Thank you for your interest in working with Bella Savvy. I’m Dee Mauser, the founder and editor in chief of Bella Savvy.

I’m a wife, mother of 3 children (Danielle, Gina, and Derek), and friend to everyone who will have me!

Oh, and something new about my life, I became a Nonna (grandma) for the first time in August 2013. Talk about exciting!

We currently reside in central Ohio where I’m also a freelance graphic designer. My family and I love to travel, and spend time together doing fun things such as cooking, baking, landscaping, crafts, even building things around our home. It gives our kids a chance to learn important life lessons so they can be independent.

Wait, did I tell you I absolutely LOVE to cook? If you’re one of my devoted readers, you’re probably already sick of ‘hearing’ me say that. hahaa

I also love to talk & talk I do. I’m a bargain hunter by nature & I love trying new products. If there’s a new product on the market I’m always one of the first to try it out, and everyone I know finds out about it. hehee

I adore meeting new people and networking. So pull up a seat, kick off your shoes and stay a while…I love company!

While you’re here you just might have fun, or at least learn something new. Heck, you may even win a prize. :D


Looking for freebies, samples, deals on products for your household, baby, toddler, and more? You’ll find it here! We share deals we’ve found on a wide variety of products. We spend numerous hours searching to save you money and time. So, keep an eye out for freebies, samples, coupons, deals and anything else we can find.

We also love sharing our thoughts on the products we’ve tried. Check out our reviews on children’s products, apparel, beauty products, shoes, household items, electronics, food, pet supplies, pretty much anything and everything. If it’s new, we’ve probably already tried it. hehee If you don’t see something you’re looking for, just ask.

Oh, and hey, we’re always open to new ideas so if you’d like to see something here on the Bella Savvy blog, just let us know!

Thanks for stopping by… see you next time.


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