

Of course with kids you tend to get a lot of scuffed walls and things start looking, well, used. Me being a clean freak, seeing my walls with fingerprints and marks just drives me crazy. I’m ready to get back into making my house more ‘homey’. The window treatments I originally purchased for my living room and dining room were an off-white/cream color and I’ve been wanting to change them for quite some time now. I love earthy tones and those creamy white drapes just weren’t getting it anymore, not to mention the fact that since my cats hang out in the windows, you could see little black hairs on them. Sure I vacuum them but still, I can’t be on top of them all of the time and when visitors come around I certainly didn’t want those hairy curtains taunting me the whole time. haha

Lucky for me, Curtainworks generously offered to send me some curtain panels and valances to help me get my home decorating project completed. I received enough Jade Shimmer Faux Silk Panels and Waterfall Valances in scarlet to complete my living room and dining room windows. Boy was I super excited about the opportunity and couldn’t wait to trade out my old curtains for these. The hardest part of this project was ironing all of the panels and valances. It took a while but was definitely worth it!

Closer detail of the beaded fringe!

Product Features: (Panels):

  • Attractive faux silk fabric that looks and drapes like real silk
  • Traditional construction with 1.5″ rod pocket
  • Single, ultra wide panel
  • Machine washable
  • 52% Polyester, 48% Nylon


  • Attractive faux silk looks and drapes like real silk
  • Fabric is shirred softly to create an attractive tear drop shape of the waterfall valance
  • Embellished with ornate, color matched braid and ball fringe
  • 1.5″ rod pocket
  • Can be used alone or layered with a panel

I really love the burgundy color of the Jade treatments and how they have a bit of shimmer when you move across the room. Before receiving my new panels and valances I purchased new curtain rods with some really nice finials and hold backs. The color of the window treatments go really well with the rods. The finials on the rods and hold backs have a burgundy colored glass detailing and they look great together.

Dining Room before:

Dining Room after:

The Jade panels and valances really warm up the room!

Bay Window before:

That’s ‘Miss Bella’ laying in front of the window!

Bay Window after:

Yep, she’s still there 2 weeks later! haha
That’s a cat tree off to the side in the pic if you were wondering. hehee

Here’s a closer look:

You can see the true color a little better here!

Here’s the front Living Room window:

I couldn’t get a real good shot of this window since our big screen tv was in the way.
It was getting worked on AGAIN. Sorry!

How Do They Measure Up?

The Jade Shimmer Faux Silk Panels measure 55″ x 95″. They’re also available in an 84″ length as well. The Jade Shimmer Faux Silk Waterfall Valances measure 38″ W x 23″ L (27″ W x 23″ L when shirred).

One thing I really love about my new Jade window treatments besides the look is that they can be tossed in the washer if they become soiled. My old window treatments were dry clean only. I hated that! I also like that although the color is darker than what I’m used to, they don’t totally darken the rooms because they’re not thick. They still let in a little light, which is perfect.

The Jade window treatments look elegant yet still ‘homey’ which I love. They really dress up our windows without making the rooms look too stuffy or over done. Now all I need to do is go buy some paint. I’ve already got the colors picked out. *hint hint* to my hubby! haha

I truly want to take the time to thank Stephanie for all of her help in getting me the quantity and sizes I needed to get this project done. My windows look really great and I couldn’t be more happy with them or the quality of the panels and valances. I’m also grateful for the quick shipping. My windows went from bland to sophisticated in no time flat. Thanks Curtainworks, I love my Jade window treatments!

Click the image below to see how to measure your window(s)!


The 95″ Jade Shimmer Faux Silk Panels retail for $29.99 each and the 84″ length retails for $24.99 each. The Jade Shimmer Faux Silk Waterfall Valances retail for $29.99 each. Shipping is free on orders of $100 or more.

The panels and valances are available in Scarlet, Linen and Chocolate Brown shades.

~ Read ‘How To Measure‘ ~

Curtainworks has tons of window treatments such as back tab curtains, grommet curtains, and tailored curtains. As well as sheers, top treatments and hardware. Their website is extremely easy to navigate and I love that I can search by material, type, style, brand, function, length and or price. It makes shopping SO simple and quick.

You’ll also appreciate the extremely affordable prices. Their competitive prices make it easy to create a fresh new look and feel in your home without breaking the bank.

~The views & opinions expressed in my reviews are simply mine. My views & opinions may differ from other consumers. I did not receive financial compensation for my review but did receive Jade Shimmer Faux Silk panels and valances to test and was under no obligation to write a positive review.~

© 2010, BellaSavvy. All rights reserved.


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3 Responses to Curtainworks Jade Shimmer Faux Silk Panels and Waterfall Valances {review}

  • Ellen says:

    Love the look of the new drapes! We have off white walls with the cream colored curtains right now too (they must have had a sale 10 years ago!) and I have been thinking about color.
    Love the review!

  • Haven says:

    Wow, that’s really gorgeous. It somehow makes the whole room feel more luxurious! Especially in that gorgeous red tone.

  • Anne @ double curtain rods says:

    You have made your window area looks very nice. I like the color combination you’ve made. It now looks rich and elegant. Nice choice!


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